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You do realize that the domain name of my site,, stands for PlayStation Reveal, meaning revelations associated with the PlayStation brand, right? The point of the article was not to make the PS3 sound old, or even new for that matter. The point was to get people to think and discuss the "remaining" power of the system and develop their own stance.

Your assumption that my goal of the article was to make the PS3 look old is s...

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I see what you're getting at. What I was aiming for in writing and publishing this article was to present the reader with various "subjective" opinions from developers who have a good amount of PS3-developing experience. From that, instead of slamming down an objective viewpoint, I wanted the readers to debate one themselves.

Thank you for your comments though; they'll help my future articles :)

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Hi TCG_Returns, do you mind explaining this "bullshit"? I'm all for improving both my site and writing abilities and would love some details on your criticism. Care to explain? Thanks

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Yup :) Absolutely. That's why I added to the bottom of the opinion piece the discussion point of whether it actually means anything.

For example, if the PS3 is "maxed out," games can still be developed on it and it doesn't necessarily mean the PS4 is needed ASAP. The main point of this article was to determine (or let the reader determine) whether or not the technology within the platform has been completely explored.

In short, will any tech...

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I think it would have been better if Sony gave us some store credit. The games Sony are given can't please everyone

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I agree. No one would be complaining if the service was crappy

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That may be unrelated. Who knows though? If it isn't Starhawk, I 'm sure Jobe would have said something by now. Leaving us hanging for this long thinking its Starhawk would just be wrong.

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Can't wait for Starhawk to be anounced

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That's why it's a rumor buddy

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Kaz, you deserve this for being so silent

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aw crap..

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this sucks

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awesome game

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gettin excited

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oh anonymous, you're so silly

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I don't mean to be a party killer but when I looked through the winners' entries to the contest, I immediately recognized iceman2929's submission ( ) from a picture I have seen earlier. Via a reverse image search using, I've come up with lots of results that are similar, if not exactly, the image that he sub...

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Aw, sorry about that. Just trying to have fun with the issue. Oh well.

And yeah, it's back up. I hope my data is fine and stays fine.

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Oh wow. They fixed it just as I submitted this.

Well this will get reported to hell. I didn't mean for it to be a news submission (I know there are already ones submitted) but more of an article to have fun with the issue. Oh well.

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