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The console and its games are junk, stop pretending like its not. Be thankful we have PS, PC and Nintendo because if Microsoft was the only show in town, I'd have a new hobby.

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Look at all of that dead skin around that joystick in pic 2. Looks like they either filed their finger nails on it or the stick was rubbed and picked deliberately. I don't have a PS4 but my DS3 is almost 8 years old and nothing like that has happened. My sticks are slick on the top but that's normal wear. I'm calling BS on that.

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Love the name and avatar.

SOCOM died so fast I have to believe there was some outside influence that contributed to it. It went from being one of Sony's biggest titles to being swept under the rug and never brought up again. Something about the situation seems fishy.

Would love to still be playing, I haven't taken a shooter seriously since SOCOM 3. All shooters anymore are too casual for me, or maybe it's just the respawning that creates the casua...

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Reminds me of Dead Nation where you kill zombies. It's fun all for about an hour or two then I never touched it again.

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Not sure what to expect...

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Now that's clickbait :)

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How else are they going to sell this POS? Any advertising is good advertising.

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People are idiots. Even a monkey can appreciate visuals.

Complex AI, depth and gameplay doesn't advertise as well either.

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It cant be any worse than NASCAR 13 Inside Line. That game was a huge pile of crap.

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So $300 in DLC and 5 patches later this game will be complete?

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@ thunderbird86

10 years ago every sports game EA made was better than its opponents, now Tiger Woods and Basketball almost don't exist and a few more of their games are barely hanging on. I'm starting to question if they even know how to make games anymore.

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When I watched the videos of Driveclub it reeked of a a low 70's rating so I'm not surprised.
The king of racers on PlayStation is Gran Turismo, until someone takes the belt from them.

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Dear Square Enix,
Do not listen to the fans.

Thank you

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This was the right move. They can make much more money milking the WoW playerbase for the next few years. Releasing a new game might stir the pot too much.

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Xbox fans play angry.

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Subscription revenue isn't there. Servers won't stay on forever.

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I hope so. Hood cam just isn't cutting it.

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In before Microsoft buys WoW.

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