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You have to be an xbox live member to rent it so you still have to pay for something and since netflix is cheaper i think you should go with that. #1.1.2
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"We all go through that angsty rap phase"

How is listening to a genre of music a phase? If you're implying something about a genre of music, you should come out and say it. It sounds like you're beating around the bush to not sound politically incorrect. #5.3.3
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did you even play it cause it doesnt sound like you did. #1.2
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more like a game based off the alternate ending, not really a sequel #8.1.1
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There is about 7 missions with the RTS elements id have to go play the game again to give the exact number. It involves you attacking other squads and obtaining other towns with one as a main objective. Some of the later mission have bosses on the main field. You can use chocobos while on the field. And if a character dies on the field they are dead of the entire mission. They arent terribly hard mission but i found them to be fun #2.3
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This is so sad a score this low should be for a game that is broken and completely unplayable with so many flaws it deserves it. Not because you to flame a game for the fun of it. #1.15
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other than the battle system, which is different in every final fantasy game, how is it different than any other final fantasy game? #1.4
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infamous games are all easy just play it twice one of the the two has to in hard mode, and as long as one play through is good karma and the other is bad, you pretty much have the plat aside from collectibles #1.2.2
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i get what youre saying but its hard to ignore when 95% of whats on this site is this opinionated crap, it isn't news #2.1.2
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you cant enjoy a game that isnt at 1080? #1.7
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the amiibos are baffling to me i couldnt think they would sell as well as they are which is great, just very surprising. #6
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well thats why you ask questions and look up things you dont know, i prefer that the game doesn't hold your hand, you have to want to be good or average, to actually good or average #3.2
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me too im excited to play it again especially for all the magic spells i couldnt get because of square enix rewards and multiplayer #1.3
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so what do you even plan on playing this year? #1.2
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if you had watched the stream, instead of making uninformed statements, you would know that the reason for lack of airships is that they want to make a seamless world. And they wanted the airship to rise from the ground and into the sky as one this not like a cut scene. Also they wanted it so that when you looked down at the world from the airship it wasnt just an overview of the world map, but all of the details of what was below you. At the moment they said they can promise anything. They d... #1.1
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And if they sell more in the the US and UK so what? This is a global market selling well in two places when your competitor is selling well globally means nothing. #2.6
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No it's that he included revengance a game that is not canon to the series and should have not happened IMO. It should have stayed as rising so it could have been canon to the series and a proper game. #2.2.2
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almost got my hopes up i havent bought a COD since 2010 with black ops, i still stay return the the simple 3,5,7 kill streak with simple classes the class systems have gotten way too convoluted and the pick 13 has to be the dumbest thing to come of it #11
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i feel like the media has just alterior motives, saying X game sucks when they haven't played it yet, and a bunch of no name websites jumping on the bandwagon of hate. #1.1.2
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see that what you just said is grasping at straws, like that was finding a random situation to try and prove a point. The point is that this a sale that didnt need to or have to happen and crying about something you can't get on sale is pointless because without this random sale there wouldnt even be a sale. #3.3
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