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I doubt it's more powerful or even on par with Xbox One or PS4 they're wanting us to spend this much money for an underpowered gimmick.

If it had any real power or could even match consoles that have been out for the past 2 years they would have been boasting the specs but in true Nintendo fashion they hide the specs of their machine because they know it's underpowered.

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Does anyone know when Unearthed Mars will release in America?

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Agreed, I am loving. Can't wait for more games, ones you can put many many hours into.

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You must have a bad room setup dude, the tracking on every one of my games works exactly as it should in the PlayStation VR is so much more comfortable than anything for the PC.

I'm having a complete blast with just about everything I've played!

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I think you're the joke you probably never even tried PlayStation VR go back to your basement and keep playing pong you loser!

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The titles misleading but here it they leave it the same so that people will click on the link

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CODIW was awesome, most fun since CODMW!!

Battlefield 1 was great, I wish the whole single player campaign was woven together it felt disconnected .

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I will be happy if they show Halo 6 running on Scorpio

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Pitchford… synonymous and forever linked to the lies behind Aliens Colonial Marines

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The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One had third-party support lining up to make games for the the Nintendo switch does not!

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All the fanboy dumbass disagrees…

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Lame article…

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Angered Americans?

What an ignorant statement. I think many many people from many countries are tired of Nintendo wacky machines. Tired of lack of 3rd party support and over-priced underpowered consoles.

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Wii U part II 😣

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Way too distracting you can see through the game image and everything else going on in the room .
I'm definitely a bigger Xbox fan than Playstation but when it comes to hololens I much prefer my PlayStation VR!

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No sense in trying to talk and truthful terms. This site is riddled with Sony Fanboys as are most of the articles

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Dumbass Fanboy biased article feeding to the trolls here at news for Sony gamers

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I love how so many people here who really don't know the real story and probably never will can judge Microsoft. Sony, Nintendo and every other major publisher has done the same thing so stop whining like a bunch of children until you have all the facts you really don't know what the hell you're talking about.

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I do wish the stand would have been included. I am definitely getting on if anything to more easily keep the motion Controllers and gamepad charged at the same time.

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I love how these people comment who don't even own it or have never really given PlayStation VR a real chance and think they know what the hell they're talking about...

VR is in its infancy I congratulate Sony for jumping in with both feet I'm enjoying my PlayStation VR immensely. Sure it could be better, but that's always the case with everything isn't it?

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