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Uhhh Rocket League

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That would be true if all 60mil logged on for that 1 game and sides they already have access to the ones who play the game already.

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I think it would be great could u imagine ppl on N4G having competition nights. some of the ppl who post here really seem 2 hate each other it would take the trash talk 2 a whole new level.

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Did anyone ever ask the majority of PS4 gamers?

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@ Shin
Its 4 gamer for example i have a buddy who mostly games on PS so when a game comes out he will have 2 buy 2 versions and an extra system to game with me so instead of using that money to buy more games he uses it for that if cross play was used more then he could get 1 version or instead of buying two Xbox's to play multiplayer with my daughter i could have used that money to get a ps4 and we could use cross play that way.

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Hey just a question ppl keep saying they dont want MS having access to their system or getting PS on their servers but isnt that done already since Minecraft is already on Sonys system?

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Hey since u kno so much about licks. How many licks does it take 2 get 2 the center of a tootsie roll pop?

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So the studio is job.

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I still have this game & play when i hook up the Nes. I love the flying & the ground game.

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Personally id like it on x1. I got the 1st 1 and would love 2 play the sequel.

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It would have to be super nintendo had jumped ship to sega genisis at 1st and when my brother poured milk into the system cause i would never let him play and we had to get a super nes i was mad till i 1st sat down and played super then all the great rpgs. (Chrono trigger, Super Mario rpg, eathbound) i was set 2 keep gaming for years....i would also give a shout out 2 atari tho moon patrol, pitfall, & smurfs were my games.

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It helped me. I quickly signed into my psn acct since i was unaware of the 2yr deadline.

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Lol well if you cant move your body that well they prob figure they can play games and are such big xbox fans thats the 1st system & games theyre gonna wanna play....makes sense...kinda

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Yea just a bit more had to sign into my acct i think i passed the deadline smh

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Yea so dony support it and have them look at it like guess there was no reason to rush it to ps4 theyre not even buying it.

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Yea i saw that i wanna start up a gofundme so i can put down 10,000 and work with Joe on

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What Battle Chasers, wow thank you for this. I was just looking at the comics the other day wishing they would restart the run and this is just as good.

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I'm thankful for my daughter and being able 2 corrupt her and bring her into the world of video games & anime so i always have a co'op

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My girlfriend whined over and over u hav so many 360 games why bother gettin an x1 if those games go 2 waste & all i ever told her was true im gonna keep my system regardless what i really wish is my xbox live arcade games could carry over and id be happy so personally im happy i cant wait 4 the update.

Also thinkin about it if alot of the games for gold carry over thats even more free games you can play on your x1

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i agreed with every1 here i guess an easy mode is cool if u need that type of thing but step ur game up but in counter 2 that i just remember i hooked my old nintendo up 4 my daughter 2 play4 her own 1st system & yea sides duck hunt & duck tales shes a lame or maybe she just likes

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