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Don't be an ignorant.

They don't force you to get access the internet I'm sure it'll be an option if you're able to utilize it.
Maybe, just maybe you should wait until Microsoft actually releases all the specs and a release date before you start slamming it.

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Typical blind troll Sony Fanboy...

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It's quite a shame that Bioware created such a heaping pile of game crap known as Mass Effect Andromeda and EA let them....

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The games just keep on coming with enhancements, free as well!

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Another PlayStation Fanboy article!!! Here at News 4 Sony Fanboy Gamers

Xbox One X the most powerful console in the universe I suggest we use it!!

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Well it's sold me. I pre-ordered project Scorpio and can't wait to play and if you don't like it suck it....

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Oh you'll hear the cries of the PS Fanboys until the PS5 comes out trying to reason the PS4 Pro looks the same as the Xbox One X once Developers take advantage of all the raw power it has really no comparison at all even to the blindest of Fanboys they'll only be lying to themselves.

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No, not back peddling just listening to the fans that like the name Xbox One Scorpio!!

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Pre-ordered the Xbox One Scorpio Edition can't wait!!

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Fun on-the-go you say well it's still fun on the Game Boy Advance the Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS in the PlayStation PSP/Vita

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There once was a study done on places that do studies on things, and this study found that the places that do studies had brain damage!

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When they get a decent selection of games and I'll consider it. If you have played Zelda or Mario kart 8 on your Wii U no sense in buying pretty much the same game so you can play it on the Toilet!!

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I gave it an honest try for 2 hours and I think it's completely overrated. It''s a good game but definitely not a 10 at least for me.

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I think I prefer a Hands-On Impressions from somebody who's had experience with all of the Far Cry games not necessarily Far Cry Primal but Far Cry through Far Cry 4. If they liked those games I would tend to believe or understand where they were coming from More, this author seemed a bit clueless from the get-go...

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I am a big fan off all the Pikmin games including HEY! Pikmin. Sure it is easier than it's console brothers but it has a charm of it's own. The Pikmin actually have more personality. I am really enjoying it. The control is spot on and it captures the spirit that makes Pikmin so enjoyable.

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They will fix it with the next switch... Buy a new one is there thinking...
Look at all the

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It killed it for me as far as this game goes. If they do another it better be heads and shoulders better and just about every conceivable way only then will I even consider buying it.

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Here's an idea for a classic ps1.. on the next update for PS4 add a pretty little icon of a PS1 that we click n and magically plays PSONE games on my PS4!!!!

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AAA developers care,, consumers care..

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