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If you want the best selection of AAA titles then obviously you should go with Xbox One!
if you want some indie games or some JRPG's is then go with the ps4 #62
I am sure most who have seen the trailer have played and love Halo. I doubt georgio... you have ever played and are completely clueless to the awesomeness that is Halo.

Go back to pong or whatever it is you do play and stop trolling here. #36.1
Mok..... Incorrect in every way!
Halo 4 was Awesome!

Garbage... Me thinks you never even played and trolling! #1.1.12
Absolutely freaking awesome!

I am so stoked to play this!.

The king is back!! #30
Microsoft does not need to sell more. They financially are in awesome shape. They will be happy with whatever sells they get and continue to bring Awesome gaming entertainment you can't get anywhere else. #36
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They are just about the same.

If you are that picky and a real graphics whore you would play it on a PC rig. #49
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It was supposed to be dark and messy that's hell Laura stories begin... #2.4
I loved this game! #2
Xbox has far and away the best holiday lineup! #17
You are completely cluess if you have to rent first....

Or more likely trolling #16.2
Devs must be clueless given the amount of games that run at 1080p on both consoles.... #66
Apple and casual gaming lol... #1
Not desperate at all just extremely good customer service from an incredible company troll elsewhere please... #5.2
Not too sure about this one...

Looks like capella big game hunter in the distant pass...

Maybe a step in the wrong direction for my taste. #29
TR is more fun.
Uncharted plays out like a scripted movie...
no sense of exploration just Nate and his bromance,,,,

Tomb Raider may not have as much polish but it just more fun for me. #26

Get a clue...!!!!! #1.2.2

Your are on crack with your sonycolored glasses.

You spew lies! #68.1
I think it was a great move I do give a damn that it's coming to Xbox one first!
MS is not doing anything different that any other companies not done in the past..

Can't wait to play this game on my XB1!! #3.6
They already are buying Xbox One..
You pathetic troll!!!! #1.5.1
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Lame listed, waste of time.. #86
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