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That is an awful comparison.

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Not to mention what he actually said. We hardly know anything on hololens.

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I was thinking this would be stupid after reading the title. Boy was I wrong. That's actually a really good easter egg.

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"Quick Connect – Previously, controller connections to Xbox One took approximately four-to-five seconds when powering on a controller. Now, it will only take about two seconds"

You would think it doesn't make a big difference, but it really does.

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Well, good for you. Some people haven't.

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I can always count on Bungie to make a kick ass live action trailer.

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I'm really hoping for some gamepad support. Being someone who played all the Mass Effect games on 360, playing them on PC these past couple of weeks has been incredibly difficult.

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I'm actually in the process of playing through Twilight Princess for the first time and soon after I'm going to start Skyward Sword. I really like the story, dungeons, gameplay, and so on but the god. It's making me hate the game.

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I know people who actually just use their Xbox 360 as a Netflix machine. So yes, some people do pay that much just to watch Netflix.

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I'm sure it will come eventually. It takes time to make that, but hopefully it won't take too long.

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I have been playing PC for about five hours now and I haven't had a single issue with the FPS. Weird.

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Mine hasn't crashed, no, but the FPS drops really low during cutscenes.

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I'm struggling to play through it. The audio and AI issues are the worst. It's getting really annoying when I spin around expecting someone to be right behind me when in reality they are on the other side of the map.

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Dead Space 3 is also a good one. Damn I hated that co-op.

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Linux is a beautiful thing. I have used it countless times to bring old computers back to life. Windows takes up a massive amount of resources.

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Friends of mine in Europe who beat it said it was around 3 1/2 hours on normal for them.

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Agreed. This game was incredible.

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Only question remains is which version to get? PS3 or PC?

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I wasn't expecting this at all. Well done, Sony. Now others can play Killzone: Mercenary who can't afford a Vita!

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Wasn't it last week that the CEO of something or another said that it had pretty low preorders because people didn't know what console to get it for?

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