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Reasons I bought
-Current and look and play better than any other console...
-6 Terflops for 500.00
- Re- Visiting treasured games in my library looking like a new game
- 4K HDR possible
- Small Sleek Console Footprint

So far Xbox One X Scorpio has exceeded my expectations!

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Loving this game on Scorpio!!!

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They want Forza 7 to shine on its own a bit longer..
I am really looking forward to the patch!

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As one of the free features..
How many free PS3 titles can you play on the PS4?

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The Scorpio is a awesome piece of tech!
Forza 7
ROTTR is insanely cool
Halo 5 awesome!
Too many games too little time!

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Sorry your order was messed up... You are in for an awesome treat!

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Assassin's Creed not new??
COD WWII not new??
Forza 7 not new???
They are far and away the definitive console version!

Even games that really aren't new aka Fallout 3 look as good as most PS4 games...
Plenty of new games!
Plenty of older games that look like a new game again..
You guys say over and over no new games because you have NOTHING else...

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That would be so incredibly awesome...

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Day One Xbox One no issues...
So far with Scorpio it is flawless and runs everything awesomely!

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I just fired it up and it looks like a whole new game it's awesome Kudos and great job MS!!

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While I enjoyed the science fiction setting of infinite Warfare I know I'm in the minority on that.

Call of Duty World War II is a blast and looks incredible on my Xbox One X Scorpio Edition!!

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Who listens to this guy??
I mean really who is he? what is he done other than run his mouth for years and years?

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