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I agree. I believe video games should give players control.

I also disagree. I feel that linear games are still fun as well. My point on linearity is story progression, not gameplay. A game where you can't fuck up in your own way isn't a game. I just want to feel an attachment to the main character, and thus I want the game to tell THEIR story, not my version of their story.

I don't want games to be books. If they were, I'd never touch 'em...

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It's fun to know that some missions will have side options such as this as opposed to five hundred different ways to get inside and kill everybody or your target.

This one in particular is rather humorous.

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And you're implying that "hackers" AKA people can't put in a lot of work? Indie developers are on the rise, and I'd rather see their next product as opposed to EA, since it'd probably have a little more imagination in it.

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Part of the point of the console is more to allow independent developers a wider opening to get their games on a home console, since getting Indie games on Xbox 360 and PS3 is extremely inaccessible for most people because Microsoft and Sony require payments and force people to go through all sorts of other annoyances to get their products on XBLA or PSN Store.

As a start the console will probably host a large number of more casual games you might find on the phone, but that ...

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The term "Hacking" isn't really used all too properly. A better term would be "modding", and the type of modifications they're talking about supporting are in no way bad at all. It supports people taking control and having fun with the same console they purchased.

Open Source software and technology are the very things needed to help push technology forward. When regular people with good ideas can actually work towards putting them in action, then ...

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>No Component Cable support

No thanks. I wouldn't be able to use it on my PS3, since I don't have HDMI on it.

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I'm actually planning to play this game on my stream really soon. Grabbed it from my brother.

It was one of my few well-liked mech games as, even though I have nothing against the mech genre, I just don't tend to enjoy mecha-based video games.

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I am generally more attached to games with unrealistic graphics and interesting worlds that don't mimic the one we live in. Psychonauts has characters I care about. Final Fantasy Tactics back as an isometric sprite PSX game had a brilliant world and characters that I could feel for. Alice: Madness Returns is a beautiful and very unrealistic world that I love.

Realism in games is fine, but for myself and others like me, it gets tiresome to see every game trying to hand me ...

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No physical case? Sort of sad if it's true, but I'll still get it nonetheless. I really need to play more WotS3 sometime soon...

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I always loved it when a setup of my simple traps resulted in an insta-death combo. Pendulum -> Guilty Lance or Bear Trap -> Giant Burning Ball rolling down a staircase are simple but oh so satisfying!

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It'd be brilliant if this article could get on the front page! 2 more approvals and it could happen.

It's always great when I can get feedback.

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Yea; I do agree that the game is sort of easy. The times I die are the times I screw up, though, and that makes it more humorous and also more rewarding instead of "INSERT YOU DIED FROM BLAFAFGADSGDSAGDSF YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND"

I remember one time when I was younger(and probably shouldn't've owned a game at the age) I activated the Man-Eating Music Box on myself. XD That was fun.

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