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Boishock over BI any day! #1.1.5
1d 14h ago by Trekster_Gamer | View comment
He'll ya, halo alone would crowd the field. #5.4
Day one for me on my XB1... #8
I'll wait until it is a free download... #6
Agreed! #2
Review is way off, given just about every other review so far is giving 8.5 and 9s... #3
I started this on my 360 a couple of months back. It was a blast and a welcomed change to other zombie game I played. I was about an hour or so in when I heard of the new version for my Xbox One. I stopped and immediately pre-ordered. I can't wait to play! #1
Yawn... #1
Actually you can include graphics as well. Halo 4 still llooks looks fantastic !!! #2.4
I am getting oh so very tired of paying for do much dlc that should have been included with the game. DLC that was finished most likely when the game was. #13
Dumb article written for fanboys.
Star Wars Battlefront is Multi platform
You will be able to play it FIRST on Xbox One.

Microsoft is incredibly smart at marketing and they will make sure people know this.

Halo 5 will be yet another reason to own a XB1. It is going to be AWEOME!

Tomb Raider while it is a timed exclusive, you will be able to play it on XB1 FIRST!

I can't wait to... #38
Wanted to love it, I got bored real fast and traded it.😢 #2
I really think there is no battle. There are far and away enough players who will buy their favorite FPS or all of them this holiday.

Halo 5 and Star Wars Battlefront will make me extremely happy this Holiday season..

I am really looking forward to seeing game play for both of these games. #1.3.1
I'd rather have a brand new dedicated Conker game and without the spark. #6
I would say you are trolling when you spew lies such as "release updates to fix the UI" as if it was broken. The updates add functionality and enhance.

So your statement is trolling! #1.17
He will not be a traitor, then it like we have spent countless hours fighting the good fight just to have the Hero evolve into this.

I say no way!! #4
E3E3E3 #4.1
No mans sky will most likely make me want a PS4.
I will need to see more. Exploring looks fun, but will there be planets with cultures, are there any story elements beyond basic side mission type stuff. #9
Farcry 3 has a very twisted ending if a certain path was chosen. #14
To generate more interest. Get more exposure, then do another trailer at E3!

Give us a trailer please! #2.1.1
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