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I was expecting the other trailer. I guess still cool though. #1
Give us DMC5 more like. #2.3
If this is true, I am actually impressed. #3
I played both. Both of the cities were fun to play. Sunset OD was smaller though. The city you're talking about is the city of Seattle a real city. You can actually visit Seattle than you will know how accurate Infamous SS was. Both fun games without a doubt. One use flamboyant color scheme as the other used more realistic color scheme. You can't call one average and boring just because of the art style one used. #2.2
the business model name is rip-off the customer as much as possible in order to maximize profits! #2.4.1
I think gamestop is just going to have high prices for old games, yet it will give you like 5 dollars for your copies. #2

Unlike you I would recommend it. I have a causal gamer friends that would rather play The Order than Bloodborne. I have showed them both, and they also played both. They still preferred The Order. Also FYI, The walking Dead and Heavy Rain are actually near the genre area of the Order because it is a unique genre. Bloodborne is not even close to the genre.

I also wasn't talking about the entirety of the article, but I was just referring to... #2.2.7

You said you Platinumed The Order in 7.5 hours which by no means is possible unless you cheat. Did you ignored my comment I did not say anything about Bloodborne. Also yeah playing a game again and adding hours makes it more reasonable amount of time to Platinum a game. My entire comment was in the amount of time it supposedly took you to platinum The Order. #4.1.3
It does matter. What if the person is looking for a third person shooter with emphasis on story. How exactly would you recommend Bloodborne to someone looking for that particular experience? I love Bloodborne do not get me wrong, and I also love The Order 1886, but I would not recommend one over the other unless I know the type of game the person is looking for. Two completely different games should not be compared, and I actually hate when reviewers compare games like th... #2.2.2
There is no way you got a platinum in 7. 5 Hours. Oh wait you never played it never mind. #4.1.1
I'm sorry for you missing out on The Order. That game has given me one of the best experiences I have had. I also have Bloodborne which is a completely different kind of game. I don't understand why recommend a game that is nothing like The Order. #2.2
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Trailer has spoilers if you're not up to date with the anime. FYI #2
I want to definitely play it #5
I think this generation they should be able to add fighters and so on instead of making super street fighter V, etc. #1.1
I see you're trying to get one bubble. Don't worry though because I'll help you get there. #4.1
There you go a more difficult way to play the game. I wouldn't want to play the entire game like that though. #6
Remember this is only the second year. We have a while before we see what the ps4 can truly do. #1.1.2
I want the wii version in digital to play on my wiiU #4
Oh nice :D #1
OMG finally!!! I can't wait. #7
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