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Whilst The Last of Us is one of my favourite games ever made, I'm not excited for Uncharted 4 and feel ambivalent to the series.

The only worthwhile UC is UC2, very good game. UC1 was decent, nothing special. UC3 was good but just a carbon copy of UC2 except with less polish, weaker story/characters and just less soul.

I think just because UC4 has to follow TLoU, critics are going to give it an extra hard time, might score between 87-92 on review aggregat... #16
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Hyperbolic, nonsensical morons should keep their foolish thoughts inside their heads. #5.4
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Great idea if you want to kill the franchise! /s

Kratos IS God of War, he's not and should not go anywhere.

Disagree almost entirely with this video, introducing new deities and creatures from another (Egyptian) mythology and travelling to locations outside of Greece would be cool though. #3.1
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So was The Last of Us not a big enough deal to be a big HOLIDAY game for ps3?

If anything, TLoU proved summer is a great time to launch a game so I wouldn't dismiss the possibility of a July or Q3 release. #1.1.2
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It is brilliant piece, such weight and oozing with atmosphere. Love it! #3
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loool, how was Ninja Gaiden 3? Enjoy Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z? Looking forward to Ninja Gaiden 4?

hahaha, get real, the best NG is inferior to the worst GoW and NG is dead. #8.3
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Don't know why you got disagrees, you said in the states and God of War is Sony's biggest franchise in the states.

Also Kratos is by far Sony's most iconic/popular character so he would sell more consoles than any other PS character. #3.1
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Weird how they didn't announce this at the show. And why did SMS delete the tweet?

Cory shouldn't have announced it yet, a proper announcement in time for the 10th anniversary with a teaser trailer would've been amazing.

Oh well, at least the first true system seller is confirmed to be in the works. It's going to be amazing. #34
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You're right, you are a fail.

Millions want more GoW, nobody cares about you, go away. #30.1
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The Order will probably look better. It's not full 1080p and it's locked at 30fps which allows them to push visuals harder. UC4 is going to be full 1080p and they're aiming for 60fps so it's unlikely to look as good.

Then again, it's the more popular game that normally wears the crown so it'll be UC4. For e.g. God of War: Ascension looks better than TLoU but the latter gets more praise for its visuals. And Gears of War: Judgment looks better than Halo... #5.4
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Mass Effect 3 gets far too much crap flung at it.

It is a masterpiece and I'm satisfied with the extended cut ending. #1.2.3
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Oh Jaffe, y u do dis? Jaffe pls

Man, I can't wait for a new GoW. #28
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GoW would NOT benefit from being open-world at all. Also, almost every GoW has already been a GOTY candidate.

And War of the Monsters was created by Incognito Entertainment #19.1
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Or else what? You going to throw a strop as if anyone cares about what you want lololol

God of War is one of Sony's biggest franchise, morons like to point to Ascension and make nonsensical hyperbolic claims like 'franchise fatigue' & 'it sold less than GoW3 meaning there's less interest in the series now' etc, the truth is that game just wasn't great and was just a late gen throwaway prequel that was essentially just a multiplayer test thus th... #2.7
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That was never confirmed and is 100% bollocks.

He left because his game was cancelled and he had 2 options, worked under Cory Barlogs supervision or leave to direct his own game. #1.5.1
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God of War: Ascension only sold disappointingly compared to God of War III, it still in fact sold very well at around 2.5 million units at retail to date, which is pretty great and amazing for the genre, will settle over 3m or 3.5m+ with digital sales.

A prequel launching the same year as the PS4 which also lacked the quality of the trilogy was never going to sell as amazingly, but it did more than fine, 100% made Sony a good deal of profit so you can bet everything you own G... #9.1
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Okay, here we go:

- Stunning visuals
- Varied locations/environments
- Keep Kratos but give him more moments of calmness & new motivations
- New and old antagonists
- Keep the automated camera
- Don't ditch Greek Mytho but introduce Egyptian mytho
- Change the rage & counter systems back to GoW3 style
- Bring back the old composers
- make the single player 10 - 14 hours
- Make it epic
... #11
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What are you on? #1.1.6
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Not even much of a Halo fan but this is a horrible troll site. Nothing to see here.

Shame this ridiculous score will bring the overall average back under 90... #20
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No, a solid 30fps is perfectly playable. Not all games really benefit from 60fps, sure fast paced games that require quick reflexes do, but for everything else I'd much rather have 30fps with better visuals. #7
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