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Well, I generally only play single-player games these days, and 90% linear. So I guess this just means EA won't be getting any of my money.

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With that in mind, you've got to admit that the PS4 version stands up well in comparison!

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Man, that's disappointing! Not only is it my favourite TellTale game (and I've played almost all of them), but it also contains some of my favourite moment's from the Borderlands series (which I love).

And above everything else, Tales from the Borderlands is the only TellTale game where the clunky movement and animation doesn't impact on the natural flow of the game too badly.

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Agreed. There is this strange idea that gamers are only allowed to actually enjoy 'good' games. But that is complete rubbish, as this article points out. Our enjoyment itself is subjective, rather than objective, so what is the value in objective reviews?

Do I think Yoola-Laylee is the greatest game ever made? Absolutely not. Is it one of the most enjoyable games I've played in recent years? Absolutely!!

A game doesn't have to ascribe to p...

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Love the cover - very elegant.

I just hope they've fixed the zoom aim on the original Bioshock. Having to click the analogue button to use ironsights or a scope was the norm back then, but it's the single most frustrating thing when I go back and try to play the original Bioshock again.

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I actually fully agree with this. I haven't played a Call of Duty game since World at War (I loved Modern Warfare, but was disappointed by World at War, and haven't been back since).

But Infinite Warfare intrigues me. And having spent the last 8 years playing games other than Call of Duty, I'm hoping that I won't find it as tired an experience as many people will undoubtedly find it.

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They should do. The first ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, and left space before the comics begin, so there's definitely more story to tell. Plus, it's one of their highest rated games, and did some interesting things that none of their other games have really done (I particularly enjoyed having the choice of which order to complete scenes).

Another Borderlands game would be good too. As much as I love the original Borderlands games, Tales from the Borderlands is the ...

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But this is the case, I expect a mention in the credits... :P

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Please let it feature Sully as the main character. A game set during his early days, before he met Nate, is something I've been excited for since the opening to Uncharted 3, and maybe - just MAYBE - this DLC is where it will happen.

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People are forgetting what next gen actually means. It doesn't mean that it will necessarily be the most amazing looking game out there... It means that it will do things that were impossible last gen. For a Bethesda game, this will hopefully mean that bugs are kept to a minimum. From a Bethesda game, I'd rather have that than awesome graphics any day of the week .

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Wasn't Shadow Realms cancelled?

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This year is the Joker's 75th anniversary. Arkham Knight is bound to have an extremely heavy Joker presence, whether he is physically present or not.

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Don't forget Minecraft!

I'm not kidding, I refuse to admit that the guy's behind Dying Light weren't inspired by Minecraft's game-changing day-night cycle!

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If you like Mirror's Edge (I for one consider it the most underrated game of last-gen, purely on its gameplay!), then you'll find Dying Light to be amazing.

If the Mirror's Edge reboot can do open-world parkour half as well as Dying Light does it, then they're onto a winner.

While the Dying Light controls are a bit strange (took me a good few hours to get used to them), the actual gameplay is highly enjoyable and it encourages you to take risk...

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I'm pleased about this. I decided to hold out for a retail copy, and am thoroughly enjoying the game! It might not be everybody's cup of tea, but it's a very modern, current-gen take on the open-world sandbox experience, with a very immersive and detailed world.

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The reason they stated for not including Borderlands 1 was because it runs on a different engine, whereas TPS runs on the same engine as BL2. They probably only originally intended on releasing TPS, and decided that it would be super-easy to throw BL2 in there too.

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I'd still play it...

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I'll buy it anyway :P

Plus, there's enough new mechanics and concepts here to make it seem like a refreshing and new experience. I mean, in themes and gameplay, it appears like a bigger leap than there was between BL1 and BL2.

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What this list seems to prove is that the very worst Naughty Dog game is still amazing by other games' standards.

Of course, in making that statement, I'm ignoring their pre-Crash Bandicoot games...

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Awesome prize!!

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