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Not the most polished game, but if you're a fan of Star Trek and want to truly interact with the Star Trek universe and I'm not talking about the reboot crap the actual Star Trek universe that's been around for fifty years and you have a fun time.

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Nintendo cares only about there homeland userbase. They know it will sell well there and if it does good elsewhere then they are happy.

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The only thing that is weak is your comment, it reeks of jealousy and fanboyism.

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This is great!

No bring on ME2/3 and I will be happy camper!

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Yeah blame the consumer!?!? That is totally asinine!

Publishers need to go back to selling complete games with the DLC to be free, or make completely and utterly worth paying a small fee!

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The article lacks polish

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ME2/3 will be my best backwards compatibility month if and when it ever happens!

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Should have been a TRUE REMASTER!

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Remasters should be more than a resolution bump!

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Pathetic biased crap review!!!

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Uncharted was not anything different, not true remasters.. They look so very dated.

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Not remasters at all, just like the Last Of Us! Except they charged full price for that as well. At least you get 3 excellent games. It's a shame they don't look at Halo 2, Gears Of War and soon COD4 as proper remaster examples.

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Good to hear but I am excited to play both, Infinite is going to be Awesome!

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Finding CRY...

Could not disagree more!

There is still a HUGE following for the ME franchise..

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Other than the name it had nothing to do with the first game.

They should do game scenarios based on famous Western movies...

It would neat to ride alongside the Duke, or Clint or whoever in a game.

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And you probably never will

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Once people see the night and difference in raw power they will be blown away.

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Not my job it's a useless parents of these 12 year olds job..

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I am stoked to play!

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