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You matter a lot in the Souls Series...

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It's different than both of those. I say, as long as it stays true to the MVC series, this game will be great.

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I never got a chance to finish this gem. Now, I will for sure :)

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Who knows, but it doesn't matter. If he ever wants to do a horror game like P.T. he sure as hell doesn't need Silent Hill. He is more than capable of creating his own universe. Most of P.T was nothing like Silent Hill besides name.

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I don't understand the people complaining that it doesn't do this or that etc because this is coming from an Indie studio not a AAA developer, yet they cannot give them some slack. These developers worked very hard to get this game to the way it is right now. Why not give them a bit of time to expand on the base which they created? I mean look at Destiny, which was not what it was promised to be at all. They patched it and now it is a great game, but people are still mad that Activisi...

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My favorite console has to be the PS2. It was my first PlayStation console as i always owned Nintendo consoles. I remember getting the Gran Turismo 2 bundle and I didn't know how much fun i was going to have playing it. There's no way i can name every single PS2 game that I played, but man... Final Fantasy X and XII, MGS 2 and Snake Eater, God of War, Zone of Enders, Shadow of the Collosus.. all different type of games, but all amazing to say the least. I want to keep naming games lik...

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I hope that the MP is a bit on par to these renders.

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I actually thought there would be something I didn't know on here. Basically catch every pokemon that comes to you and send them to professor to get an extra candy if you already have that pokemon. Level up because rare pokemon appear that way. yup.. It pretty much is it.

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I'm going to wait for Project Scorpio might as well. I don't have 4k tv. I still have my 1080p tvs and they look fantastic, so no need to upgrade. I have been tempted, but what am i going to do with my tvs? I paid a good amount of money for them. Plus, I do like 4k, but I don't think there is enough content to rush and get the Xbox One S. I think waiting for the Scorpio makes the most sense rationally and financially because I want the best system available no reason to buy the se...

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Having a shelter life? Not at all. My comment has to do with being able to care for the characters that you spend a journey with. I mean, if you don't like the characters okay, but games are part of storytelling. So, a book, film, and tv shows can make you cry if you see their pain, suffering, death, and the list goes on. You don't have to get emotionally attached, but when I do, I enjoy the game that much more. It is okay to have emotions and express ...

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Sounds like you have a stone heart, damn. You know that there is nothing wrong with crying, right? It is okay to cry.

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I hope this is as good as it looks. Gears of War is definitely one of my favorite franchises.

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Sony Xperia phones do remote play.

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Lol, your comment makes like no sense. On PC your Video Card, hell almost your entire computer is outdated as soon as 1 year hits. Good luck not being mad about you having outdated technology on a yearly basis. At least the ps4 will be relevant for 7 years before you need to buy a Ps5 even with the Ps4k.

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"it didn't fit her personality" is such a dumb comment. you can't stand and look back because that doesn't fit your personality. Wait, what? Yeah don't do that. No don't stand and turn back... stop!!! what are you doing!! no, now it became sexual posture...why did you look back.!?!?

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Well, you just included yourself in there, but it just proves your point.

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Sony be like April fools, and then people are like wtf, why is this not real, If real, people be like wtf sony why you do this? lol You can never please everyone.

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I played that game, and it was pretty freaking fun. I am excited for that game.

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I didn't mean you. I meant the idea of that pose being sexual is absurd.

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This is so dumb because they're saying if a girl is intellectual and smart she cannot pose a certain manner. This pose is not even sexual. I seen girls with spandex have the same pose except with their hands crossed. Does that mean they were doing that for sexual attraction? I don't think so.

For those SJW members grow up and go take on real issues in the world. Make a difference seriously. How about you fight for real laws that affects us on an everyday life inst...

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