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I never knew Sony own SF to the point of choosing who develops the port for the platform. I thought Capcom was the one who did. #1.1.2
Why not wait for a GOTY edition that always comes out? #3.1.1

You and I had a very different experience then. I thought the gameplay was solid. It was perfect when it came down to action. It had a solid cover and shooting system. Switching weapons was an ease. The executions were brutal and enjoyable. I found the game very memorable. It was one of the best experiences I have had this year. IMO the game was very unappreciated because they kept comparing it to something the game never promised or something that it nev... #2.2.2
The gameplay was actually pretty great. I am not sure why complain about that. I think people just prefer a Gears of War experience which this never promised. It promised a cinematic gameplay experience, and it delivered it perfectly. I think the only issue I could agree would be add longer and more levels. #2.2
I wrote that horrible wrong; however, the Xbox One version of Witcher 3 doesn't look as good. You own it for PC good for you. I also have a gaming PC. I prefer to play on my PS4, X1, and WiiU. Why, because I work all day on a computer. The last thing I want to do is go back to sitting some more hours on a computer desk. This is why I buy multiplatforms on the best looking console. You can say not a fact, but you will be wrong anyways. Why can't people just accept the fact that the... #3.1.2
Xbone version does not look good as good as PS4. That is a fact. #3.1
I learned that I forgot about it, and I am now sad. : ( #2
I have all of the AC games except for Unity and Rogue. He described them perfectly. Do you have anything that disproofs what he said? #1.3.1
It's on the PS3 and Xbox 360.


Np. :D #2.1

The exclusive duration will remain. It then will release on PS4. I have all 3 systems. I don't care if it remains an "actual" exclusive or not. I can play it either way, but I do know that a title like Tomb Raider will not remain console exclusive. This game, in particular, will release on both systems. This E3 will confirm whether it goes multiplatform sooner than later. I rather have MS spend the money elsewhere to be honest with you. They have s... #2.8.5
You apparently don't understand Japanese culture. Japanese companies tend to help each other out. Tomb Raider will be a future Multiplatform game. I don't understand why disagree on a fact.

I also cannot find the original source of where the orignal photo was taken. It has been removed. I wonder why. #2.8.2
It is extremely doubtful for it to be "true exclusive." I don't think it is a smart money wise for a third party studio to make a game fully exclusive on a console that has half the user base of Ps4. I own all three system, but I think it would be a dumb move. I also don't believe square enix will leave Sony with no tomb raider. #2.8
What's the point of playing the game in that way? I would hate to go through your inventory of unnecessary things. I guess you want to play like that go ahead. I love the realism of weight limit because in real life you can't carry that much. I know it is a fantasy game, but I like that feature. It makes you a better player to have good inventory that is necessary. Why carry useless stuff. It also helps your critical thinking ability on what you should carry while in a quest. The... #1.1.2
What's wrong with weight limit? I never cared for it because I never have problems with it. #1.1
I don't answer stupid questions sorry. Well, sarcasm aside, it is because a lot of hard work went into creating this amazing world. RPGs tend to be the most bang for your buck you will get. I believe this is why shooters tend to have MP when some games do not need it. For example, Tomb Raider did not need MP ever, but sometimes publishers feel like they need to justify the price tag. #4
One of the most underestimated FF titles out there. It is an amazing game. #2.2
I loved the movie. It was a Mad Max film by all means. #1.2.1
I hope that the quality increases since it dropped MP. I thought Brotherhood MP was fun, but after that I didn't care too much for it; however, I haven't played Unity yet. #5
I do not believe that there will be a PC version of this game. I suggest to not have high hopes for it either because it is doubtful that it will ever debut on PC. #1.2
I never cared for the avatar system. I hope what they bring is actually cool. #6
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