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He makes several valid points, it's a great game but no where near perfect.

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Jealous trolls disagree!

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Did Sony???

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If you are for any petition to CENSOR any review for any game you are a whiny arse little child....

Waaa Waaa Waaa I don't like how they talked bad about my game... Waaa Waaa CRY Waaa!!!

Get a life!

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Another Read Dead would be awesome!
There is such a huge fan base for Red Dead !

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They still look incredible even for this time frame 😉

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Doesn't change the fact that Conn3r is a childish troll who should really STFU!

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Nothing special but graphics, they took a queue from Tomb Raider as well in many cases.

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I'm enjoying this room a lot but I must say I miss the story in the way Doom 3 was set up in comparison. I would love to see Doom 3 remastered with this engine

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Every game released gets a biased unprofessional negative review Uncharted is no different if they change it for Uncharted than they need to change it for every other game and that's not going to happen.

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Played them both, looks like UC4 took a lesson from Tomb Raider

Nathan slides now
Nathan know how to rope swing now
And he sticks a spike to help climb...

UC4 was Awesome great story
ROTTR was Awesome more action less story telling..

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I buy it to enjoy it, you can go back to pong... Baaa baaa little sheep

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Yet it will stick everyone's butt in sales...

Hmm it's about sales and COD has a huge fan base!

Can't wait to play!

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Spark was boring!!

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Ignorant childish DA fanboy you are Nova Craps

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This is awesome!
I've been holding out on Mass Effect II just so I could play on Xbox One!

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I wish they would give us a little taste now to build the hype machine for E3

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Too much whining $79 for one we know is going to be an awesome remaster and a completely new game is great!

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