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I'm afraid some people were right when they said Microsoft's goal is to compete against Apple TV and Google TV, and not against PS4 and Wii U.

Clearly, their Xbox Reveal conference felt like "Look at our Microsoft TV, how cool it is to be a living remote. Oh, and it makes games too !", not like "This is a gaming console, what's coming next to our previous one with additional features".

Yes, E3 will be all about games, because g...

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This article just show how stupid most of N4G members are, and how easy it is to manipulate them. I assume 80% of people hear didn't even care to click the link and read the interview.

They barely read the title and comment here to judge and bash a person's way of thinking. Congratulations for being the cancer of this website.

A website that pretends to be the center of video game informations and is actually a bunch of mindless fanboys that barely ca...

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But not in MGS4. It's probably time to turn the page.

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Good, because The Phantom Pain isn't about Solid Snake but about Big Boss, so...

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You know, as a foreigner, I often wonder how can American people watch Fox News. They basically do the same work as Kotaku, full of sensationalism, made-up stories, and yet, there are still many people to watch it and believe them.

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Can't wait to see an article called "Kotaku guys are clueless about gaming journalism".

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Please tell us how to downvote them and I'm pretty sure Kotaku will need more fantards to keep it up on N4G.

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It's a fan-made game, and fans of this "new generation" of My Little Pony, disregard being seemingly intended for little girls, actually are adult males (mostly geeks and nerds).
So a MLP fighting game isn't that weird.

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Can't wait, last time I saw this game it was pretty smooth and provided a lot of fan-service.

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And don't forget the three Cellius games, which have been announced in 2007.

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I've always prefered Digital Foundry to Lens of Truth. More complete, more professional, more accurate, unbiased.

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Why do people keep submitting those sh!ts from Kotaku, and why do people keep approving it?
In 8 years, I've never read a single article from Kotaku that was clever, newsworthy or interesting. All they are doing is spewing garbage everywhere, an insult to the journalism, the gaming and the blogging communities.

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Aaah I remember, few years ago, when people submitted news on N4G with huge hidden Gears of War 2 spoilers.
It was like:
"Here are new screenshots of MARCUS IS THE VILLAIN AND DOM IS A LOCUST SPY !".
It is true that the more important is the story in a game, the more likely you will be spoiled if you wait to much to play that game.

I haven't played The Walking Dead, but I had many feedbacks about the quality of its story, so I guess it b...

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Tommy Vercetti and CJ were great characters. Niko Bellic isn't. As soon as GTA V releases, everyone will forget about him.

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So do you mean that Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is an actual Sonic game? There are the Sonic characters, they are developed by Sega, there are HUD elements from Sonic games, there are visual elements from Sonic games, there is "Sonic" in the name, etc...

And do you consider Uncharted: Fight For Fortune as an Uncharted game? There are the Uncharted characters, there is the Uncharted soundtrack, there are HUD elements from Uncharted games, it has "Uncharted...

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Spending too much time on a single franchise may decrease its quality in the long run. I'd rather see him diversifying his works, like continuing the Zone of the Enders series or investing in his old successes, Policenauts and Snatcher, or even develop new IPs.

Hideo Kojima is very talented, I have no doubt he can go beyond Metal Gear Solid and create great stuff.

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Indeed. If you already have them, you wont have an extra copy to offer.

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This bundle surely wont save them, but at least it will show your support to the company. They provided some great new IPs to this generation and could deliver even more.

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So he is basically saying that The Last Of Us will be disappointing because it will be too short. Not only he assumes the game will be short, but also imply that a short game means a bad game.

As far as I remember, Gears of War is barely 6-hours long and still people loved it, just like was Uncharted or any Call of Duty solo campaign (disregard haters' opinion). Portal can be finished in under 3 hours, with no multiplayer but it's still an awesome game.

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Debunked by Konami.

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