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I'd like to see everything go digital. Then when we get hit by an alien EMP blast the physical disc collectors will be the only people alive and worshiped by the invading alien force because they have the shiny power discs of knowledge and entertainment...... #20
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Say that again when Rockstar announces GTA 6 #5.1
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$469.99 #1
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Can't wait for this. Although I dream of a car sim that gets the Indy 500 right
I live in Indy and have gone to 9 500s. There's nothing more exiting than the first lap of the Indy 500 with the rolling start and green flag at turn three.... I watched the video on the link showing cockpit view and it's awesome but cringed at every impact that happened and ugggghhh that standstill start just hurts to watch. Passing high on turn two would throw you right into the wall in real... #3
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I clicked :(.. He won
He gave the "fun factor" a rating of 5 and "lasting appeal" a 5.5 out of 10

Da fack? #11
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I enjoyed Forza 4 more than 5 because the online tag/infected mode had better tracks to race that weird? Anyway I hope Forza 5 goes back to that. #4
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You're right. I'll take your advise. But woooweee momma how about those Wii U games. I mean my ex bhox whaun (ugh...that's hard to say) is great but man those Wii U games! hype hype hype! Toot toooooot hype train! Splatoooon! Star fox zap zap woot. #9.1.1
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I have an Xbox One and Wii U. I don't even call my Xbox One a Xbox One though. I call it my Halo/Forza/Blu Ray/Netflix machine because that's mainly all I use it for. But oh my... the Wii U has given me the best gameplay so far. So many great games. Splatoon has to be my second favorite shooter of all time. Smash and Kart are couch essentials with my brothers back home. For people that poke fun at the Wii U and those that haven't experienced Splatoon can just go on not experienci... #9
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I'll be sad when Buck gets killed. #26
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Oh snap!

Seriously though. I wish this game would come to Xbox one too. #5.1.2
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The butterfly effect thing. Would you say it's an important game evolving feature like Shadow of Mordor's Nemisis system? I feel like the Nemisis system was an awesome feature that made the game great. I think the next big step will be crackdown's cloud computing. I love seeing these game changing mechanics this gen! I hope we keep getting surprised. #1.4
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I'm just glad the game is good. I couldn't take another mediocre one play through experience again like most of the games this gen. #4
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Dang SoM was a great game. The Nemesis system made that game a must play. #3.2
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Oh what a not so lovely day :(... #21
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I'm actually hungry for some crow right now but I didn't disagree with you earlier...can I disagree with you now and still get some of that sweet sweet crow? #1.3.1
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Come on man. Just getting excited for the game is all. #1.1.2
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Yeah he's like, "yo cliffy my boy, every headshot you get I'll add a zero to the check I'll give ya to bring this puupy to the PS4."

Then you here Phil Spencer yell from the parking lot, "Yo cliffy mah boy, I'll double whatever he offers if you crouch on his player's dead corpse."

You know he be stabbin, head blastin and tea baggin everything in sight. #1.1
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Frames are pretty bad...but this game is great for gaming, I hope it sells very well so we can have many more movie/QTE games. Maybe it will become a new form of popular entertainment where everyone in a movie theater watching/playing the same movie game can make a choice and the outcome is determined in vote form. Maybe they already have that... #33
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My first console was the PS2 and when the PS4 released I had recently graduated college. I believe my age group just decided to get back to the greatness they remember from their youth with Sony. And now that my age group are out on their own and have jobs with not many responsibilities, they all purchased PS4s.

Funny thing is I only have an Xbox one and Wii U.... Lol. Splatatatatatasplatooooon! #31
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Well...I guess I'll join the rebel side of the comment section and say something positive... This is super cool. #6
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