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I cannot wait to start playing SF V competitively since I stopped at the end of Super Street Fighter IV. I didn't have time to buy every single version + play. I hope they only stick to one version throughout the generation and just keep updating it. #1.3
I just got Until Dawn today, but I can't wait to try it out tonight :) #2.2
I can't wait on his next masterpiece with creative freedom to do as he wishes. :D #1.1.2
They said that the discount for each game is 30% off. I was expecting something like 20-25, but 30 is pretty damn good. The discount is available from September 1st to Sept. 15. Oh yeah, Only PS+ Members get the discount, but I think that is common sense when it comes to PS+ titles. #1.2.3
You're incorrect. If the X1 could emulate the games real time you wouldn't need to download their version of the game. You would put the game and done. You don't need the discs besides using it for DRM to prove that you own the game. It is basic and smart way to achieve backwards compatibility without stressing the console. They re code them. #6.1.2
They basically re-code the games to X1. The console cannot emulate real time. I mean it is actually smart to do it that way. It is basically how the Ps2 games that you buy through the Ps store work on a ps3 without backwards compatibility. I think Sony will eventually do backwards compatibility the same way, but it is not their priority. #6.1
It took me 10 hours on Hard mode. I only play on difficult settings anyways. I also tried to explore everything lol #2.2.2
I don't think it does because they're just going to nerf it. I think it is just a big F U to the players. Here have an awesome weapon that you can enjoy for a short while. #2
Haze looked really promising then when it released it was shit. The game had potential though. #1.1
That's freaking awesome! This is going to add tons of replay ability. #3
This is such a great game. I played it again, and I am still amazed by it. #3

Well, I already have Fallout 3 via PC with Mods. Fallou 3 bc means nothing to me besides owning a game somewhere else. Ps4 will get the Mods for sure. The mod tool is not going to be available until next year. They said the only reason X1 *might* get mods first is because of windows 10. They did say they are trying to release the mod for both X1 and Ps4 simultaneously. #2.1.3
They already establish that there will be another beta. People did play the Beta, but they did not play it as long as they hoped for. #4.1.1
Goddamn betas not working. Why release a beta if it's not going to work? Seriously, what is wrong with crapcom for releasing this garbage. /s

Nothing wrong with a beta not working. They are betas for a reason. #4
I quit Dota 2, LoL and WoW, and I haven't gone back to any. I am over MMOs and MOBA's. There are too many games to play, and playing those games cut down the amount of time for the other games. #1.2
It sucks. I tend to play D3 couch co-op with friends, and it is so freaking fun. I want more couch co op games. #11.1.1
Why do we have to be okay with the REMOVAL OF A FEATURE? Why is that okay? Seriously someone tell me? I am not happy about this at all. I thought we were in a New Generation that could do many things without having to sacrifice features anymore. I am disappointed of people who say it's okay to remove features in games. We should have a say in this. We pay for this product. #11
I don't think that's true. In their cultire certain things can be scary that we aren't scare of. It goes both ways. #4.1
Silent Hill 1-4 are way scarier than anything RE has ever had. Fatal Frame is also way scarier than RE as well. #3.1
I wonder if you can choose and install the games you want only. #3
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