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I'm more concerned as to why the standard edition is $80 when everything else is $60

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I agree the last COD I bought was Black ops. I would buy this new one just for COD4, as long as it still had multiplayer.

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Lol this game is broken, and the dev have made multiple ass backward decision. In the past week or so there have been damage stacking exploits to get over 2mil damage. We learned scavenging a stat we thought would help us find more High end gear actually only helps you find blue and purple gear. Which is useless once you hit level 30. A stat "protection from elites" Doesn't work at all. In fact you receive more damage from elites instead of less. Another bug. The talent reckless...

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It was a hoax the reddit user who posted this glitch came and out and said he lied to see what the reaction was. And of course the gaming community came it take part in the circle jerk of hate on Massive. There is no video proof of this glitch actually working.

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Honestly stop lying to your self, all the gold drop in DZ are GS 163 with the occasional 182 all of that is really just crafting parts. Not actual upgrades to your gear at all. And thats terrible that all the end game drops unless its GS 192+ is just for crafting. They nerfed the drops more than anything in 1.1. Sure we are seeing more yellows, but 99% are trash save for the occasion gear set item you find

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This the review I've actually liked especially the part where she makes a point saying this game will please fans of the games. They objectively reviewed the game in a way for people interested in the game or long time fans. Not subjectively forcing their opinions into the review. I never play dark souls before or bloodborne but i might just pick up the game now after watching this.

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lol it isnt simple there is so much with the four weapons, when you factor timing and shift the left stick in different directions. If you think its just hold circle then you didn't explore the system enough. And don't try to reply saying "Yea i did" cause if you did then you wouldn't have made that comment unless you are intentionally looking at the game in a negative light on-purpose

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are you a new LV30 cause if you're not then idk what you're talking about, this is nothing but good. Ive been level 30 since 4 days after launch and because high end drops are so abysmally rare it has led many people to do exploits to try and get gear faster because doing it legit, is a mind numbing grind that has no rewards. With more high end drops we might actually see more build diveristy, cause right now its all high dps and vectors everywhere.

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yea my first playthrough was tough but the second one i got the growth egg as early as possible and it honestly makes the rest of the game a cake walk

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Yea i read in a n interview they weren't sure what exactly made players love it so much, and they don't want to include fully destructible maps from a design stand point.

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HD remaster

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Man Pokemon, The Division, and Final Fantasy news all in one week

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i usually don't agree with foxtrot but even though im enjoying the division a lot, they took a lot of things from the game comparing the first reveal.

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lol wonder if that was me and my group last night

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Why? They mess up and people capitalize its going to happen every single time. When they patch this someone will find another way

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@foxtrot jesus man give it a rest you don't like the game you probably didn't even buy it. Why do you feel the need to whine in every division article. Who hurt you? Just look up games you actually are interested in.

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Gameplay>graphics you will have a lot more fun with your friends than looking at game with better textures and no one to play it with.

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What are you on about the event i going to tell us the release date and so much more its supposed to be like an hour long hell they sold tickets that have long sold out for this thing.

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No I didn't say that, you said the reviewers probably won't mention this, as if they are supposed to even if it doesn't happen to them. If a reviewer encounters no crash why would they even mention it. You're assuming that it happened to them and they won't say a word. I'm certain these whiny reviewers will mention it if it happens to them. And no just because I'm not encountering it doesn't mean it isn't an issue stop assuming.

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The servers only went down for me once and that was today, for like 15 minutes, the reviewers might not have even experienced a server crash. You want them to lie and said they did just to give the game a lower score?

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