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I'd buy one as well if the features and price was right.

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Why lame articles like this suck because they are untrue and biased. I finished this game yesterday and it was awesome the TV show I thought it would kind of be a pain and it played into the great game really really well.

Every single thing about this game was very polished comma the TV show episodes are very good and well acted.

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They are charging too much for those of us who purchased the original.

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They need to do all theatres and a complete timeline of WWII...
Storm the beached of Normandy with the Dice engine in all of its glory!

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Although I've not finish the game and I'm only 5 hours in I believe the reviewer of this article to be incorrect and biased. The story is really good and how it ties in with the live-action TV makes the game all the better although you don't have to watch the TV episodes they're done of great quality and make the game all the better for me anyway.

The look of this game is incredible the voice acting is well done and the story is great and the gameplay is uni...

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What are whiny b**** article list! Is the journalist 3rd graders?

I'm 4 hours in and it's not like I'm inundated with Microsoft advertisements it's an awesome looking game with an incredible story of course they're not going to feature iPads!

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I'm about 3 hours in. So far it is really fun. The climbing can be a little wonky. The graphics are awesome, the voice acting is top notch. The story and live action TV are very well done..

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Would have been much better with a big immersive single player Campaign.

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Doomed since day one, it's a real shame how many incredible games I have enjoyed since DAY ONE!

I did buy a PS4 last Nov but XB1 still gets the most play time.

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Angry Joe.. Loud filthy mouth and wrong about this.

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Edmix ..
You can quote all the stats you want but you're just lying to yourself and everybody else if you wouldn't be excited if PS4 had One backwards compatibility and didn't charge you to repurchase games you already own for the PS3.

So just keep on trolling.

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No hate from me, pre ordered and ready to rock day one!

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I am stoked to play this game. No matter how the has evolved there is always a bit of nostalgia for me when I play Doom.

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It started with Pole Position in the 80s

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Free single player Campaign!
This will justify the price. An amazing game but this needs to be fixed.

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You're right it's not the Uncharted it has much more depth there's much more to the game gameplay wise,there's just a lot more going on.
That being said Uncharted is an awesome series and I cannot wait to play Uncharted 4.

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Pointless useless article no need to read it a waste of time

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It's awesome no doubt but Halo 2 and Gears Of War still have top honors for me...

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What is failed is the article. Maybe when the author finishes grade school he could try again.

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The jury is out for me. So you have basically unlimited planets. You land, walk around marvel at the new species and leave. What else is there?
Will this get old?
Is there any NPC to interact with?
Is there any story. I am excited but have to see some in depth reviews.

Maybe DLC with bring storylines?

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