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This would be the worst thing to happen to the competition. PS4 is killing it as it is right now. #39
I don't see anything sad about having great games. There will be more masterpieces to come. #51
If you expected anything different, you don't know video games very well. #40
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I agree. First thing I thought of when I saw the picture was RE3.
PS2 had some very good looking games for its time. #7.3.1
There are challenging games out there it's just these days you have to find them. I can only imagine NES games with QTE's or slow motion features lol #5.7
It is a good deal especially when you consider companies like EA trying hard as possible to get $69.99 per game this gen. #22
I still booo Xbox to this day for starting that. At least PS+ isn't a rip off like Xbox Live was. #13.2
It's like trying to get a victim to leave an abusive relationship. They didn't heed our warnings and made the choice, let them live with it.

Point #6 - Most Xbox games can be played on PC. #51
Could be a barometer of content.

I still have so many games to finish and more to start on PS3 IGC that I never once considered buying Watch Dogs at launch. #1.1.5
I've had this same controller for years and still get over 6-8 hours, no bs. Probably closer to 6. #6.4.3
At least we didn't have to put batteries in the controllers lol #6.4
Even PS3 owners still have a mountain of games to play. That's really the point of the article, the vast selection of great games that many missed out on. #5.2
It's refreshing to hear there isn't multiplayer. Unless its something unique and different I'd rather them spend the resources on a rich single player experience. Not every game needs multiplayer, especially if its going to be the same as every other pitiful attempt lately just for the sake of it. #15
I like milestones, been a while since I've heard that in gaming. #17
If EA put as much effort into making games as they do making money - every game they create would be a 95 on Metacritic. #20
Just release the next CoD so these creatures can go back in their caves and we can stop taking them seriously. Most of these kids wouldn't know a good game if it tea-bagged them. #44
You really only use the clutch for stopping and taking off. Most racing gearboxes have dog-engage, straight cut gears and drivers will usually "straight shift" since there is no delay. #1.1.19
TJ Stafford not popular in Japan? I'm shocked. #13
You don't buy a Wii U for 3rd party games. #19
Y'all haven't seen anything yet. Year one was the Xbox's best chance since Sony was still fully supporting the PS3 deeper into it's cycle. #21
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