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Didn't they learn from Oblivion? People didn't pay for horse armour then and are unlikely to pay for it now.

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I really didn't like the first portion of the game, but I just did the last mission of act 1 and it completely changed my mind on it. That was nothing less than top-class mission design.

So I decided to continue playing the game and it was really awesome. If you're less than impressed with it before you play that mission, I urge you to carry on because it's so worth it.

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Yeah I have some games I bought because they were cheap and probably won't play again. I always boot them up, but sometimes I just fall away from them and never beat them.

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Aww, that was one of the first online multiplayer FPS games I played. I have such fond memories. It was just classic arcade-style shooting at it's finest.

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I liked ffviii, but I thought squall was a terrible lead character. So was cloud for that matter.

Zack kicks both their asses.

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I think almost any game can benefit from co-op but I'm not a huge fan of competitive multiplayer.

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Yeah, the new graphics look really good and will go well with the gameplay, which I thought was way ahead of it's time when the game released.

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Yeah, haha does it really have to be a choice between the two?

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They'd have to be really careful with that. The more open the world, the less focus is given to the game's story. And that's what those games are all about. It also needs to take place over a short period of in-game time.

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I'll be getting the PC version. It's funny that they censored it by putting that screen in there. It's a big middle finger to the rating officials.

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Yeah, I mean with the lag you get on it it'd be like playing pokemon by pressing random buttons.

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The detail in the background of the vita version looks better than the 360.

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Yeah, their recent range of xperia phones are really good.

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Lists like this are always gonna miss some people's favourite games. I agree with mass effect, batman and portal 2 being on the list, but FFXIV? Really? I'm not dissing the game, but is it really in the top 10 games of the generation?

I'd stick uncharted and dark souls on there for sure, though.

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Well, MMOs have to be kinda accessible. They want people to be playing it on their work computer on their break etc.

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You can't improve upon perfection. All you can do is provide more. Any attempts to improve or change it would be making it something different.

I think it'd be doing a disservice to dark souls and deep down to try and compare them. I'm sure they'll both be good at what they set out to do.

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It is good that they're confident that their product is good. They don't feel the need to hype it. They're letting the game speak for itself.

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I dunno, I mean look at the one of the tank. That screenshot looks horrible on the xbox one.

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No self-respecting gamer does their own dishes. Just buy paper plates and throw them in the bin. #winning.

Edit: mind you, with his money, bill gates could throw real plates in the bin and then just buy new ones for every meal.

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