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Gamers have been trained so thoroughly to expect to be bludgeoned with a mass load of cut content DLC that we're now seeing this effect.

Hopefully, the wait will justified by a full expansion and not just some small quest chain.

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R* still has a pretty good rep among gamers. As former giants of goodwill like (for example) BioWare and Blizzard continue to face decline, I feel like R* still has a good bit of it left for not pulling half the dick moves the former two have.

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That's a nice sentiment, but as always, I await the action that will back up that pretty speech.

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Ok, I don't have a problem with humor but I have problems with joke articles being reported just like real news stories.

If it's not real reporting, it shouldn't be advertised as such.

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"Go here, kill/retrieve this" is not something to aspire to.

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That's because it's this guy's personal list.

It should really have a big ol' "IMO" at the end of the title.

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Sometimes, I think it's an honest effort to trust in the player's intelligence.

But after three or four dead ends, it's masochism for me.

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Great games teach you how to play without you ever knowing it.

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As "RPG combat" goes, it is pretty different from what we've come to expect...

But I can't help but feel that inserting the style of combat we've come to expect from an action game doesn't make the experience any more innovative or meaningful.

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EA didn't have faith, they saw dollar signs.

Who would turn down BioWare's attempt to create an MMO based on their hottest RPG based on the hottest license out there?

Especially when EA can take control of BioWare itself in the process.

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There's an official announcement on about the PC version.

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CDP has built up a big rep on the labeling "Enhanced Edition" so I doubt they're just calling it that for kicks.

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The Enhanced Edition material has always been treated like a free patch for previous buyers of the game.

So, I'm pretty sure EE here is just the game plus the already released updates which already add a load of content.

If it's even more new stuff, CDP would never stiff PC players. At least they have a really strong record of not doing that.

Hopefully, recent troubles with Namco-Bandai won't change that.

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@wollie: Oh no, they're both markedly different aircraft.

But they both only ever hit the stratosphere.

Meanwhile, Heavy Rain touched the stars.

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They only admit mistakes to get you to take a chance on their newest thing.

Then, when it's out, the PR goes full swing into "this product is perfect" mode and all complaints are either baseless or the customer's fault.

Straight up BioWare style.

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At best, it's basically free DLC.

And at it's worst it's entirely avoidable.

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This is completely fake and it says so right in the article.

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They're disappointed that they don't get praised for UC's mechanical innovations?

UC is a series that doesn't innovate as much as it polishes. It is imo top quality, and cobbled together so expertly that art, design, and code work together to deliver an experience that transcends all three.

But reinventing the wheel it ain't.

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Ah haha. No offense meant.

I just never can tell on this site.

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Oddly you criticize Frankfurt on how he hasn't played a game, yet you post a comment that makes you sound as if you haven't read the article...

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