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Darksiders 1 was okay, pretty boring, but okay.

Darksiders 2 was a struggle to get through, so, damn, BORING!

So, my answer is no. #23
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@Eyeco Good thing you're nothing to do with the creative choices at the studio haha, you'd completely ruin the series, don't know what you're talking about do ya. #5.1.3
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Uncharted isn't as big a franchise as GT, GoW & TLoU but with the series' usual holiday release + mass bundling it's guaranteed to do very well.

Have a feeling UC4 will be the best in the series, also the last UC by ND. #1.2.2
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Neither of them. #18
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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Alan Wake instantly come to mind.

Play those games people, they're great! #7
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It was purely to do with the cancellation of the game, SMS had more developers than they needed after the project was cancelled so they had to let around 50 go.

If you're trying to blame Ascension that's just wrong, that game still sold very well, certainly enough to make a nice profit. Also if it was because of that game the layoffs would've happened much sooner. #10.2
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Well they did throw their body weight behind a new IP, 75-100 million dollars too... sadly it had to be canned.

The good thing about them putting Ascension out on PS4 is that GoW MP can be played on PS4 and they don't have to waste time & resources on creating MP for GoW4 from scratch when they can just include Ascension's MP and build on it.

I think they're still a 200-250 sized team, must be working on God of War IV and another AAA new IP. #8.1
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GoW3 > GoW2 > GoW: GoS > GoW > GoW:A > GoW:CoO

Even the worst GoW is very good, for a PSP game it's damn brilliant. #13
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30fps with good motion-blur > 60fps without.

Just looks so much smoother and more lifelike, 60fps looks unnatural to me unless it has really good motion-blur effects and most games on consoles that are running at 60fps don't have any motion-blur. #1.10
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Ah Kratos, committing suicide to deny the corrupt Goddess Athena the power to be the one true God of all mankind was his final act of vengeance, also his death released the power of hope to mankind so that they could rebuild and thrive once again without the need for Gods.

He may have done a lot of bad/evil things on his quest for revenge and atonement but Kratos sure did go out a hero! #3
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I don't think God of War has reached it's full potential yet, as amazing as GoW1/2/3/GoS are I think that with the freedom the PS4's power offers developers they can do amazing things not possible before, Cory will make sure it's a long varied and epic adventure and it will be the best God of War yet.

So much potential left, they could mix Greek & Egyptian mythology, new enemies, new environments, new weapons, new magic, new characters.... I can't wait! #18
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If Infamous: SS looks this amazing I'm trying to imagine just how spectacular God of War IV is going to look! :O ... #13
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loool Kratos has got to be one of the most enthralling characters in videogames, it's a hell of a ride playing as that adrenaline fueled psychopath doing the crazy shit us mortals could only dream to do when we've been betrayed, lied to, manipulated etc. He is the spirit of vengeance and we need more anti-heroes in gaming like him.

Even the way he pulls a lever or opens a door displays more personality than Master Chief has done in all the series. #3.6
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I just want God of War IV and for it to be the best in the series, then I can just forget Ascension ever happened because its single player was so very disappointing. #24
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God of War series
Mass Effect series
Alan Wake
Oblivion & Skyrim
Casltevania: Lords of Shadow
Oddworld Abe's Exoddus & Oddysee
Bioshock series #24
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PS4 games can reach early 2000 CGI, maybe, but it will not reach photo-realism.

Look at Monsters Inc from 2001 I haven't seen anything on PS4 look as good yet, maybe later games will be at a comparable level. #3.2
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We are not even close to photo realism in games, maybe in 20 years the PS7 will be able to achieve such fidelity. #1.5
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Don't get the down votes, are people really so naive that they believe 130m poly models are achievable in the near future?

Normally the increase from gen to gen is around 200%(maybe higher), say like a good PS3 model is 30k and something on PS4 is 90k. That would mean PS5 = 270K, PS6 = 810K, PS7 = 2.430m etc...

We probably won't get to 130m in our lifetime. #1.1.2
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Where you getting this information from? I saw a dev video saying Kratos in GoW3 was close to 30k.

Jak in Jak 2 was as dense as Old Snake in MGS4? Seems unlikely?

I get what you're saying though, you don't need an insane amount of polys to have a great looking character model, once the displacement maps are converted to normal maps it looks nearly identical even with significantly less polys. Improved lighting + textures is far more important for ac... #13.1
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Was it someone from ND who said UC4 will be comparable to TLoU pre-rendered cut-scenes? If so I'd believe them and not expect too much.

Also that job description was looking for someone comfortable modelling characters using a million polys, they will not be that high in-game however because all the displacement maps will be converted to normal maps, uses a lot less power and looks nearly the same.

Expect the main character to be 100-150k ingame if it... #6.1
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