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I think they both look good. I just hope they are both good because it will push VR even further. #3.1
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I want it in the US damn it #2
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I think this game is going to be Online only like Destiny which could be a good or bad thing. We shall wait and see. #2.5
@Gran Touring

I thought it was. I was looking at gamestop website for releasing games and it had it next month. I forgot that they are not very reliable when it comes to accurate release dates. #3.1.3
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

I guess you do not understand what it stands for. Also I do know that it is not exclusive, but I was just stating that next month those are the only games I'm getting because I am short on money. #3.1.1
I know next month i want Bloofborne and MGSV #3
Gamefly? Idk about you but JRPG takes me at least 50-80 hours to beat because I do a lot of side stuff. I don't know if gamefly would do it for me for this type of games. I tried before, but I never completed the full game through a rental. I guess if you only hold it for a full month it is doable. #1.2
Did you know they were hoping this wouldn't pass because people who own small websites would need to pay in order for their website to run at a decent spped. it would also make Netflix, twitch tv, or any other provider to pay a premium price to stream their content to the consumer which will increase subscription prices more. it also means anything streaming will have a subscription. Basically the only one who would benefit woulf be the internet providers. If you think this passing is... #1.3
Aww I wanted it on PS+ : ( #4
I think you could of bought it last week for $14.00 not bad at all. #4.1
Cool indeed. #6.1.1
I'm sorry, but since when is breaking bones of criminals, robbing, watching a psychopath do terrible things okay for kids to watch? I enjoy Batman as much as any other person, but you should think about more than just a rating. #4.1
Rating does not matter to me unless it affects the experience of the game. #5
The Order 1886 to me is great and not average. #6

I am a person who loves stories. I am a SP before MP. I must say on a personal level being able to be sucked into a world with the story is nothing short but fantastic. What is wrong with having an amazing story? A game is a medium to portray what the maker of the game sees. Also the pacing for me iss excellent. #6.1.2
I bought the game, and I am extremely happy for the way it turned out. Can it have improvements? Yes, but that doesn't make me unhappy. I am pretty satisfied :D #2.3
As a reviewer are you not suppose to review the game for what it is? You draw the line by reviewing the game for what it is and not for what it isn't. It is simple as that. I believe the reason this game in particular just like Beyond Two Souls have received mixed reviews is for the sole reason that apparently when a person who is going to review the game suddenly got something they were not expecting. Why is it so hard to review and interactive game for what it is?... #1.1.3
I am enjoying this game a ton. #4.1.3
The thing that did it for me was the microwave scene... #1.2.1
How do you deduct points? I thought when a game has a great story+gameplay+game design it should be a GREAT experience not just a Good one. Hell from what you were saying it sounded more like an 8.5-9.5 easily. I do not understand your complaints which to me are very minor to deduct that many points.

I was going to expect a reply but you only have 3 bubbles so I guess not. PM I am really interested to know why you deducted that many points. #1.3.1
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