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Hi Crazyeightz,

Yes the author is aware that respawn entertainment developed Call of Duty under Infinity Ward. You have a valid point however it was a reference from the Activision earnings call as Destiny is under Activision, was referenced to Call of Duty and Skylanders.

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Don't forget to cast your vote on which one is your favourite!

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The ending was the hardest category i would say! I whole heartedly agree about TLOU's ending; it was pretty much perfect. I was expecting a happy ending but they decided to just go their own way and go against conventional 'and they all lived happily ever after'.

I just really loved how Bioshock came together in the end. All the loose ends sort of joined up and there was revelation after revelation. I also enjoyed how it opened up the universe for entirely new are...

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I understand they're completely different and I've got to say it was quite hard comparing them, so i can see where youre coming from.

I just thought as they are both some of the highest rated games of all time and have been released quite recently, it could be quite fun. Hope you enjoyed the article!

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There's a fine line between a rushed and a tedious conference. Wanting good depth in what they are talking about however not complicating the matter and going long-winded about each point is a difficult feat. Agreed that E3 is a pivotal moment in getting the right message out.

All eyes on E3.

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Would have been great if these conversations happened on our website too!

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I'm glad to know you enjoyed reading it.

The slow shift towards free-to-play is both a concerning one but also an opportunity. How it evolves and breaks down the 'pay to win' stigma is one of the biggest hurdles however.

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The recent Dredd film was awesome i have to say! Would love to see that be made into a great film.

What about a game in the light of Sin City? Platinum released MadWorld a couple years back which had a similar art style, would be pretty cool to see more of that, especially in the brilliant Sin City setting!

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Ha Power Rangers, gotta love that idea!

I (James) have always been a bit cautious regrading a Superman game, in fact I published an article a while back explaining why it doesn't overly appeal to me http://totalrevue.com/why-s...

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James here,

Sadly they-re held down by contracts and stuff (much like the Avengers film really with Spider Man and X-Men etc.) but it would still be awesome if they could approach any heroes they wanted :)

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James here,

To be honest, I dont really want to see a new Uncharted. I simply adore the franchise, Uncharted 2 is my favourite of all time. I kind of want to see what else Naughty Dog can do, whether that be expanding The Last Of Us universe of something completely new! They have insane talent so whatever they do though will be awesome!

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Totally agree too.
Corvo was a bit of a nothing character, but it could be seen to have made gamers portray themselves onto him - a Gordon Freeman effect.

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nope you're correct, updated.

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Ha, that's impressive!Congrats!

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James here,

The demo i played at Eurogamer this year was a very near final version, Eurogamer was the 29th October and the game was released mid-rememberer, so it was rather final.

Sony's slow marketing campaign has damaged their sales with the casual market i think. It is a good game and as i say, one that can be enjoyed with friends, so it will definitely appeal to the casual gamer but without the advertising, its just not reaching them.

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James here :)

As Sony's roster is so extensive, i always thing there was going to be a few characters that people missed. I for one am very surprised Lara Croft didn't make it in! Saying that though, there are some great characters on offer, even though 2 out of the 20 are Cole from Infamous!

In terms of the gameplay, when i played All-Stars at Eurogamer the Supers didnt totally destroy the flow but i can see where youre coming from with the Level 3 S...

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our first impressions piece on online

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Yes SC2 boxing is probably the best done version compared to other motion renditions. Tennis I really enjoyed and so was Golf - be sure to check out our review next week!

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Yes the Rabbids game got pushed back till early next year (March I believe?) - otherwise some key 3rd party titles in there - will just have to see how that support pans out.

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