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Oh yes Randy Pitchford of the infamous Aliens Colonial Marines lies!
Should we ever believe anything this person has to say again??
I'm surprised he even still quoted in this industry.

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This is awesome news thank you sledgehammer!
I can't wait, hopefully you'll be optimized for Scorpio that's definitely where I'll be playing this game!

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All the Haters and Fanboys can piss off... Bring on Halo 6!!

Halo 6 and Scorpion are going to be an awesome combination!

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Agreed another WWII with today's graphic capabilities. Could really be awesome!

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I take Scorpio much more serious than this article.

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Not sarcasm, and I'm sure I'm not the only one given it kicked everybody else's ass in sales last year.

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Maybe in your opinion I just like buttholes everybody has one

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I doubt it comes close. I am really looking forward to it and hoping they corrected the mistakes from the first one.

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IW was awesome!

I hope they also continue that timeline!

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I hope it's true. Storm the Beaches of Normandy with today's graphics will be awesome!

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Knows where the best place to take a shit you mean!

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Story (as needed)
Sound (as needed)

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Meh,, me thinks you don't know what the hell you're talking about

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Red Dead 2
Halo 6
Crackdown 3
State of Decay 2 personally the last state of decay didn't take advantage of what Xbox one could do so I'm leery of this one.

Forza 7

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I bet a Halo 6 trailer...

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Going took most Awesome on Scorpio, I can't wait!

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Too expensive and way too weak...

Another failed niche unit like the Wiiu...

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Build a shitty game get shitty feedback!!

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SWBF2 will be playable first on Xbox...

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Here is why, blind ps troll's live here....

Hopefully E3 we will see footage on Scorpio.

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