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Dear Square Enix,
Do not listen to the fans.

Thank you #41
This was the right move. They can make much more money milking the WoW playerbase for the next few years. Releasing a new game might stir the pot too much. #23
Xbox fans play angry. #45
Subscription revenue isn't there. Servers won't stay on forever. #16
I hope so. Hood cam just isn't cutting it. #16
In before Microsoft buys WoW. #38
Awesome. #73
So this person doesn't pay attention to story yet wonders why the game is getting hammered in reviews in the story department while comparing FFXIV to WoW's story at the same time.
Maybe he should start writing about things he does pay attention to. #21
It's everyone's fault these games are hollow and shallow. If you asked 100 gamers today what is most important in a game, at least 60% would say graphics. So enjoy those tech demo's you asked for. #52
Most people expected a Borderlands type game, but everyone had to go see it for themselves. #2.2.3
True, but this game is as old as Dragon Age: Origins. #48.1.1
Saying Microsoft shows up to the party late is an understatement. #48
More commercials is usually a sign of desperation. #51
The more commercials you see, the more red flags should pop up. Remember this. #71
Are all Xbots this willfully blind?

Edit: I wasn't asking, I just replied to the wrong person :) #13.2.1
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Well they definitely don't buy stuff for the sake of having it. If it offers nothing, they won't buy it. Currently the best games aren't on the new consoles, yet. #6.4
Japanese people are smarter than we are generally. Xbox is junk and you don't have to be a genius to figure that out.
Honestly what the hell would they play? CoD? Halo? Microsoft understands Japanese gamers as much as their fans do. #1.1.10
That is true, but this isn't an MMO. #1.4.1
Sad but true. #76.1
Japanese gamers aren't suckers as much as we are here. You can't just release a console with a few lame games and expect them to eat it up. Releasing shallow games with high visuals won't help either. #32
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