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Apologies - fixed typos and Boxing will be covered extensively in our review soon :)

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Ah Atari, how your era was gold

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Yeah the Vita version works great, just shame about the graphics

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Well Microsoft isn't attending Gamescom.. not as big as last year?

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:O really? hmm that IS a shame though I would suspect that would be because of the Japanese earthquake which is when the game released - still a sensitive moment?

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That's scaring me! How much does LA Noire take up?

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I'm glad that I upgraded from the launch 60GB to the 320GB - considering inFamous 2 is 15GB, I wouldn't have been able to download very much!

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Ray Lewis E3 Trailer & Kinect Voice Control Trailer are now LIVE

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Definitely one of the best games I had for the Gamecube - it was pretty special

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Yeap, starting up the game made me realise how great this rare gem was, with amples of fun regardless of it's polygon graphics. The game was undeniably fun, something lacking in modern day racers. Sometimes, games just shouldn't be realistic, takes the fun out of it

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That's true, there's actually a very good selection of games this year - seems like a good year for gaming again. It's been a couple of years since we've had a less than stellar schedule during a year.

I don't see new consoles being unveiled this year (maybe announced next year but not released until 2014) - Sony are prolonging with online still maturing, HD collections to PS3, PS Vita and PS3 connectivity potential and more.

Nintendo delv...

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Does that mean MS> Sony, MS > Nintendo? Or transivity doesn't hold?

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Some predictions for E3 2012?

Sony: LBP Karting, The Last Guardian, Last of Us, Plenty of PS Vita announcements, HD Collections, God of War: Ascensions, PS Move support titles, service partner announcements. Exclusives

Nintendo: Wii U demonstration, pricing and tighter launch date, launch titles, updates on 3DS titles including Mario Open Tennis, online service system for Wii U

Microsoft: Kinect titles announced and support, Xbox 360 servi...

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What are your thoughts on the UEFA EURO 2012 DLC?

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The artile does stat its for EU countries if you clicked past the source link

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Like how your the same person registered on our website yet you have 2 different user accounts on N4G.

If you disagree with our writer's opinion that's your perspective, however each to their own, there's no need to call our site 'garbage'.

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I can see most launch titles being first party, much like that when the Wii launched though hopefully not as starved in comparison. The Wii U definitely has potential to do unique things, let's see if Nintendo realises this and comes up with intuitive titles

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Hard to criticise the PS Vita when people forget it’s only been on the market for only a month with nearly 40 games to boot. The software, hardware and store are much tighter than the PSP and anyone who has tried both will find the PS Vita offers much more – the games will come and has some great games scheduled this year.

Also, unlike the PSP, the PS Vita can accommodate the big games like COD and adventures like Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Blockbuster hits will attract gamers ...

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