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I was expecting to be blown away by this, but I wasn't. #23
The bubble cant bust fast enough at this rate. #15

What does this have to do with a streaming rental service like PS Now? MS or EA don't have anything like that.
I think what you are referring to is PS+, which has given me over 200 games to play since being a member almost 3 years ago. If that is the case there is no comparison

PS+ = a service that offers games and discounts for an annual subscription fee.

PSNow = a game streaming rental service for many different device... #2.2.3
It's not the features that will bury Xbox. #32
Gran Turismo can't come soon enough. #12
In the end it will be the Xbox customers that are hurt the most. #51
I actually like being a console peasant, more fun to be had. I have a PC, but I love my PlayStation. #37
I'm sure they will do something nice. #35
You wouldn't know great if it drop kicked you off your couch. #2.1.4
I'd play it. #17
Throw a few F bombs in there and it will get a M rating. That's what Call of Duty does. #9.2.3
Throwing away money is Microsoft's thing. Sony will "go get" investments. #47
Not the worst list but I don't agree with WoW at #3. It is popular I'll give it that but that's about the only thing its great at. #43
Stuff like this ensures I'll likely never buy an Xbox. #91
I used to love playing Tiger Woods games back in the day. Since this is a golf game not made by EA, I'm interested. #34
Good news or bad news, everyone knows there is a Tomb Raider coming. #12
Never played Brute Force but after looking at it, I would definitely like it :) #15.1.1
I agree, a shooter through and through. No action/adventure bs. #11.2
I loved those tactical 3rd person shooters like SOCOM, Ghost Recon, and Conflict.
Star Wars Battlefront I & II were good 3rd person shooters as well. #15
PS4 has more hardware sales and games than any other console in history up to this point, including PS2 and Wii. Very impressive. #9
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