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I wonder how it's specs compare to XB1/PS4?

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I hope they have a patch to take advantage of Scorpio.

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CRY Waaa Waaa Mike...

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I bet it is a whole new storyline...
I doubt people want to spend their whole game in a outlaw game...

Marston was trying to correct his outlaw past. No need to turn this into a GTA thug wannabe

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Look boy ,as someone who owns and still plays the original Atari 2600 heavy sixer I think it's you I should be calling son.
If a company wants to charge full price for a game it should be something more than multiplayer.

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Look boy, I still own my original Atari Heavy Sixer so your comment is misplaced Son!

Games today should support a Single Player Campaigns as well as the multiplayer component if they want to sell it at full price.

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No single player campaign no purchase for me.

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Crap article...

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Nintendo should dump the hardware and release there IPs on XB1/PS4

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How about new Red Dead and a bonus REMASTER of RDR

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Cough cough... BF1 blows away doom in every conceivable way...

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I bets it's not, given they made it backwards compatible on XB1.

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Bring on Red Dead III....!!!!

It is way overdue!!

I wish they would do stories from famous westerns and be able to interact with famous characters...

Mission editor...

Choose between 1st and 3rd person

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UC4 is overrated.
All of it new mechanics it stole from Tomb Raider. It was fun but Gears 4 beats it handily, and ROTTR was just more fun.

UC4 gets best interactive movie award.

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I'm tired of them putting remaster in the title of games they just bump the resolution up on you can hardly tell the difference.

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I was one of the suckers who bought it digitally.. Waste of money

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ME2/ME3 Please

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Yeah I'm sure they were quaking in their boots and Afraid!

LMAO... what a joke

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No mistake here, I have pre-ordered and both going to be awesome to play no matter what the Crybaby's say...

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