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There's a difference between "exclusives" and "killer app". Xbox has the highest selling exclusives which sell consoles. Halo and Xbox Live being the killer apps.

Halo + Xbox Live = win this gen
Xbox Live + 3rd party CoD = cherry on top

Sony had killer apps with the PS2, but they were actually by 3rd party developers. Sony's old business model failed and they were forced to play catch up by making exclusives. The PS3 does n...

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Yes. Killing and maiming people in a Star Wars game is okay. It's a game with light-saber wielding Jedis and laser gun combatants. Leave the gay stuff out.

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New Game Plus mode? Or, do you get the great weapon in the end and then have to replay the whole game to go fetch that great weapon, which is only usable on the final boss, again?

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Is there a New Game Plus mode? I assume there's none since since reviews haven't talked about it.

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I assume there's no New Game Plus mode?

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Does anyone know if there's a New Game Plus mode?

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Is there a New Game Plus mode?

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Because Microsoft is the future. Sony and Nintendo are the past. SF is a 20 year old game.

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The game looks good!

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Sony is a big company that has been resting on their laurels since 2000. (Yes, the PS2 is an example of them resting on their laurels). They are always playing catch-up.

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The demo was very good. It's like a Fable/Oblivion combo.

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You'll need a diamond ring and a marriage proposal if you want to do it right.

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JRPGs have not changed...ever. They are fundamentally the same since the mid 90s. That's the problem.

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It's not a cheap marketing tactic, it's the reality of what men like. Men like pretty women, not ugly ones.

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Levine only said that to give Sony fanboys an erection since they didn't react to Elizabeth's cleavage.

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I'd like to know if there's a decent New Game Plus mode. The original had zero replay value.

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I liked Vanille far more than Hope.

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If sex sold as well is these articles suggest, every game would have half-naked women. The best selling games have few or no women at all. God of War has a strong sexual element, yet doesn't sell as well as CoD, Gears of War, or Halo.

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Amen nolifeking.

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Japan does some things right. If only their games were as good as their art.

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