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Acknowledged, but this is not really about Rise of the Tomb Raider and more about an issue in general. #1.1
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As the writer of the article, I agree with you completely and the points were made on the assumption that it's a timed exclusive (I believe it is - or at least doesn't account for future Tomb Raider games). There is also a clarification at the end of the article for the case of it being a 100% exclusive to Xbox, which I can't see as a good thing in the long run for the Tomb Raider franchise, given:

How many units it’s capable of selling and given how many PS3s and... #15.1
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That's why I included a P.S at the end of the article, which accounts for me being wrong. Basically, if it's a full exclusive, then Microsoft must have offered so much money that Square Enix just submitted. But I can't see how, in the long run, a full exclusive works out best for TR given how many PS3s and PS4s are actually out there in the world.

Either way, the article serves as a point on timed exclusives.

Maybe Tomb Raider 3 then, like Titanfa... #7.1
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That happened in the original Metal Gear games :D I know Solid Snake has accelerated aging, but it wouldn't have been that fast! Best we could dream for is a cameo :P Unless Kojima does end up doing something crazy and brings elements of Metal Gear in. #1.1
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Really? Thanks for that comment and clarification! In all the hours I've played I don't recall that, so either I outright suck or I missed it while shooting millions of things :P

I'll update the article once I fact check this, but I do agree there should be more and more acknowledgement in the aftermath.

Just a question though, are you referring to the online multiplayer or SP/co-op? I was specifically talking about single player/co-op when I ment... #1.1
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I echoed your feelings in my conclusion :) Destiny has a lot going for it and the core gameplay is fun. Just want to see it improved post launch because it has great potential, and it will only achieve it through community feedback and good execution of its long-term plan in the months after its release.

Yeah, I played all three classes and tried multiple races, but apart from the super moves, most of it felt very samey. It would be nice if unique missions or stylised hubs (i... #2.1
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It's not about The Last Of Us, it's about the obsession with 60fps, 1080p - what the console war has spent most of its time being about thus far.

The Last Of Us is an incredible game. #7.1
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itBourne, don't only look for cases that validate your belief.

I can give you the case of Journey. One of the most unlikely games to attract the masses, yet it broke records on PlayStation Network and was one of the best games of that year. AD above mentioned Destiny, there's also Telltale games, the indie market is going through a massive boom.

Sure, you are correct in the sense that mainstream titles like GTA or CoD or Assassin's Creed are what... #1.1.3
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"Sending people in air", well, the Fulton Recovery system, was in Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker on PSP. It was innovative for the portable franchise as recruitment was controlled by you, although in that game you could only use it on foot soldiers and not vehicles and such. They've made it way more tactical now. In Peace Walker as well you could request supply drops and such. It's all to make the game more tactical, because for instance in Peace Walker you could come up aga... #20.1
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Hi Melman 26, the title is referring to lost years, which is all inclusive of the years in which Xbox One was perceived to be second-string to the PS4 at all times. It wasn't directly referencing E3 2013 or calling Microsoft's conference bad last year. "Lost years" is simply referring to the bad times, and the time wasted having to reverse all those policies and fix the mess.

The references made to E3 2013 were made with the fact that at the time MS' re... #1.4.1
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Hey Chubbylover

Agreed, Sony had some timed exclusives too, and I'm not a fan of the concept regardless. However the difference is that Sony has first party studios to constantly push out exclusives over the entire generation.

The concern is that, Xbox One has great games like Titanfall and Sunset Overdrive, but in the future those games could be on PS4. The speculation has mounted already for Titanfall 2 to be on PS4, and EA hasn't ruled anything ou... #9.1
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I thoroughly enjoyed their show, and am a fan of Phil Spencer :) Being a PS4 owner doesn't mean I can't appreciate when gaming wins out.

This article has no bad words for Microsoft's E3 showing, and I agree with you they did a good job. It simply raises two discussion points which are concerns for the long term. #1.1
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If you read the article, you'd see it was said that there was nothing wrong with posting the leak whatsoever. But saying it is "official" and The Last Guardian is "officially cancelled", based on information got from an insider/source/leak, is flat out wrong.

Have you stopped to think that if IGN has issued an official apology, then they actually did make a mistake? And they themselves admit that? #4.1
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Thank you for this comment Ace Killa :) I have read about this issue as well. It's also a design flaw in my opinion, because it really discourages hacking the thing in the first place.

In my opinion, a suggestion to fix that would be each team has to get to 100%. So if you hack it up to 60%, next time your team picks it up you'll continue from 60%, whereas the other team will continue from where they last hacked it until. Then it basically becomes the first team to ha... #9.1
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Thanks for sharing! :) If anything, this is proving that there is some inconsistency online. Rage quitting also needs to be guarded against. I feel if you disconnect, that is your fault and it should be counted as your loss. It makes no sense that your opponent loses points if you rage quit. It feels like in Watch Dogs you can get penalised for things that literally aren't in any way your fault.

I really hope it can get fixed soon, and I have started a th... #1.1.2
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Nope :) I was very careful to avoid causing harm to him. I blew a steam pipe when he was miles away from it, and used camera jumping and traffic lights to causes accidents to throw him off the trail. I was observing him from a distance. He was gunned down by the police, whilst fighting them, and not by anything I caused through hacking.

Thanks for your comment though, and it's definitely fair the way you've described it, because your objective is to not kill the othe... #5.1
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Really? That is so strange indeed. I was hiding away in cover when I got a message alerting me that the other player was killed, and the mission failed. I suffered a loss and took a hit to my notoriety points. It felt so warped because I was literally just sitting there not doing anything, and the cops offed him. I can't tell what happened the other time, but about 95% hacked it just said the other player died.

When I was hacking another player, I died from a fall (haha)... #3.1
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I do understand that, but the key problem is that there is nothing I could have done to prevent both of their deaths. One of them was by cops, and the other was for some random reason (probably a lightning strike for all I know). Yes maybe it wasn't intentional, but why should I lose, AND lose Notoriety Points, because you happened to die and not because I killed you?

It's punishing me for something entirely out of my control. At worst, it should end in a draw. At bes... #1.1
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This change, while what people wanted and good, is upsetting due to the reality that Kinect 2 is now just another peripheral. It's no longer the integral part of the experience it was promised to be (the "all-in-one"), and effectively it's back to square one (like it was last generation) because in the long-run too few consumers are going to buy Kinect 2 now, which means developers won't take risks on it. Once again we're going to be left with a peripheral that does... #1.6
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I can understand why you would think that, but surely also using Watch Dogs is because it's the most relevant - especially time-wise? It's the most recent debate about the issue of E3 and games changing post-demonstrations, and allows people to relate to what's being discussed without having to remember some event or game from over a year ago.

In fairness, the headline doesn't mention downgrade. It's more about the Watch Dogs and E3 problem being unsolvab... #1.3.2
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