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very true im seriously considering a ps camera for my ps4 to take advantage of the features #11.1
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also think about if your rig cant play those cheaper games whats the point, the best thing about the console is knowing that the game will run. On pc if you dont have good enough specs you cant even play the game. And so what about graphics im sure the average pc gamer doesnt have a beast rig to max out all the setting in todays games and probably sets most of the settings to normal #2.1.1
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two splinter cell games and not one metal gear clearly he is trolling #10
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@b163o1 While their games are visually stunning the game also has to be FUN the graphics aren't everything and if killzone 3 and shadow fall are anything to go by im worried that their next game is just going to be eye candy #1.1.5
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yea i dont like it, it doesnt appeal to me to play a game in parts #13
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jesus calm down its just sarcasm #2.1.3
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it goes both ways, look back and people were excited about the great games coming out and couldn't wait to play them, now you have people who criticize a game with out even playing it, who would rather complain about it not being 1080 rather then if it is even fun. It seems to me people have just gotten more bitter towards games, the media and gamers over hype everything then get disappointed, and then become very pessimistic to any subsequent release after wards. Devs try to be what ever... #1.3
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yea some games like bad company 2 arent on that list and i would really like to play that game again. And i dont use 360 controllers i hate that controller and use a ps4 one since awesomenauts and other games read it as a gamepad #20.1.1
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if more pc game supported game pads id be more inclined to invest, mouse and key board is not the end all be all controller and for some games just isnt viable way to play #20
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"I want to change things up as well. That's why I want turn-based games."

How is turned based something final fantasy has done over and over again changing things up. Final fantasy isn't defined by the combat but the stories. #4.1.1
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be prepared close to release the "downgrade" chants will start #1.12
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That's fine that button is more like a dislike than a disagree button honestly. I just don't have it in me to play FPS's anymore after last gen. My dad bought far cry 4 for him self and I wanted to play it since it seemed to be getting a lot of good press. I didn't know anything about the game so i went in fresh. But found my self really bored. The story is really interesting which is why i might suck it up and play it to see how it unfolds. But I'm just fatigued of FPS al... #3.1.1
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I'm taking this off my radar, not interested in it anymore. Just doesn't seem like I want to play FPS's anymore. #3
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If it goes back to world war 2, this will be the first call of duty I've bought since black ops 1 back in 2010. If not I will be skipping it again. #1.3
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this isnt even an indie game though. #5.1.2
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Because they use click bait and sensational headlines while not looking at games objectively. When I see a games getting 5s or lower it because the reviewer didn't fancy the game. Letting their opinion rule over any reason or sound judgement. When you review a game it should be considered if it will be fun for people who enjoy that genre and if it can be a good starting point for people looking to get into the genre. Not that you don't like the game because it was FPS when you favor R... #10
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i like home in the early stages when the mall area wasnt to packed and there was less stuff going on. It was cool to hang out and play chess with people and stuff, but then they started adding way to much stuff make the load time way to long to warrant dancing in front of a bubble machine. #2
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Oh he beat the game in 44 minutes i guess its too short and not worth my time to buy this game. No value at all why pay $60 for only 44 minutes of gameplay.

for those with no common sense #1.5
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You have to be an xbox live member to rent it so you still have to pay for something and since netflix is cheaper i think you should go with that. #1.1.2
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"We all go through that angsty rap phase"

How is listening to a genre of music a phase? If you're implying something about a genre of music, you should come out and say it. It sounds like you're beating around the bush to not sound politically incorrect. #5.3.3
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