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A blast from the past is right! #3
Great idea! That's a Megaman game I'd actually play. #2
I just checked this game out... interesting but gets boring after awhile. #1
It's been said before but its good to see it again.

GTA4's phone sucks. #1
Yeah I've noticed that this past week has been great for video game shopping. #2
this list is too funny! #4
This is too true. I have friends that always complain when they can't find an answer to some problem they're having. But once they figure it out they don't bother to put it online in case other people have the same problem! #1
Morrowind forever #5
A $60 MMO with no subscription is a great deal. It becomes the price of any other game on the market and I know personally I can spend way more time on an MMO than a single player game. #1.3
This topic is always coming up. Why are so many gamers against seeing naked bodies in video games? I'm surprised there isn't a push for MORE skin to be shown! #1
I totally agree #1
I had so many hopes for this game... oh well. We'll see if it gets better as time goes on. #4
the author makes a great point about indie games. you can buy them new and get lots of fun out of them for a cheap price. the only problem, usually, is their replay value. there isn't one... #5
Games like Call of Duty that require every player to be logged in are really killing split screen. At least in games like Halo you can have guests and play split screen online, even if your friends don't have xbox accounts of their own. #2
I think that there are video games out there, like movies, that promoted smoking as something cool. But at the end of the day I don't think that the video games are what's convincing people to smoke.

I smoke, and I sure didn't learn the habit from a video game. #2
My Top Three:

Jedi Knight II,
Star Wars Battlefront II #3
i wish there was more bacon on this list #13
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