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Why doesn't the campaign not save on ps4? (The main reason I returned my copy) #40
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THIS Will be a good old fashioned next gen battle. (Lakers vs Celtics)
Faulty system and bad launch exclusives will be all over the place. #45
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I Got It...

However, keep in mind that most people on here and either flaming fanboys, out of shape nerds with no life (or girlfriend), little kids, topic trolls, and/or under educated (in terms of metaphors).

Although I completly agree with your thoughts.....I'm quite intrested in seeing if M$ can pull an "Empire Strikes Back" this weekend.

NOTE...I won't even entertain Nintendo, as the Wii had its Mid Major BCS busting mo... #1.5
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As long as the graphics are next gen......I don't care what P the system is pushing. ! #64
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I ain't gonna lie.....MS gets on my nerves. Thing is this through: Microsoft is a computer company, and runs EVERYTHING that way. All these policies are made to e sure they take 100% NO losses.

Look at their games....only have 2 dominant exclusives. They buy a the good games/devs and live off those. In my opinion, MS doesn't really care about gaming, and only see the dollars. These policies are just the thing that made MS the software they live that way.... #42
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Should have brought out current gen cod in August. #4
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Xbox devs & gamers sure did talk about 360 performance. Now that MS is exposed as a greedy and lazy multimedia (other than halo and need to mention games) hype machine, people wanna damage control.

And PlayStation gets some hate too.....because the cell processor should have been able to push 1080 & 60fps. Buts its all good, because at least sony made jumping to next generation worth it! (Might be a wrap for xbox and wii u) #45
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It sure as hell mattered when xbox 360 was lead platform....and lazy developers portred over the games to PS3. (NOW GRAPHICS AND FRAME RATE DONT MATTER...LOL)

-no fanboy, just sayin. #1.1.35
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4 hours is all u need!

First person shooters is about robust online play. I have playstation, there are plenty of lengthy single player games for my heart's delight. #89
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Yea man......that's quite whack!
Prople keep eating the cod, halo, and gears crap. And I keep hearing about the $10 for trading in this gen's cod (and I think bf4 too), like that's a great deal for the consumer.

Its cool though.....because activision will do the samr thing to cod that they did to both guitar hero and tony hawks. (Run it into the ground) #1.16
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Why do people continue to buy call of duty? #65
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It will come down to Halo/Gears, and XBL success....
Vs Naughty dog (if uncharted comes out) killzone, and PS plus.
Also, Bungie's Destiny could hurt MS (Halo).

Sony makes more exclusives...but Halo and Gears have been able yo carry xbox. We'll see how it goes. #100
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I'm close to cancelling my pre order next gen systems. ...since there won't be many next gen games ready at launch. #96
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I'm a Sony gamer......
But it'd hard to read comments about M$, with the embarrasing story of how some nerd Sony chumps spilled hate all over a toys r us youtube ad.
As a person hyped for the ps4 launch....I advise people to play games, and STFU!

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I'm a Sony fan, but will address your comment fairly. Yes...MS does have a good launch line up. However, there's an isn't much after that.(Halo and another gears) whereas Sony will deliver plenty of AAA exclusives......just like this gen.

Honestly, my only real concern with both platforms is the online fees.

PS...I didn't thumbs down you either. (That's what people who can't counter do....punk move!) #1.1.11
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Although i'm not a fan of digital distribution and DRM, my main issue with charging for online is not having full control of content I paid for. XBL is ok if I can make MP matches how I want....but no dedicated servers. Somehow that's worth $60 a year, YEA! #23
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Cliffy B hasn't produced anything "EPIC" since gears of war 1. His opinions are just as annoying as David J. I loved gears 1....but then, Cliffy went casual with both gis games, and mindset.

I hope his new game is good....but I'm a about Naughty Dog right now. #34
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Most things in this country are sold used. The same thing exists in gaming, rather the geeedy companies and/or nerds like it or not. Only an idiot will accept charging twice for a game.

If developers don't like it....make a good game! People need to get off cliffy B's nutz, this geeedy smuck made made millions off the gears franchise. (He just wanrs more....and stoping someone from trading in used games is whack. #1.22
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Nintendo won E3......because their system has neither DRM, nor pay to play online.
I love my PS3, but will now wait the Wii U price drop, and steambox.

Paying to play online & blocking used games is garbage. I just bought a 2010 accord....guess how much honda got from this "used" deal? (Oh yea...when u buy a car, there's no xtra cost for the original tires, or a battery

Ripping each other off...the American way. (How f-ing sad)
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I admit when I'm wrong or mis-speak. Eariler, I said I was going pc...and not getting a ps4. Well...after reading this piece, I immediately ran to gamespot (and luckily) got my ps4 pre ordered!

Did not know ps plus gave out that many free games! Also....I got a crystal white ps3 super slim, with a fee yr of ps plus! I will use that for my first free year! Oh yea....the last of us is epic!! #60
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