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I'm African-American, and have no issue with. People are way too sensitive these days. Steve Nash (NBA great) was born in South you cry babies didn't know that. Furthermore, there are plenty of people who look, dress, and act nothing like their race/ethnic background. (ADELE and IGGY are prime examples of this). For the record.....they both suck as artists' in my opinion, but I use this as an example.

Ohh....and that uncharted limited edition console...

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Friday, November 21........and still broken.
PS, nobody talking about battlefield 4 bro.

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Although I'm a PlayStation 4 first gamer.....
sunset overdrive looks pretty damn good! When that (and master chief collection) drops, I wont be on PlayStation much. Next year will dominate.

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Yea right!
Im no ps fanboy, but every game on the ps4 should be 1080p automatically. The only real challenge is getting them at 40-60 frames per second. People keep believing this ruse, but not me.....Ive been gaming for 20 years, I know these consoles are capable of.

The last of us remastered is one of the most technology advanced games for next (this gen).....and it hit 1080/60 frames per. Only a moron will believe assassins creed cant at least hit 1080 on the qua...

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Hell yea!
Obviously theres some other powers being used on these developers. Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but ps3 issues vs 360 was a huge deal....and the games wasn't dumbed down for parity. (Remember bayenetta?) The lead platform is generally the one with the most reliable and easy to use technology, some how though....punk ass devs like Ubisoft are having issues. (Funny how only a few big time multiplats all of a sudden cant hit 1080p & at least 35-50 FPS)

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I've read a ton of these post. Bottom line is that Microsoft been doing this for years. (Buying exclusive DLC, timed exclusive, and resolution bully tacktics)

Sony, Nintendo, and especially......punk ass EA have also done this. If gamers dont like it......just dont buy the games! (That simple) but of course, this won't happen. Peolr will cry about psn and xbox live, and still pay for it. People will cry about milked franchises, and still buy cod, halo, madden, and...

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A few quick things i want to point out:
Im not an out of shape, no girlfriend having, live in my parent's basement, hermit. Nor am I lazy YouTube video nerd, who use gaming platform angles to get a little money from that site. (Fanboy geek)

However, facts are facts...and I clearly remember all the game review sites pointing out how ps3 multi plat games were sluggish. Now that the issues are with other platforms, graphics dont matter? If the xbox one was sellin...

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If you don't like Destiny, do not buy it.
its a MMO first person shooter.....which is what Bungie said it would be. Frag heads wanted halo/gears/cod/killzone, and now they are all let down. dont worry though, master chief collection will be out this holiday season....which clearly isnt repeditive!

Look here, people cry for something new....and when it's delivered, people cry. No wonder madden, cod, gears, killzone, littlebigplanet, and mario kart wont change...

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Xbox one is a good system,

I just wish the price was $349.99 because it isnt as poweeful as the ps4. Also, it would boost thier sales tremendously! I will get the sunset overdrive bindle.

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*Also for Yaay4me*

im no hater.....just focusing the lense of truth. Yes, ps4 will have more overall games this year, but 90% will be indies.....that will hardly move the needle. And entwinde was very much so hyped up my E3 pumped it up. It got mediocre reviews, and like most hyped playStation titles, its "so-called" supporters are not playing it. (Don't hate me, im the messenger)


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Get the hell outta here! LOL....
The only AAA titles for Sony this year will be lbp 3 and Destiny. And looking at past sales....lbp didnt have true system moving AAA sales. (Just saying)

Destiny will be xbox one.....but sunset, halo collection, ori, and spark wont be. Hows intwinde going? Because im sure you playing the hell out of that, right? AND THAT WAS HYPED/BILLED AS AN
AAA TITLE!! (Reading garbage like this makes me feel embarrassed that I was in so...

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Im no fanboy. ....but I have a question for you:

HOW MANY OF THESE PS4 games DO YOU OWN? I bought over 40 ps3 games brand new......and watched ted price's resistance titles sell like crap. (Im pissed sunset overdrive isnt on ps4....but dont him for jumping ship) Also...where was all the support for ratchet and clank, sly cooper, uncharted 3 MP, and GOW 3??? Its a joke to gaming that any cod game released on ps3 outsold EVERYTHING on the trey. people front run on console ...

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Planet vs Zombies is an xbox one game. Furthermore, most titles your boasting are indies. Dont get me wrong, i like them....but $400 for mostly indies is hard to justify. (Speaking in terms of value cost/benifit to gamers) I hated on xbox for lack games, Sony is doing that very thing now. (And no one seems to notice/care) xbox one has more/better games right now. when this year will have infamous & little big 3, (think about that and uncharted ti...

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I didnt give u a "thumbs down" for stating your view. However, I will say that Halo is a dominant franchise. (Ditto for gear) if MS would have dropped the Master Cheif collection in July, and let Sunset overdrive, forza horizon 2, And Ori stand pat for this one would dominate in sales.

I rolled with sony ps3 last gen (mainly due to free online and uncharted), and they barley passed xbox 360. And all MS really had was halo and gears.....where...

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To be fair.....
Sony had a simular model in place, and backed out when Microsoft got hammered. Sony decided to charge online fees didnt they? ( just saying)

I like Sony, they had multiple genes of AAA titles for the ps3. PS4 slipping right now in that area. By the way....DRM was aimed at gamestop and games fly, not the gamers. I wouldn't want a 3party making money off me....for free. GS gives 30% trade in, then sells that product used for 95% of the original pr...

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Well said!

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For me.....there are "real" gamers. I classifiy them as individuals, who play many genres of games, regardless the platform. Furthermore, they complete their games, follow blogs, articles, review shows, and conventions.

Not hating on casual gamers at all. Hell... im a casual when it comes to the world cup, baseball all star and playoff games, and wrestle mania. Its all good...especially for MS, who are straight raping people with xbox live & dlc fees! Lo...

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First off.....I gave u an "agree" on your comment. Now, I rode with ps3 last gen (no xbox 360), but Sony lost me with both charging for online, and lack of games till 2015.

I got a xbox one for now, but belive sony ps4 will eventually prove to be a better console in the future. Im just not trying to pay $400 for indies and second son. Truthfully. ...Sony is doing what MS did last gen. (1 or 2 smash titles a year, and TV bullncrap). MS droped I went wit...

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Article is a waste of time, money, and space.
All people need to do is cancel thier pre order, and buy the game when it releases. This game isnt selling out.

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Why doesn't the campaign not save on ps4? (The main reason I returned my copy)

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