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They have already confirm that it is happening. #6.1.2
Why not buy a ps3 and those games? Is not like you will spend a lot of money. Its wait 10 years or more or play them now for a little bit of money. #3.2
Mabye it could be the fact that you are paying to play a demo. #3.2
I already have a gaming PC by the way. You do realize I am talking about the graphics right? Did I even mention resolution? Hell even GTA V looks better then this game, and it is an older game. The Last of Us also looks way better then this game, but hey "it is all about the resolution." You are ignorant if you believe that resolution is my concern. #11.1.1
People who argue about resolution I find kind of dumb. I care about how the game looks too. The resolution is nice, but why doesn't this game look like they freaking trailer they showed us? This game looks like a PS3/360 game to me. #3.1.1
I guess no AC:Unity and FC4 for me this year. If Ubi keeps doing this parity bs I am okay with waiting until i can pay 15 or less dollars for their games. They do not deserve my money at this rate. #11
I will not support the main developers for choosing parity. Why? It is simple really. When I choose a video card for my computer I choose it because its stronger then the competition, so what is the point of me buying something better if I won't be able to take full advantage of it? Same rule applies to consoles. That is my rule. You can disagree with it, but you're not me and you do not get to choose where my money goes. I believe that if they don't get my money maybe they w... #2.4.1
It will get broken sooner or later. Might take long or not who knows. I don't really care though lol #3.1
I will not buy a game if it uses parity. I find that extremely stupid. #2
Why waste you're time with trash mobs? Just do objective mobs and you will finish much faster. #6
Kind of sucks that some apps are missing, but i am sure they will roll out in time. #4
People age.. It makes it realistic. I thought you meant something else. #1.1.2
*facepalm* You do know its ratio right? Sometimes when your monitor or tv screen do not have a proper ration black lines appear. It doesn't render less at all. Everything inside the black bars is the same as without them. #5.1
Actually Resident Evil Revelations was pretty good. I love Resident Evil. I did not like 5 or 6. I like the DLC for 5 the mansion part, and i liked the Leon part of 6. #2.1
Looks like Claire to me. What do you mean? #1.1
Why are you going to help them with it? #2.1
Changing the score? Where is the credibility? Polygon just loves the bad reputation. If you want to give it a 5/10 fine, but do not change your damn score because it just makes your opinion useless. Why believe you now? Maybe next week you will make it a 8/10 if they update and everything works perfectly. Just give it a score, give an update on the situation. There is never a good reason to change a score for a game unless the reviewer doesn't know what he or she is talking about peri... #10
Yeah it sucks, but you do realize they are not the first studio that has had problems like this right? It happens that doesn't mean they didn't put a lot of work into the game. #5.2

A price of 59.99 compared to thousands of dollars is a big difference.

Reviews could be very biased when a person who doesn't like a certain console reviews it. Also when a person that reviews a game and he or she keeps comparing it to another game instead of reviewing what the game actually does and not what it doesn't do. Reviews are hit and miss. It just depends who reviews the game and how they review it. #1.2.3
My ps4 downloads 1 gigabyte in 5 mins max, and that is if my internet is acting slow. I can also play multiplayer + download games on the background of the PS4 with no lag. #2.1
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