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What about Horizon? Just because it's a new IP doesn't mean it's more exciting than a sequel, especially against something like GoW4 which has many millions of fans impatiently waiting for.

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I didn't like this game at all, really wanted to like it but it's just too pretentious and bland for my taste.

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FFs not another entitled gamer ...Sony pls end breakpad's PSN account and force him away from the console GOW4 is releasing on, he is not worthy.

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The official God of War IV reveal is so close, I can feel its presence approaching ever closer...

Please don't disappoint me Sony!

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Tom Chick is still alive? That's a shame... okay that's a bit extreme but he is a massive troll.

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I was pretty much going to say exactly this. The first Darksiders was ok, nothing special. Darksiders 2 was so boring though, was such a chore to finish. Both games have decent gameplay, bad stories, unappealing aesthetics and ok music.

God of War is just significantly better in every way.

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It looks just as good as UC4.

Why can't people be satisfied with both of these beautiful looking games developers have been working tirelessly to create for us instead of having this futile dick measuring contest?

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God of War 3 and The Last of Us both sold as well or better than the UC games. Then there's Gran Turismo.

And besides, not everything needs to sell 6m+ to be a big hit. Sony's got a plethora of IPs that consistently sell 2-4m and new IPs like Bloodborne and Driveclub have done well.

I'd love to see another new IP from ND, UC already felt tired by UC3 and so I'm hoping UC4 is as great as UC2 and they end the series with a bang.

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Sony's #1 WWS how? Not critically or commercially since other Sony studios have released a high number of acclaimed games and better selling games. Also not in quantity of games released either.

I don't think Sony has a #1 studio, they are all a big family making great games which is why PlayStation is such a beloved and successful brand.

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Well firstly, God of War 3 sold well over 6 million on the PS3 (if you quote Vgchartz... just don't) and we don't know how well the Remastered version for the PS4 did, it certainly didn't flop.

Plus it's only 1 game with very little work done, wasn't bundled and had no TV advertisement so expectations shouldn't be too high. Even if it only sells 1 million lifetime that'd be damn amazing for Sony & SMS, it probably will surpass that, guessing 1...

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I've only ever played MGS4 and that had atrocious writing so I'm inclined to agree.

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God of War III
Mass Effect 2 + 3
Bioshock 2 + Infinite
Red Dead Redemption
The Last of Us
Alan Wake
Tomb Raider
LittleBigPlanet 2
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Gears of War 3
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
Uncharted 3
Heavy Rain
Gears of war 3
Resistance 3
Killzone 3

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1. God of War III
2. God of War II
3. God of War: Ghost of Sparta
4. God of War
5. God of War: Ascension
6. God of War: Chains of Olympus

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People were disappointed with Uncharted 3 because it just wasn't very good. It was an unpolished carbon-copy of UC2 without the exciting story. Also UC2 has far superior MP.

UC2 was a great game but not what I'd consider one of the best of all time, TLoU is by a significant margin the best game ND has ever made and it truly is one of the greatest games ever made.

I doubt UC4 will top TLoU, as long as it's the best UC game everyone should be happy...

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And no.

Just no.

3 > 2 > GoS > 1 > Asc > CoO

And Kratos didn't feel forced at all to me, he didn't redeem himself until the very end so God knows what you're on about in regards to it being suddenly 'in the middle'.

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You talk so much rubbish.

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I thought the same thing, Ratchet and Clank looks shockingly good but then I couldn't help imagine just how mind-blowing God of War IV will look, my eyes are excited.

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nicksetzer1 Not as tired as your worthless opinion IMO.

The God of War franchise hasn't peaked yet, one disappointing game (Ascension) means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Hell, even Ascension was well-received at 80%+ and sold around 3 million copies.

Why you think SMS/Sony should waste time and resources making a sequel to TO:1886 over a new GoW is just befuddling, not very smart is it.

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Anyone who relies on Metacritic to support their view on a game is a moron. If you think Driveclub sucks just explain why using your own experience with the game.

If you really did play it then you wouldn't and shouldn't feel the need to quote Metacritic scores to reassure your negative views. You obviously don't value your own opinions and have self-esteem issues.

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Bloody hope it is, The Last of Us demonstrated that ND are far more capable than just making the same tired Uncharted games forever. Uncharted peaked with 2 and will never improve on that other than looking better.

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