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F.....I just got spoiled on the identity of the arkham knight reading this article.....f... #3
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Looks super awesome those explosions!!!...on the other hand, angry joe says the map he played(Hoth) was too small and flying controls were wonky. After watching this I agree with Joe. Hopefully it improves. #12
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I think that was a 3DS game.. I think. #4.1.1
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That and or Halo Reach #2.4
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Oh, people like me are the reason we are called basement dwelling losers?
That's fine. Thinking any of this conversation (or any other online rant) has a baring on what society sees us as gamers is hilarious. There's your joke.

Society sees us as lazy no good people because most of us don't contribute enough to the betterment of the world. think of all the time you have wasted sitting and playing a video game. That's what society outside of gamers thin... #7.3
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Simply do both? Are you kidding me man? Get real. The world isn't full of saints like you.

Yeah. Have a good day. You go on and be charitable and kind for the rest of your life. I'll cuss out gamers who say racist and sexist things online all while donating every month after my paycheck.

Asking the world to "Simply" be kind and charitable is a JOKE. It won't happen. It's a great idea and I wish everyone... #7.1.2
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-- Reported by the community --
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#gamerkindness....what a joke. Please say something nice to other gamers...blah

Watch twitch and see how much some of those streamers donate to a cause worth a damn. Gamers help other gamers and people in need everyday. The REAL problem is that most people (and even gamers) doen't realize that we raise millions and millions of dollars each year for charity.

Summer Games Done Quick starts July 26th. Go and donate five bucks or more.
I don't giv... #6
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If Last guardian is shown I will buy a PS4.....when it releases. #2
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Bring on the disagrees people. Deep down you know you love it. The VR tech competition between the big companies Is growing strong as we speak

Google just jumped in

This is great! Now time to sit and watch the fanboys squirm for who's tech is best!
More salt from both sides for my popcorn. #4.4
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Surely it'll get optimized and truly have a VR experience. More than just that virtual room crap they've shown so far. What I'm sayin is, Think down the road man. This partnership is The beginning of the VR wars between Microsoft/oculus vs.morpheus/PS4!

Come on man this is exciting stuff!!! A new dawn is here. Get pumped man!

Have some popcorn. #4.2.1
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I'm pretty sure that's exactly what it is...Explain why not please, thanks. #4.1.1
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Alright people there it is. Microsoft's partnership with Oculus officially makes the fanboy battle Xbox One with Oculus vs. PS4 with Morpheus.

Popcorn at the ready! #4
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mind controlled video games please. No batteries needed. NX do it! #2
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Think they made him taller? ODST size to Spartan size is a big difference. Hope he's the same just with Spartan armor. #13.1.1
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You think Nintendo would show something at E3 to make the new 3DS worthwhile. I'm thinking a unique way of connecting with the Wii U. Off screen play maybe? Also it has the built in NFC reader so that might come into play if they release a Pokemon game where you can scan cards or something. Like how they are doing that interior design/animal crossing game. #2.1
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awkward nintendo intern walks on stage with a microphone and says "Pokemon Generations. An open world third person adventure Pokemon game. Only on Wii U and New Nintendo 3DS. All Pokemon. All regions. That is all."

Internet would explode. Nintendo wins E3. #6
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*looks at banner*
*slowly lays down on floor*
"nintendo's the underdog again this year and will have the best event."
*crawls away*
"again" #15
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Wii U is like that chubby woman that nobody wants to mess with but is arguably the best experience in the sack. #5
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I got to level 20 already. I have an okay job but no kids..not even a woman at the moment..I'm 24...alone....kid..squid.. You're right.. I have no life :( #9.1.1
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