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Actually neither...It happened no more than five minutes after booting up the machine. I was actually paused in Resistance 2, and reading some gathered Intel.

Damn Chimera virus!!!

Why did you mention? there some sort of growing consensus that PS2 games/browser are potential culprits?

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Now THAT's what I call a deal, baby!!!

It is now officially a reminder in my Task List set for June 30th...which is a good thing, since my PS3's currently getting repaired from the dreaded YLOD. <ARGHHH!!!>

BTW: I urge you PSP owners to pick up Resistance: Retribution for an incredible $15...the game is AMAZING, with tons of replay value. The campaign alone is a generous 10-12 hours.

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Got the flashing red lights last Wednesday night without warning while paused in R2. I shipped it off on Friday, and needless to say, am eagerly awaiting it's return, as it's compelled me to give my dusty Wii some attention, albeit reluctantly.

Been getting withdrawal symptoms ever since, as I can't believe how much I've relied on it these past two-and-a-half years.

Say, yours wouldn't happen to be a 60gb launch model as mine is, would it???

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It's so amusing and satisfying to watch these kinds of hostile guys sorely pwn themselves by their failed attempt to construct a simple, coherent sentence.

Pot-Calling-Kettle-Black Syndrome at it's finest.

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for Red Steel, I couldn't help but to pick it up this past Christmas, when I spotted Toys 'R selling it for $9. I felt compelled to, because the title and what it then promised, was one of my primary motivating factors for picking up my launch Wii.

Admittedly, the game is still sitting unwrapped (right next to my $17 copy of Lair), although am looking forward to giving it a go when time allows...maybe I'm just afraid to get my bubble of hope burst upon realizing that it really d...

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Why is everyone comparing demand between Forza and GT5???

Although the consensus agrees that GT is the pinnacle driving simulator of all driving games, each game is console exclusive.

Despite the obvious overwhelming success GT will have with the PS3 fanbase, it should have minimal impact with influencing existing 360 owners from picking up their only driving simulation alternative, ...unless you're talking about multiple-console owners who are forced to choose only ...

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"...If it wasn't then why is SOny and Microsoft coming to the table 3 years later with MOTION CONTROLS? If the Wii Remote was such a Gimmick then why did Sony and Microsoft follow them?..."

Because Nintendo hit the nail on the head with the concept of motion-control, and that concept spread like wildfire as a result. The problem is that Nintendo's interpretation of motion-control is poorly-executed, both via their limited, inaccurate hardware, and much of their relativ...

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Yeah, I was excited to pick up Splinter Cell:DA for my PS3...honestly, I didn't find the graphics as bad as the critics made them out to be, because I think the reviews caused me to set my expectations so low, I wasn't as surprised (see???...pessimism CAN sometimes be a good thing!)

But no one warned me about the load God, I could swear that I could feel rigor-mortis setting in at times. Just painful.

Needless to say, I traded the game following very litt...

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"...saying that the multiplayer was only possible thanks to the Wii's processing power..."

Compared to what: my pocket calculator from high school???

Whoopsee...looks as if Mr. Miyamoto's got a severe case of foot-in-mouth disease. Hmmm...wonder if they can apply that exciting new Wii Pulse-Checker technology to diagnose him.

BTW, in case anyone is interested: Shortly following the release of Dead Space: Extraction, I'm having a "MUST-GO!...

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"It means $ony is trying to drain every single cent/pence out of their fanbase."

My God, how daft you must be to make such a such a statement.

Please...for humanity's sake, and to preserve some amount of credibility in Darwin's theory, tell me you were being sarcastic, or just trying to desperately gather some childish attention.

Because even a hardcore 360 owner/supporter/fan/sucker such as yourself should realize how ignorant and hypocritical...

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have Red-Ring damage.

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'Nuff said.

Suffice to say that your comment qualifies as the official swing-vote to get me to eventually pick up the original game.

Thanks, and bubbles for your time.

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"Why would i watch tv on any of my console" that one of those "deep thoughts" we're supposed to ponder, or did you merely accidentally post at the wrong website?

I've yet to play a SH game, but I hear they're pretty fun. Is this game by chance another rail shooter?

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Admittedly, I never would have thought those were Wii screens grabs if they hadn't said so. Looking great!

I hear most everyone pretty much raving about the original Dead Space game. Is it REALLY that good???

Tried the demo, and I had a hard time getting into it.

(OK, perhaps the fact that I sucked and kept getting repeatedly mauled every time I opened those damn doors, may have played a slight role in my lack of motivation for the game.)

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Yeah, I've been anxiously waiting for some GT5 news, as it's been waaay too quiet on the GT front lately. Hopefully they'll actually have a solid release date for us.

Wonder what happened to the GT5P damage patch that was promised for release last fall?

"Have you tried playing GT5P with a Logitech Driving Force GT? It's amazing but I have yet to own it."

Yeah, it is a nice little wheel indeed. I picked mine up about a...

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Other than the obvious fact that a price cut will contribute to an increased console install base, which will therefore help to solidify and elongate a healthy product life-cycle for my valued investment...

I wanna get another PS3.

Any other insightful, thought-provoking questions, Mr. lawrence360x?

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"...i just assumed it would be average at best..."

I Can't say that I blame you.

But give the demo a's is free, and maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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"Where's my Heavenly Sword?"

Not only that, but in my experience, it seems to be the only game that never goes on sale and consistently maintains a $60 price tag; I've been waiting to get this game on the cheap for the longest time.

One exception I recall was a post-Christmas sale Wal-Mart had two years ago, where they lowered the price to $40. But when I got there, the clerk told me that all their copies flew right out the door.

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"why do most movie games have to suck so much."

Because it's forced developing; that their only intention is to cash in by riding the coattails on the respective movie basedupon it's popularity.

Unfortunately, I reckon that the passion is simply not there as a result. Usually, the reciprocal (i.e., Video games-to-movies) bears the same sort of lackluster shine.

On the upside, there have been exceptions. Have you tried the new Wolverine VG dem...

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Forty bucks is the sweet spot for this game.

Make no mistake: I'm absolutely LOVING this game, but paying $60 for it is a little painful, considering that the experience (i.e., gameplay) isn't very deep, and is over relatively quickly.

But for any of you on the fence, or fans of the original game: this game is an absolute BLAST and worth the $40.

Great, addictive, old-school fun!

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