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Not much for me in the Holiday Sale. #1
1d 23h ago by TrendyGamers | View comment
God of War in VR with two Move controllers. #1
Transistor is more than worth it at that price. #1
Video games. #4
Based on sales numbers, the PS4 has the upper hand right now. #1
I'm still disappointed there's no Psi-Ops sequel. #1
I'm hoping for either Resident Evil 4-2 or Resident Evil 4 on PS4/Xbox One with all new content. #1
How does the Vita version of The Walking Dead run? Is it comparable to the PS3? #1
Damn. I guess those new PS4 themes will have to wait a few more hours. #2
You might say they... rebounded after a bad start. #1
November 18 is just way too busy. #1
Link vs Chickens. #1
Disappointed by the lack of Ni no Kuni in this sale. #3
I'm holding out hope for a PS4 version with all DLC next year. #1
I'm very tempted to buy Mirror's Edge and Portal 2 right now. #1
Just goes to show how necessary betas can be. #1
I feel like the Duck Dynasty game shouldn't cost $50... #1
"Special moves are flashy and cool."

I can't tell if that's an accidental pun or an intentional one. #2
Hopefully the DriveClub PS+ Edition gets a surprise release tomorrow. #2
Can't wait to play this. #2
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