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I was talking about particularly Rocksteady btw. I am not sure if you knew that. #4.1.1
Spiderman!! I wish. #4
Or it could be just an error in amazons website. Nah, errors never happen. /s #3.2.2
The reason I bought a WiiU. I can't wait. #4

What are you talking about? The framerate on PS4 is just fine. Check out Batman Arkham Knight. #1.1.2
I like Dark Souls btw. I just love the Bloodborne and Demon Souls Universe more. I also like how Demon Souls is more difficult than Dark Souls. Here is a video of the Mechanics comparison. I love all of them. I just want more Demon Souls and Bloodborne. #5.1.1
I want more Bloodborne or Demon Souls. I'm happy they're finally ending the Dark Souls series. Hopefully, they can work on those two after. #5
What? Your comment makes no sense. #5.1
I don't think I will ever spend that much on a controller. My regular PS4 and X1 controllers work just fine to me. This is a luxury item. I think it's way too expensive regardless of what people say. #2.1
This is making me want to sell my Wii U... #1.1.2
The mod tool is not even going to released until next year anyways. I have both consoles, but I am getting the PS4 version. The mod will be on both consoles. He said shortly after the pc releases than xbox than ps4, but who knows. Sometimes they release them at the same time. #1.1.2

FFVII Remake (People wanted it for years)

Shenmue 3 (People wanted since Shenmue 2)

The Last Guardian (A running joke that people said would never happen)

Black Ops 3 Exclusivity (A big deal regardless of what people think)

Dreams ( a game where your imagination is the limit)


Honestly too much stuff. I think Sony won.

MS di... #1.1.5
Did you bother to read the kickstarer?

"If Shenmue 3 was going to get made, I wanted to make it with the fans. Through Kickstarter, I knew that could happen. Together, with Shenmue fans everywhere, I knew we could build the game that the series deserves." #1.2.2

Look at that disaster that happened with Halo MCC


That's one way to make an excuse...or MS could have included Gears 2 and 3 with MP. #4.2.3
Uncharted Collection is a Trilogy. People would not be happy if only one of game of the trilogy gets MP. I think if they were only remastering one game they would have included the MP. #4.2
I thought it was good, but not epic. The backwards compatibility is great. I hope Sony follows with them doing it too because I have so many PS3 games it's ridiculous. #1.3
Um.. Where is gears? I really wanted to play the trilogy on my X1. #6
Yeah, I think it was a slap to the face. Smart move right? Lets piss of the fans who are looking forward to buy this game. I honestly didn't enjoy DmC much. I am a huge DMC fan, and it was not my cup of tea. It was an alright hack and slash, but it wasn't a true Devil May Cry game. #1.1
I think making a Superman game like Asura's Wrath would work. #2.1
Xbox One install times are pretty long depending on the game. Titanfall, Dead Rising, and Ryse took roughly 20-35 mins to install. I just let everything install while I am working or playing something else. It does suck there is not way around it. #6
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