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when i looked down, it looked like it was on the bat symbol on my chest, but the belt does make more sense

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considering the source, it is an official confirmation. we have evidence, but due to the request of the source not asking to be revealed, it will not be used unless necessary.

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i fully understand that you are saying, but as a honorable journalist, if we are asked not to report their name, we must honor it

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it is confirmed, but to respect the person and their position, their name was withheld. The person who got the scoop has audio and video proof

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Naughty Dog did say

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why are we debating this? this is a pre-order. either you are gonna buy the game or you arent. you act like the devs have to give you something.

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thats not all they been busy with

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im getting disagrees and i just laugh at them cause when this is proven false, all of them will feel dumb

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all i can say is that i have seen with my own eyes that the game is not cancelled.

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I can tell you for a FACT its not cancelled!

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they didn't lie. they just omitted a truth

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ok. where do i start?

First of all the "Playstation tv" is not a TV. Playstation TV is actually a PS Vita system without a controller or screen. Its a way to play vita games on the tv. I think what you are referring to was "Playstation Now" which was built into newer Sony models of TV, which is also available on PS3, PS4, Vita, Tablets, and more.

Oh and BTW, Playstation Now is a service in which you can play Last Gen games. You know that s...

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funny thing is we are both sony guys. I was just making a point about a next-gen system is needed for somethings, as turtle was saying it is not needed for others.

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That was kinda of the point of the article! Are you a sucker for doing that? I see your point and agree with it. If you are getting your monies worth, then it is worth it to you!

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dont know what you mean by this!

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With Second Son not being available for PS3, I needed my PS4 for that, but I also think that AC 4 and WatchDogs should and must be played on a next-gen system!

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that is why it is called an "opinion piece"

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kinda like ubisofts games

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I have to humbly disagree. I don't think any console is worth buying day one

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i take back my previous comment. itunes doesnt show the proper time

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