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We all know 343i was made to make Halo,but does anyone think they would make a new IP within the halo universe. I was looking at some of the people employed at 343i, and they're too much talent to only work on halo.

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LOL when will this guy stop, it's starting to look a little desperate...

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LOL when did that come out of his mouth. I think you're talking about don mattrick, who no longer works there...

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What a douchebag.

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i guess you're right.

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Is this really considered news?

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It's a shame, i remember when the OG xbox launched and Microsoft really cared about the gamer. They had exclusives like Blinx,Blood Wake,Brute Force,Crimson Skies, and phantom dust. Even early in the 360 days there were some nice exclusives. It all changed when Don Mattrick took charge and wanted to turn a gaming console to a multimedia hub. Maybe with him gone xbox can become a gaming console first and foremost, but i doubt it...

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isn't microsoft only shipping 6.2 million units in the first year...

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Although you are correct about microsoft expanding their hardware division, microsoft didn't buy Nokia. They brought Nokia's Devices and Services, which includes their Mobile Phones and smart devices.

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Technically microsoft doesn't own Nokia, all they brought was Nokia's Devices and Services which includes their Mobile Phones and smart devices. Nokia will continue as a separate company focusing on networks, navigation and future technologies.

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What does this have to do with gaming?

Edit: sorry didn't read the last paragraph.

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Wow this heavily compressed, i watched it live during the halo thing, and it looked much better.

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although Halo 4 was lackluster, I'm excited for Halo 5. I don't know why maybe it's the 60 FPS and dedicated servers.

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This game look last gen compare to what? Name me a fighting game that looks on par or better than this game.

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please try to disprove this...

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How is he a douchebag? He was asked a question, and answered it...

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You can snap apps onto the game, but you can't snap the game itself.

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she wasn't responsible for windows 8, that would be steven sinofsky. This women took over his job shortly after he retired.

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only lococycle was running on a PC

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Did you read the article...

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