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I would nothing more for this game to be awesome.

It seems like hide and seek as the only option could get a bit repetitive, I sincerely hope I am wrong. #9
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Sony cares to not tell you that there was system was hacked on the ps3 ....
They cared enough to remove more features than they added on the ps3...

Yeah they cared.. #50
LAME article and has the author ever heard of spell checker?

That being said, I really hope Dead Island 2 is as much fun as DI & DIR was. #1
I would love VR. If MS passes and project morpheus happens the PS4 will be a must buy for me. #11
Me thinks hitman is in desperate need of a clue…. #15.4
If Ryse isn't on the list then they obviously have not played it.

If you look at the ratings from within xbox itself you will see that gamers loved it. #4
Sony fanboys suck balz… #33
It does If the game was popular, cod was was well received. #15.1
Windmills again.. you are a pathetic troll #4.3
I passed due to no campaign. #43
Does it really matter?
Do you think they put the app in place so that the janitor would have something to read?? #15.1
Will have to wait for reviews. ACM tarnished the brand…
I hope it is good, I really do.

If it is another bad game published by sega..

Then we need to dust off and nuke them I mean embargo them from orbit, it's the only way to be sure…. #8
TLOU at 49.99?
That's way too much!
At least with the MASTERCHIEF COLLECTION YOU GET 10X the value for 10.00 more...

Given this is the Sony fanboy hosted site let the disagrees start! #1
Take your troll goggles off and you can clearly see it is Xbox One footage.

Goes to show trolls like you can't tell a difference either…

Now go away I think your mommy is calling you. #11.1
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I think it looks impressive. #4.3
Seems like it would get old fast....

I really hope I am wrong. #4
Agreed, the story and voiceover was awesome.

I really hope that one day there will be a sequel. #2.6.1
You are the definition of clueless with your statement!!!! #1.1.1
XiSasukeUchiha… graduated from douche school with honors #1.2
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This game is going to rock! #12
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