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So it fixed those s#!T ugly pixelated and blocky shadows? I hated them in the original release. Are they better now? If so, I might have to give it another shot. #25
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What a stupid list. You don't even mention 802.11n?
That's a no-brainer. #44
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2004 called. It wants its renderer back. #3
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Wow, I must admit, that is a heckuva hack to pull off with CFW. No wonder Sony pulled PSN. They must have been aghast when they learned about this outright theft of services.

My guess is that it took them so long (three weeks!?) to respond BY DESIGN so that they could minimize stock market impact by patching over the long weekend. #10
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1. An intrusion did occur
2. Anonymous aren't that good

I can think of one obvious other party who
a. Has been proven to have the cojones to take on Sony, and
b. Has the hacking skills to get inside a walled garden, and
c. Has a perfect fall-guy in that most people will assume it is Anonymous following through on their earlier threat. #13
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I have this wheel
It's crap. I paid $10 (new!) and I don't think it was a "good deal" at that price. It *does* have force feedback on certain Windows XP (but not Vista or Win7) games with the disc that came with it (not sure if this driver is still included), but no force feedback on any PS2 or PS3 games I've tried. How bad is it? Let's just say I find it harder to steer with it than a Sixaxis, which we all know isn't ideal. So save the world from more plastic crap that no one wan... #25
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They've already shown a multitouch mouse prototype
So, all you people saying that this will be some copy of an Apple device are probably right. I call it as a multitouch-capable wireless mouse, although I *wish* it would do something a little more exciting, like contain a depth-sensing camera that did gestural recognition (a la Kinect, but for your PC desktop/laptop). Now that would be almost cool. #31
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Try the dictionary
Complement = "a thing that completes or brings to perfection"
Compliment = "a polite expression of praise or admiration" #4.3
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No Aquanaut's Holiday?
How could they not mention this brilliant undersea title for PS3? It's the best looking undersea title on any console, hands-down. #2
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The Shoot is not at the bottom of the list?!
The Shoot!? That game looks like absolute trash. Just download the trailer, then pause it on any scene and take a look at the crappy white mask-lines around the models (especially the horses). Or the horrible leg animations on those horses. Sony should be embarrassed to show such an amateurishly produced title. #14
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This is why N4G sucks
8 disagrees and a "KILL YOURSELF" comment for commenting on the incredibly long wait that GT5 fans have had to endure, and/or for stepping outside the safe zone to point out some of the weaker aspects of Sony's presentation? F.U. too. #6.2
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The Good, the Bad, and the Meh
- 3 months free trial for PlayStation+
- Golf guy (finally!) getting par on stage in front of a tough crowd
- Major Coke promo/giveaway
- Kevin Butler's speech
- Move pricing
- Video store coming to Canada, eh?
- Night driving looks awesome and there's finally some decent-looking damage effects in GT5!

- Looks like Sports Champions only comes in bundles?
- Waiting until Novem... #6
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Note the bad controller tracking
Watch the placement of the "fan" from 00:36 to about 00:42. And it gets progressively worse! That's terrible! No wonder he couldn't save the poor little chickies. If you can see it, give me an "agree." I'm a PS3 owner, and I want Move to succeed, but WTF? Apparently, this is what happens when you get close to the bottom of the screen. "Move," indeed. #5
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No La = Liars or Ignorant "Reviewers"
Either they are "astroturfing" (planting positive reviews designed to mislead) or the reviewers are overly generous with their praise and are not to be trusted. In any case, "No lag" is an inexactitude, I guarantee it. #67
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Hitting the wall at 100+ MPH
So... he hits the silver Corvette and bounces off, then hits a wall, then finally a guard rail at 100+ MPH, and just sort of bounces off? Didn't look that realistic to me, sorry to say. And I'm a huge GT fan. #37
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More about 3-D than Move
From a game optimization perspective, 3-D is much more "difficult" than motion controls. For 3-D, the devs have to deliver twice the amount of content -- probably at half the res, and possibly with fewer polygons as well, just to achieve the effect. Adding support for "Move" is less challenging from a technical perspective, although getting the right "feel" for Move is something that is more art than science. Polyphony always excels in its artistic aspects; I exp... #8
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It says "fifth"
not "fifty." Still, nice find! #2
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I *did* use use this feature
and even I am sick of hearing people whine about it. It's just not that hard to find another machine capable of running Linux (better than the PS3 did!) to worry about. #10
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Did LittleBigPlanet sell?
Then Move will sell. Besides, the PS3's core audience includes many parents. My kids love LBP, Sonic games, Lego games, and they will love the Move. There's a huge casual audience out there, as Nintendo has proven. #8
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I can see the class action settlement now....
"...and each affected user will be reimbursed for the replacement cost of the Linux operating system previously installed on the PS3, or US$5.32, whichever is less.

And the lawyers will collect their tidy sum and that, as they say, will be that. #2
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