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Can't wait to play on Xbox One Scorpio!

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No, awesome graphics help the immersion.

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Only the ignorant think single player is in any kind of trouble!

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Hell ya it is, if you don't think it is your a blind pathetic Fanboy!
Trolls disagree below!

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The only turd is a heaping pile of s*** that was your comment

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Excited to play this on my Xbox One X Scorpio Edition!!

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I'm sure you'll pick up the one with the console of your choice if you own both then Forza edges out GT in many areas

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Why not?!?!?
I just wish you could download any patches that are available for those why have a physical copy pre-ordered ahead of the games release.

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Lando TROLL Calrissian

Why don't you go back to your Sony articles

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Shitty Review, should play good to the PS4 trolls here. The reviewer is out of his mind.

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Nobody said boycott, but when I pay $65 for a game just so that they can try to milk more out of me for stuff that should have been there in the first place that's a bunch of bullcrap!!!

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I think you should be able to complete the game on easy. Maybe not get as many achievement points but still be able to beat it.

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I owned the psvr for a few months and quickly sold it. Most titles felt like tech demos and some titles make you feel sick to your stomach.

The Star Wars Battlefront VR option was pretty awesome as was the Star Wars infinite Warfare. The fact that there was no built in headphones I thought was a pain and the big cable hanging off of the headset was not engineered very well at all.

If they could Slimline it, add more support and bring the price down I'd b...

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And trolls like you need any opportunity to troll Xbox articles try to talk down the Beast that is the Xbox One X go away..niko04Troll

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Good to hear, I hope all developers follow suit.

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Move on...

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Oh a psfanboy POS is the first to comment. Must not have enough games to keep him from trolling here.

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Shut up penis troll I mean really STFU...
You just jealous that every third party game that comes out it's going to look a hell of a lot better and run a lot better on the Xbox One X

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Everyone should own the most powerful console in the world, the Xbox One X this year next year and the year after

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Waaaa this isn't on my PS4 it would have done so much better you sound like a douche

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