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13 2 was worse than 13, time travel was terrible, loading times were long, pointless puzzles, boring characters, I quite liked 13 although it was linear, hope 13 3 is an improvement :)

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Any think is better than 13-2 god that was awful

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Don't people have the money for a ps2?? If u wanna play classics buy the consoles I still play ps1 n ps2 games on me old box telly, beats playin em on HDTV , apart from the decent ports ie mgs hd,

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Loved TLOU and love uncharted and for me uncharted it still king and U2 is still better, has much better replay value, more skins n all round a great game I mean that train level.. Gaming doesn't get much better

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And I'm a huge mikami fan

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Mikami works with Bethesda so he's bound to say that

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If anyone gets a chance pick up a GameCube & play through resident evil remake. That's horror or if your not fussed about graphics silent hill on ps1

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Why are people disagreeing so much on comments here Japan has created the best games there has ever be

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Is there any news on when single player add on us released? Where's this confirmed sequel?? Love this game

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Just look at his face n hair he looks like a right dick that about sums him up.

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They have a right to, I enjoyed 13 but man 13-2 was crap I mean time travel with long loading times what a waste of time n story was boring final fantasy x is still the last great game hence the remaster

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Can't wait :) still disappointed in the season pass making the game easier by having perks but I'm hoping I can turn this off

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I wished they cut out the season pass perks, I purchased season pass for SP content but come on I want a challenge not increased health, reload etc, hope this option can be switched off.

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Response to title- A Miracle lol

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I still play me old ps1 games I think for many people its nostalgia , even if you've never played ff7 you should it's when final fantasy games were great

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We're still in a recession no one in there right mind is gonna pay that.

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Its all cgi look back at forza 4 the intro always looked better than the actual game , gt6 has impresses me out of all 3 n that's a ps3 game! I'm not a fanboy it's just my opinion I love forza

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Last gen resident evil remake for GameCube still looks great now

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Resident evil 2, metal gear 3, final fantasy x

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Final fantasy 8 I'd have to say, those really were the days

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