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NX probaby will, most release consoles sell gangbusters.

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That 2:1 ratio doe

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People are probably just disappointed about the ending. It's the "recency effect," simple psychology. I think the reviews would have been much more positive had they ended on Uncharted 4 or FF7:R.

Paragon's probably a good game, but the MOBA shooter space is crowded right now with Overwatch sucking all the air out of the room and Battleborn, Battlecry, and others trying to stay afloat.

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>PS4 wins November by a large margin
>Tomb Raider doesn't even make top 10 (or even top 20. Rumor is less than 200K ATM)
>Halo outsold by Need for Speed
>Uncharted 4, Street Fighter, and R&C lined up for Spring 2016
>not an underdog


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FF7R flopping.

I doubt it. Even though there is a lot of outrage, people will buy it anyway. There's just too much hype behind it.

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Yep, it's funded by Sony, but developed by a 3rd party studio. If more people get to play it, I'm down. It would be so cool if there was even cross play.

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PC-Xbox cross play probably wouldn't happen as KBM is far better at aiming than gamepad.

Still, I'd love for MS to put Halo on PC. Whether they do is based on whether they're more focused on building the Xbox console or the Xbox/W10 ecosystem. I still think O'Connor is just getting our hopes up for no reason, but it would be nice, one day.

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They can apologize by actually making a proper skating game.

This is Goat Simulator: Tony Hawk Edition.

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Personally I don't think they'll drop the price officially this holiday, as their strong Holiday lineup should have no problem moving units. They know that this holiday is their last real chance to put a serious dent in Sony's NA lead before they take off (SFV, Uncharted), so who knows.

I'd guess that Microsoft should win October on the back of Halo 5, November & beyond should be a toss-up based on retailer deals. I'd give Sony the edge for November, d...

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Agreed. I only feel bad about it if there's something mildly urgent I should be doing and I'm not doing it.

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NBA Street Vol. 2.


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Yep. Konami is donezo. Hopefully they license their IPs out to other developers, I'd hate to see them go to waste.

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Yup. At least the Beta is doing it's job. Besides, the server load won't be nearly as heavy at launch, considering the number of people with no intention to buy the game just getting into the beta for free.

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If it turns out to be great (90+ Metacritic) I'll give picking up the PC version some serious thought. Otherwise, I'll probably just YouTube it.


A DE with all the DLC sounds likely, but $60 for a year-old game? F outta here with that BS. What a slap in the face that would be.

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A year? This better be bargain bin when it comes out, otherwise I'm skipping this one. Thanks for making the choice for me Square Enix :^)

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WOW. Sony and Capcom seriously knocking out of the park with SFV. Grind (& improve) for the characters you want, or just pay for them. Don't have to spend a dime, I love it.

You know, I'm not really that big into fighting games, but I may just pick this up just to support this kind of DLC style. Hopefully more games with DLC try this in the near future.

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Better yet, get an actual doctor to treat your illness. This is probably a symptom saying that something is wrong with his home life.

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Keep dreaming buddy.

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I don't get it. Doubled as in what? LTD? Monthly? Hourly? And what are the PS4 sales in comparison? Did they just sell 0 units or something? Sounds like a lot of PR speak to me.

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Price cut incoming?

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