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Nintendo at E3 was laughable.

They are the LAST who should dinegrate or try to give advice to. They would be better off getting out of the hardware business and just make games for the superior consoles. #1.4.1
Spoken like a true blinded fanboy.

Microsoft's was awesome, games games games and not a glitch among them! #1.5
No one said they are coming this year, your ignorant trolling is laughable..
XB1 best game lineup
Best online service.

Great time to own or purchase an XB1!! #4.1.5
Split screen removal is no biggie and for the most part won't be missed. #32
I wish they would show some Halo 5 guardians with Single player Master Chief.

I like the Blue Team tie in but Master Chief is still the Star of the game.... at least for me #5.2
Looks like fun, it is odd a new Doom game without John Carmack at the Helm.

FPS will always be around and get more advanced but I still look back when I first booted up Doom on my trusty dx266 and then the incredible joy when I was able to first connect my modem and play multiplayer. #6
Split screen is a thing of the past for the most part. It is much more common to have a good internet connection and play on XBL!

Things we used to love are no longer needed unless you are talking about Galaga, that will ALWAYS be needed! #45

Your statements are laughable. 343 is doing much moew than Bungie EVER did in the areas of keeping Halo fresh, and building on the HALO Lore.

Reach was an excellent game and 343 would do yet another incredible job if they Remastered that game.

You sound like Halo should stay as it was and never change, it would get STALE real fast. 343 is keeping up with the times and keeping HALO fresh. #1.7.1
BC was requested by who?
XBOX gamers!
Not fanboys or dillusional journalists!

We asked and MS answered, it is a win win, no other way to spin it!! #31
Sorry but the XB1 HDD option is much better, ps4 hard drive fills up pain the ass, you move everything to another HDD, then you are stuck or sell your old one??
XB1 far and away better option!!! #1.8.1
Sacrilige! A pro XB1 article a fact based one at that!

Must make fanboys here at N4 Sony gamers furious!
Well at least they can play a remastered game till 2016 hits! #36
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Article written by a Sony Fanboy...

It is laughable how people are trying to make BC anything but AWESOME! #32
Day one purchase, this game look fantastic and looks like loads of fun, the haters can hate it won't stop this game from playing and selling well on the XB1! #6
Short answer no. #24
People griping already saying this is the same old doom, I personally hope it is to some degree. From what I saw so far it really looks like a fun ride. I might be biased as I have been a fan since I installed and played doom on my dx266 dos pc :) #1
Uncharted Who?

This game looks phenomenal, more than just a scripted bromance game.

The mechanics, look, feel, sound and everything else from what I have seen looks really polished. If there is one thing I would nitpick is that when Lara is moving through foliage that it respond a bit more naturally.

Still even now it is a preorder day one purchase for me! #2
HALO 5 will trump the broken pushed back UC4!!

UC is getting old same thing, Drake and Skully plus new gal pal, talk talk talk bromance... go to area climb, shoot bad guys in a pitiful 3rd person, solve some puzzle rinse and repeat, oh wait the might drive some also,,,

MORE ACTION in HALOs credits!

Hates and Sony goggleware disagree and reply below! #6
At least it didn't lock up like the ps4 flaship uncharted you DA troll! #2.6
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uncharted win best glitch...
TR looked like more fun...

Uncharted was avoiding gridlock while Lara was actually exploring not having a bromance in town like Nathan #1.10
All the drones here make excuses how bad the last Tomb Raider game was, truth is if it was coming for the PS4 they would be singing its praises.

This is going to be another great game, and Uncharted is a Tomb Raider clone!

Tomb raider gave better depth, Drake is more like a SuperHero than or normal person jumping like a freaking monkey without ever tiring or even a sense of getting tired. Uncharted 2 was great but they have not surpassed it since, they did give a b... #30
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