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I agree. First thing I thought of when I saw the picture was RE3.
PS2 had some very good looking games for its time. #7.3.1
There are challenging games out there it's just these days you have to find them. I can only imagine NES games with QTE's or slow motion features lol #5.7
It is a good deal especially when you consider companies like EA trying hard as possible to get $69.99 per game this gen. #22
I still booo Xbox to this day for starting that. At least PS+ isn't a rip off like Xbox Live was. #13.2
It's like trying to get a victim to leave an abusive relationship. They didn't heed our warnings and made the choice, let them live with it.

Point #6 - Most Xbox games can be played on PC. #51
Could be a barometer of content.

I still have so many games to finish and more to start on PS3 IGC that I never once considered buying Watch Dogs at launch. #1.1.5
I've had this same controller for years and still get over 6-8 hours, no bs. Probably closer to 6. #6.4.3
At least we didn't have to put batteries in the controllers lol #6.4
Even PS3 owners still have a mountain of games to play. That's really the point of the article, the vast selection of great games that many missed out on. #5.2
It's refreshing to hear there isn't multiplayer. Unless its something unique and different I'd rather them spend the resources on a rich single player experience. Not every game needs multiplayer, especially if its going to be the same as every other pitiful attempt lately just for the sake of it. #15
I like milestones, been a while since I've heard that in gaming. #17
If EA put as much effort into making games as they do making money - every game they create would be a 95 on Metacritic. #20
Just release the next CoD so these creatures can go back in their caves and we can stop taking them seriously. Most of these kids wouldn't know a good game if it tea-bagged them. #44
You really only use the clutch for stopping and taking off. Most racing gearboxes have dog-engage, straight cut gears and drivers will usually "straight shift" since there is no delay. #1.1.19
TJ Stafford not popular in Japan? I'm shocked. #13
You don't buy a Wii U for 3rd party games. #19
Y'all haven't seen anything yet. Year one was the Xbox's best chance since Sony was still fully supporting the PS3 deeper into it's cycle. #21
PS4 would have outsold X1 even if it was the more expensive console. Xbox was all but dead when it limped into this generation. #3.6
I thought by 2014 every shooter would be a massive multiplayer shooter, but then CoD showed up in 2007 and took us back in time where we have been stuck since. During that back to the future ride many developers that could make a great large scale shooter either disappeared or changed their formula completely. I have zero faith in shooters for the time being because it seems people want 6v6 mobile experiences.

SOCOM 3 had 32 players on PS2 in 2005... #21
I'll try it for a week without giving a dime like any other F2P game. If it's good I'll pay, but that hasn't happened in 5 years of F2P, so I have my doubts.

In Nexon's defense Combat Arms was fun a few years ago when it came out. CoD even used the infected mode from it. #21
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