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i agreed with every1 here i guess an easy mode is cool if u need that type of thing but step ur game up but in counter 2 that i just remember i hooked my old nintendo up 4 my daughter 2 play4 her own 1st system & yea sides duck hunt & duck tales shes a lame or maybe she just likes #5
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im with Fenome on this 1 im one of those rare xbox owners that the company shouldnt cater 2 but is a fan on the series and wants to play now this title that every1 is going back & forth over is an odd 1 cuz its a game that has ports on it & the point was to get the game out 2 more ppl & ppl were always complainin about about them being on handhelds but dont listen 2 me im ramblin cuz i would also buy a console 4 KH and prob will get it on ps4 1 of the odd times i lik the way the p... #2.1.11
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@ hellsvacancy i really didnt wanna get in this back & forth but u say ms is all about watching tv & sony is about gaming ummm quantum break is about both so yeah they're doin gaming also ppl should wait & giv all services a chance 2 come out be4 bashing 1 or the other #1.3.9
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waiting there with your quarter on the cabinet waiting for your turn.... #4.1
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i was kiddin its n4g wouldnt be right without arguing over consoles even when u love both

i member playing sonic 4 the 1st time & gettin the debug code from then i got a lil taste of super with mario & chrono trigger dont think much else needs 2 be said about them #3.1.2
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whatever that crap 3 button controller they had 2 copyy nintendo & add xyz later what

for real tho i always wanted that t.v. tuner 4 game gear & now im watch hulu on my phone thats #3.1
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wait i wonder if ms tracked him using the kinect to look at his drivers #11
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they banned him 2 stop any info while they got 2 him an made him an offer no real gamer would not take and if it was money any 1 whinin would of took it an put on ne ps4 game that want if its thats serious ish i got a kid baby gotta eat im gettin my system from target #30
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uhh 5eriously u do kno alot of phones do hav cams right? so it kinda is the same thing i use mine 2 video chat so what hes sayin is it pretty much is the same thing but u bring ur phone with u usually whereever u go and theres gps that tracks that ls just if we're goin on being extra paranoid #7.1.2
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u kno i was bout 2 play state of decay & was thinkin of class 4 just being on x1 and if they would use the cloud 4 something lik this u hav 2 hav friends who can stay up and watch the out post wile u sleep in real #1.1
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@ funk, he's better off sellin now when he can get more and then just gettin 1 later on down the line if or when the other games he might play come out #1.1.4
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i want this game bad...that is all #15
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im sure over time it will get better im jamaican & it understands me well enough on current kinect & my family in the Virgin Islands also use it & they dont hav 2 many problems either #6.9
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i bet they're gonna hav it set up where u can hook ur old 360 to the x1 then connect 2 live and download a 24hr update so u can unhook ur 360 and then play but u hav 2 connect back online every 24 hrs 4 it to work & hav a 360 around but u hav to be a gold member #38
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and darkwing duck & def a chip & dale #5.1
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give it up ppl r set on this hoping 4 a seperate sku hopefully it doesnt happen i look at it the same way wii was & no 1 can really deny that there were a few cool tricks it pulled off & some not so. at 1st i didnt think the wii would work but i got 1. its just some ppl lik features & some dont but it seems alot of ppl havent played a game before where u hav the option not 2 use those features if u chose. #4.2.2
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u also 4got it might hav a feature i dont want that comes with a camera i didnt ask 4 that will be better at spyin on me than my gps cellphone. #5.1.1
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i was wit u cuz im an xbox guy but that infamous is 1 of the main reasons i want the ps4 so bad & he's a fire dude how can u not lik that come & @ smoking monkey yes samurai shodown would be great. #3.2.2
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i agree with Root & Sevir but Simple & Clean is my song #1.2.3
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everyone talkin about it being confirmed along time ago dont 4get they were gettin bashed cuz ppl thought it was removed with drm why ppl sayin ps4 has the feature without drm so its relevant info for the console wars #7
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