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You talk so much rubbish. #2.1.2
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I thought the same thing, Ratchet and Clank looks shockingly good but then I couldn't help imagine just how mind-blowing God of War IV will look, my eyes are excited. #1.1.8
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nicksetzer1 Not as tired as your worthless opinion IMO.

The God of War franchise hasn't peaked yet, one disappointing game (Ascension) means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Hell, even Ascension was well-received at 80%+ and sold around 3 million copies.

Why you think SMS/Sony should waste time and resources making a sequel to TO:1886 over a new GoW is just befuddling, not very smart is it. #5.1.3
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Anyone who relies on Metacritic to support their view on a game is a moron. If you think Driveclub sucks just explain why using your own experience with the game.

If you really did play it then you wouldn't and shouldn't feel the need to quote Metacritic scores to reassure your negative views. You obviously don't value your own opinions and have self-esteem issues. #2.1.6
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Bloody hope it is, The Last of Us demonstrated that ND are far more capable than just making the same tired Uncharted games forever. Uncharted peaked with 2 and will never improve on that other than looking better. #6.1.1
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LOL, greatest trilogy in gaming? When only one of the UC games (2) is great and the others are just ok? Nah.

God of War, Mass Effect, Gears of War are far superior trilogies.

And no, Sony won't win E3 with a remastered collection. I have nothing against remastered games but what's the point in buying a PS4 if there's no worthwhile exclusives built from the ground up to make use of the new consoles power? Blah. #1.11
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So many angry nerds down-voting anything positive about a remastered game, get over it losers, one of the best games ever made is being improved and brought over to the PS4 for a whole new generation of gamers to enjoy. :) #1.1.1
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Sony should probably ignore people like you, otherwise they'd upset millions of people and destroy their biggest story-driven franchise and most iconic character which would be pretty idiotic.

Kratos is an amazing character regardless of what a vocal insignificant minority who dwell on the internet think, he serves his purpose perfectly and I wish we had more anti-hero protagonists in gaming. #1.1.3
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Although Vgchartz is reliable it's true, Halo is a beast in its own league as far as exclusives go.

And @wegetsignalx, even if the install base was 3:1 in PS4's favour UC4 wouldn't come close to Halo 5. The only way that could happen is if Sony packs in the game with every PS4 for at least a year, which wouldn't be too surprising since the Uncharted games have always been the most bundled games on the PS3 which is how they became popular. #7.4.4
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You have got it spot on! I kinda love you for this post, someone who actually gets Kratos.

Kratos is an amazing character, my personal favourite, can't wait for his return in GoW4! #8.2
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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is a game that people are going to love or hate I think, luckily for me I loved it!... Shame the sequel was arse.

Awesome! There's somebody out there with similar taste! I've never tried Lost Odyssey myself, may be worth a go since your taste is obviously great ;) #15.1.1
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1) God of War III
2) Mass Effect 2
3) Red Dead Redemption
4) The Last of Us
5) Bioshock
6) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
7) Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
8) Gears of War
9) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
10) LittleBigPlanet #15
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If you really believe that then I'd say you're not very bright, bro.

Here, let Stephen Fry explain why: #1.1.8
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It had a variable framerate on the PS3 actually.

It could be anywhere from 30-60fps, it mostly ran between 40-50fps which is amazing given how incredible it looked on the PS3 & the fact it had great AA & no screen-tearing. #2.2
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God of War III is just better than God of War II.

Visuals: 3 > 2
Gameplay: 3 > 2
Sound: 3 > 2
Story: 3 = 2
Pacing: 3 = 2

The only thing 2 did better was that it had more varied environments, it also had more puzzles but GoW3 had better combat and platforming which is more important. #12.1
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Uncharted 3 doesn't deserve love, it was soulless. #7.1
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Nicely done with you get a boner at the sight of Naughty Dog's logo ffs. (I love TLoU btw)

Shit list, shit order. #1.3
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Oh yeah let's just abandon Sony's 2nd biggest franchise and many millions of fans just to make a new IP just for Javla!

Only new IPs exhibit any creativity after-all and who needs money if Javla's on-board? #4.1
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Tbh PS3 peaked with God of War 3. Yes God of War: Ascension is technically superior but it doesn't really look too much better. I'd argue GoW3 is at least on par with TLoU, better in a lot of ways.

I reckon GoW4 will roughly show us the best visuals the PS4 can achieve with their 2nd game only looking marginally better. Will take ND a few games before they max out the console. #1.8
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God of War 4 - Yes new mythos. No new lead. No new style.

GoW's many millions of fans don't want a reboot, we want a continuation of the stunning trilogy.

I really hope it shows up at E3... #2.3
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