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They're hiding it. Its a teaser pic so it just looks really pixelated in the pic

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Good ish 2 hear
They still got a sale comin from me once i get the pro.

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Now if and big if it did happen would they be considered 1st party studios? Then does that mean they would be on game pass on xbox day one? Personally i dont like the pass for my self but 4 others it might work out.

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And this is why this site annoys me so much...last gen its was supposed to be about the gamers wanting cross play but ms put company that its reversed, company matters more and what gamers want is 2nd cause we need 2 stick it 2 ms.  who cares if gamers want it.  Along as Sony shows ms how it feels thats all that matters....what do we care if games could have a larger player base o well if u and another person both like a game but have different platforms...this ish is soun...

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It looked funny and thats why i want to play it and i just bought it but now the question is would u still play it the 1st time?

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Question for all the ppl who talk about Sony has so many games...u do realize ppl cant play all those games at once so if the player bases were connected it would help out games. Cause if someone wants to play the new ps exclusive but someone else wants to play another game having that option cant hurt. And the dumb excuse of ms did it be4 doesnt matter so now gamers dont matter its all about stickin it to the man and getting paybck huh. Yall whine and whine about what system is better but d...

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Yea Blue and totally not the 1st person to get fired 4 talkin about said job and co-workers. Have u ever worked at a job where a co-worker was just negative? Or imagine u have a team and 1 player wanted to get rid of every1 on the team...easier to get rid of 1 bad apple than the whole team. Its always better to have a positive work environment.

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Yall kill me cross play is a cool feature plain an simple. I just want to play with my friends if we want to play on 2 different systems and they can make it happen thats cool 4 me at least.
I can use my same character that i spent the time on my system with someone else who played on their system i honestly dont care whose stoppin it. It would just be nice if they could hav sumthin goofy lik a beta to see if any1 would try it

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I hope they do im one of the

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Uhhh Rocket League

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That would be true if all 60mil logged on for that 1 game and sides they already have access to the ones who play the game already.

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I think it would be great could u imagine ppl on N4G having competition nights. some of the ppl who post here really seem 2 hate each other it would take the trash talk 2 a whole new level.

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Did anyone ever ask the majority of PS4 gamers?

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@ Shin
Its 4 gamer for example i have a buddy who mostly games on PS so when a game comes out he will have 2 buy 2 versions and an extra system to game with me so instead of using that money to buy more games he uses it for that if cross play was used more then he could get 1 version or instead of buying two Xbox's to play multiplayer with my daughter i could have used that money to get a ps4 and we could use cross play that way.

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Hey just a question ppl keep saying they dont want MS having access to their system or getting PS on their servers but isnt that done already since Minecraft is already on Sonys system?

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Hey since u kno so much about licks. How many licks does it take 2 get 2 the center of a tootsie roll pop?

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So the studio is job.

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I still have this game & play when i hook up the Nes. I love the flying & the ground game.

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Personally id like it on x1. I got the 1st 1 and would love 2 play the sequel.

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It would have to be super nintendo had jumped ship to sega genisis at 1st and when my brother poured milk into the system cause i would never let him play and we had to get a super nes i was mad till i 1st sat down and played super then all the great rpgs. (Chrono trigger, Super Mario rpg, eathbound) i was set 2 keep gaming for years....i would also give a shout out 2 atari tho moon patrol, pitfall, & smurfs were my games.

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