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Nodoze... I could not agree more!

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A cool epic Farcry Campaign would Rock!

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I am cautiously excited about this game I will have to see reviews before plunking down $65.

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Yeah well tell any other franchise that does it any differently?!?!

They are doing more than just a little tweaks...

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I can't wait to play this game as will million's of other fans. If you don't like don't fraggin buy it!

If you don't like then why come here and whine like a little btch....

Cod will blow away sales and crying here about it won't change a damn thing!

COD is a juggernaut!!

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So what no Indies... They showed some awesome AAA titles.

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Forget the stupid rumors come on Sony just give us an idea of what the heck's going on with your new hardware

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You go Phil! tell them idiots that don't know what they're talking about take a flying leap!

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I hope they add a campaign as DLC if this game really takes off.

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He is right it is super interesting!

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Scorpio for sure, have to see what Neo really is.

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I'm definitely Pro Xbox, Microsoft had a great showing this year especially the Scorpio announcement saying that I still think Sony had a better showing as far as games go far and away this year.

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Murk... Is it hard for you to grasp?

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I am less excited for this game now. Graphically so so and is there any single player component??

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How can you have a chart based on rumor and innuendo?

At least MS gave us a smidgeon of what's to come.

Sony is pure rumor and is provably in front of a new drawing board scratching there collective heads.

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It looks like BioShock much less polished...
I think I would prefer a complete BioShock remaster..

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Didn't butcher it for me!

Can't wait to hear more!

Going to be a beast!

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Naruga ... Hutthurt me thinks...
Lives in the land of fanboy trolls...

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Millions of devoted fans don't think we are wasting our money. You speak for the loud minority!

If you don't like the game fine, don't buy it but don't bitch and whine about it!

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