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Well said. I was caught between worrying whether there was just nothing much to show (or something to hide) or whether Ready at Dawn was actually purposefully playing cards close to the chest so as not to ruin the game or give away everything prior to release. I mean, we're used to developers just blowing their load before release. This is refreshing.

After watching the latest trailer, I'm very pleased that for the first time in I don't even know how long, I exper... #13.1
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Games are not movies. A higher frame rate actually affects the gameplay experience and responsiveness. Play Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes or The Last Of Us Remastered. 60fps makes a big difference in fluidity.

The more people want games to be just like movies, the more games will be held back technologically. #5.1.1
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Hahaha comment of the year, thanks for the laugh :D #8.1
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This was mentioned in the article. If you don't care, that's absolutely your right, as long as you're not adding harm or anything destructive to the situation :) #1.1
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If you read the article, Metal Gear Solid is my favourite game series and the game I point to for some of the best boss battles in gaming :) #11.1
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Titanfall, and? :D

Although in fairness Titanfall was an Xbox exclusive, so realistically how much more hype could it have got than Destiny. #6.1
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The difference is in another MMO you can actually level up without relying on luck. It's what you put in.

"In just two weeks."

How many times will you replay the same, limited number of missions over in those two weeks, unless you stick to PvP only?

How many other games can you successfully complete in two weeks?

There's nothing wrong with enjoying Destiny and being okay with how it's set up, but clearly... #1.3
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You missed the point. Having to work towards progress isn't the issue. It's having to work towards progress that isn't guaranteed. That is not up to what you put in. It's up to a randomiser.

You also misinterpreted that playing two hours and getting legendary gear isn't what is being sought after. But playing close to 40 hours and wasting a large chunk of it on missions done more than 5 times over, with the very real possibility of walking away with nothin... #1.2.1
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Please quote me where I said I dislike Destiny. Was I disappointed by it? Yes. Doesn't mean I didn't like it, didn't find merit in it or didn't enjoy playing it.

A review is concerned with launch; what you are getting for that initial purchasing decision. The first investment is the most important, because it concerns actually buying the game. A review cannot be done based on uncertain, future content, or the hope that things will get better. There is a reason... #5.1.2
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Absolutely spot on. It didn't make sense to me to give so little attention to story when that would have made a big interest in future story campaigns. As it stands, I don't care one bit about story DLC. #6.1
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I played Destiny for well over 30 hours.

Yes, you can see all of what the game has to offer by 20 hours already, unless you're considering more difficult versions of missions you've played multiple times before (level 26 Strikes etc) as 'new' content. To summarise, the story can be completed in 10 hours (I've seen people say 6-8 hours even), there are 5 online modes (two of which are the same, since Skirmish is 3v3 team deathmatch and Clash is 6v6) and the... #5.1
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When is a 6 or 7 out of 10 indicative of hating a game? That spells disappointed to me, which can be justifiably argued based on the excessive hype gamers, media and developers/publishers created around Destiny, as well as the shortcomings of the game.

That doesn't mean the game can't be loved and enjoyed as well. It's a free world :) #6.1
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I commented down below, but just to reply:

I totally agree, it's an awesome video that is graphically exceptional. Made me really excited for the character, as a massive fanatic about this series. But this really isn't Octo Camo. That was created in MGS4, which was set in 2014. It would be pretttttty unrealistic and quite an oversight if the same technology existed in 1984. We do know that stealth technology existed in MGS2 though, which was 2007.

As... #5.1
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Awesome video. But please, this isn't Octo Camo. That was invented in MGS4, which was set in 2014. Obviously it won't be the same technology in 1984.

As we know since Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, effectively supernatural feats are able to be accomplished through technology. Vamp, the Cobra unit, and so forth. Quiet is most likely a technological or scientific experiment.

Nonetheless, I stress again that th... #21
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@Naga: Did you read the mention and quotes in the article of both Destructoid and Gamespot's reviews in progress? Guess not.

This is a discussion on Destiny, and hype. Nowhere is it being called a bad game or a terrible failure. It is also stated clearly in the article than an opinion on the game will only be made after playing it. #1.1.6
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Acknowledged, but this is not really about Rise of the Tomb Raider and more about an issue in general. #1.1
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As the writer of the article, I agree with you completely and the points were made on the assumption that it's a timed exclusive (I believe it is - or at least doesn't account for future Tomb Raider games). There is also a clarification at the end of the article for the case of it being a 100% exclusive to Xbox, which I can't see as a good thing in the long run for the Tomb Raider franchise, given:

How many units it’s capable of selling and given how many PS3s and... #15.1
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That's why I included a P.S at the end of the article, which accounts for me being wrong. Basically, if it's a full exclusive, then Microsoft must have offered so much money that Square Enix just submitted. But I can't see how, in the long run, a full exclusive works out best for TR given how many PS3s and PS4s are actually out there in the world.

Either way, the article serves as a point on timed exclusives.

Maybe Tomb Raider 3 then, like Titanfa... #7.1
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That happened in the original Metal Gear games :D I know Solid Snake has accelerated aging, but it wouldn't have been that fast! Best we could dream for is a cameo :P Unless Kojima does end up doing something crazy and brings elements of Metal Gear in. #1.1
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Really? Thanks for that comment and clarification! In all the hours I've played I don't recall that, so either I outright suck or I missed it while shooting millions of things :P

I'll update the article once I fact check this, but I do agree there should be more and more acknowledgement in the aftermath.

Just a question though, are you referring to the online multiplayer or SP/co-op? I was specifically talking about single player/co-op when I ment... #1.1
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