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They made valid points, the game is boring!! #15
I still think they should be able to make an awesome action shooter based on the franchise.

AlIENS is still the best of the series and was full throttle action. #3
I really want to look forward to this game, it looks awesome.

I just don't know how fun it will be to only play hide and seek for hours on end. I will have to wait for reviews.

At least that lying Randy Pitchford is not involved. #2
Another dumb ass article… #17
Replaying a level over and over and over, story is very lack luster, the characters and voice acting is very forgettable.
Destiny became boring in this regard, to me the graphics are great the gameplay is great but the other things put a wet blanket on the whole experience for me. #13
I totally agree, the repetitiveness of this game alone made it boring way early on doing the same thing repeating the same level over and over and over.

I was also expecting a heck of a lot more of the story they did not deliver on this.

There's not a single memorable character in this game the voice acting reminds me of early CD games. #2.4
The low scores are completely justified, repetitive missions get old and boring very quick.
The single player campaign in the so-called story is a complete joke! Voice acting reminds me of early cd games!

Sure the game looks great, it's like Bungie forgot so many things they did right in their Halo days.

I tried to love this game but after 10 hours I was really getting bored, basically forcing myself to play. Then I traded the game and have not mi... #9
This collection alone will sell A LOT of Xbox One's. If you are on the fence and love an FPS with incredible immersive deep single player stories X 4 and awesome multiplayer this IS A No Brainer! #8
This game collection is my DESTINY!!! #8
For me game was 6 at best. So yeah I think most critics got it right! #3
I wish this was coming to android. #3
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I must be old I remember getting the same thing on 3.5 floppies for the mighty Amiga..

This game looks and plays phenomenal! #6.1.1
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COD beats destiny in every way. You all can bitch and moan about COD, but when you buy a COD game you know what you are getting and people buy the heck out of it no matter what the reviews say.

It's a blockbuster franchise so the few pittly amongst the millions that love to play this game ignore the useless minority that slam COD. #6.2
Another dumb fucking article that no basis in reality.
The game was a blast in every way. #2
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If he was spotted he would be saying "WTF" am I doing in this boring repetitive game!!! #20
Mass Effect was fun from the start and you became a specter Early. Basically at the beginning of the game.

Any game that supposedly you have to play for many hours to become fun is a crap game.

No story, and playing the same darn level over and over and over killed what fun I was have fairly quickly! #10.2
Monster.. Ditto
Would also add
Abysmal story and even worse voice acting..
And Dumb AI… #2.1.1
Review was on the money. This is the real reason they did not want this mediocre game reviewed early. #11.1
They will have a hard sell with Destiny 2 after pulling the wool over so many paying customers eyes.

Now is the time to embrace Halo games. #5.1
any of you that thinks destiny is like Halo has never played Halo and I just talking out of your arse!

Halo all of them are 10x more fun. Bungie is a shadow of their former selves.

The Master Chief Collection can't release fast enough. #30
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