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Starting from the beginning with the negative rumours leading up to the reveal, the negative response from the online community and now the arrogant nature of the PR is altogether leaving me utterly deflated for their E3 conference. Last year Durango was a day one purchase for me, now it simply is not. No game reveal can change the fact that the Kinect/online is pretty much mandatory. It's too bad really because I love gaming in general, just not the way MS wants to do it.

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Even if MS brings their "A" game to E3, it's the mandatory Kinect, 24 hour check-in, used games fee and confusing messaging that's really disappointing for me. Kinda sucks because it would have been a day-one purchase. As of now it is a "possible" purchase down the road after a couple price cuts. What's worrying is that because the game information is stored in the cloud, what happens to my game library years down the line if they stop supporting it? For me it&...

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I have to say the only DLC I've ever bought that I remember was for Pain and Wipeout HD. DLC and micro-transactions rarely get me excited enough to buy them. When I finish a game it's usually up for trade-in or goes into the library.

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Prompt me to buy more licenses? Watching me in front of my television? This thing'll sell like hotcakes.

I know it's just a patent. But knowing they have the patent alone frightens me.

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I'd assume Microsoft would have a strong launch lineup. I don't think they'd want to underwhelm fans with a mediocre launch. It's the later years of the console's life that I'm wondering about. Microsoft did well building new IPs for the first few years of the 360s lifecycle, however many of them are multiplatform now.

They've openend up a few more studios, let's see what they have come the reveal. If they are focused on the core gamer expect M...

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I really hope it's something unique and ultimately "good" but throwing Kinect in there makes me think that I'm going to be using my arms in ways that I find tiring. If it's a game that uses a controller along with Kinect in small doses then fine. But if it's Kinect heavy I really don't want to have to stand up, move my coffee table and make room for the device to work as intended.

Oh well, no use getting worked up about it until we see what it i...

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Obviously at some point there will be a new voice actor for Snake. But this is not the time for crazy talk. There's still one last mission…

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16 million maybe in it's first year but I don't think it'll be possible for 2013, due to the manufacturing process alone. One of them will be mine this year however. I'm so ready for the new consoles to drop.

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If it's still for sale worldwide over the next several years the PS3 will continue to sell and help offset some of the costs associated with development of the PS4. I wonder if there will continue to be new releases for the console two years from now other than maybe multiplats? Interesting times ahead.

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I was a fan of the first two but you could kind of see where the series headed. Part 3 had a few good moments but I thought it was a little too long for this type of game. Not to mention the amount of elevator sequences, backtracking, cheap rappelling deaths and hard to follow storyline. Put this one to bed for awhile and bring it back next gen.

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The Wii U will be fine. Once Metroid, Zelda and other first party games drop (along with the price hopefully next year) it'll sell. I see it as being a great companion console to one of the other big two down the road.

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Kind of weird why there's a limit in the first place. Could this not be fixed with a patch?

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Wow, PS3 and Xbox still going strong this late in the generation. Way to go gamers, consoles are here to stay.

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I'd like to see where PS Plus is headed, what Gaikai is capable of (meaning stream quality), what the camera is about, and apart from seeing more gameplay footage on the PS4, I'm actually just as interested in seeing how the OS works in motion.

I'm also going to have to duct tape all these new cameras to my Wii U sensor bar.

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I've had enough of anonymous sources. Now waiting for the reveal.

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If the rumours are true (which I don't believe they are), I'm holding off on the 720 until further notice.

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If psplus turns into a Netflix for games than we all win. I'm just worried about the quality of streaming games. Onlive works but the hit in graphic quality bugs me. Hopefully Gaikai figures this thing out.

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A few games in the past have held high price tags. Super Street Fighter II for SNES was $99.99 when I went to pick it up at launch at Toys R Us.

I left empty handed.

I'm confident that games will remain $59.99 or lower. And if people are still not willing to pay in full, there's always price drops. Publishers will lower the entry fee sooner to give a wider audience access to micro-transactions or DLC found within the game.

I actuall...

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It's hard for me to get excited for another Gears on 360. But Gears running on Unreal 4 next gen stokes the flames.

I really don't believe Microsoft would let this franchise go however (for those speculating a multiplatform release). Would be a huge bomb if dropped thats for sure.

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RTS games would be great on the WiiU. Seriously though I'm really just waiting for the first party titles to drop, Monster Hunter and Monolith's X. Then my WiiU purchase will have been justified. I enjoyed ZombieU as a unique experience, and looking forward to how their controller can be used to leverage gameplay in new ways. This coming E3 will be big for Nintendo titles.

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