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and it will get closed after 6 months lol

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lol no name site aka give me hits please hahaha

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then stop giving hits to shitty sites

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another generic "give me hits, my shitty blog/site need it, type of article" . No they should not be worried

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LOL 20GB of ram, hahah there you got busted.
On top of that anyone could make that fake looking paper

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resistance lol

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B title. Crap SP solid MP. Have plenty of those on the market already. I preordered it at first but then canceled when I read the reviews about how shitty SP is. And yes I care about SP, just like when I but Uncharted. No excuses. If it sucks it sucks.
O and in before "It's a new IP".

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Stupid not to use gentiles and take their money.

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look won't appeal to the masses. Limbo is intriguing for example just because of it's looks.
Shame it isn't on trey as well

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I doubt it's their call.

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And here is TooPawneds aka the Legend predictions

There will be new games. Surprise b....s!

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some casual crap

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Skyrim = the most overrated game ever.

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PSn lol

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That fighting game.

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those games won't do much good in the west either. You can play better version of those games on your console. Same problem that was with PSP. Gravity Daze, Sound Shape(if that was the name), Escape Plan, those games are cool and seem unique for a handheld.

Launching again this late after your competition is just sad.

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Yeah sure "mind blowing" just like Smash N Survive
somehow magically they will improve 50x

Just stupid hype. It will be laughable. Yeah some India studio is going to produce a game on par with Uncharted series in therms of visuals (their words more or less)

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I completed the second one and will eventually play this one as well.
Boy is this an overrated franchise.

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