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Nice comment, thank you!

I totally agree. The gameplay of The Phantom Pain blew me away. I still want to play it more after 60 hours.

If you read my review, you can see exactly why the score is lower (because story in this series is so important to me), yet it's also stated in the review that if you move past the story, are mainly there for gameplay, then it's closer to perfection.

I acknowledge the brilliance of the gameplay, but was... #9.2
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Well said, NSANiTY. Plus bubble. That's a lot of my opinion, conveyed above in the comment, in a very condensed manner :D #8.4.1
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Good comment, thank you for taking the time as it will make for a nice discussion.

We disagree on a few things, and I do feel that you've strayed slightly from the topic. The message isn't don't tell *people* what they can and can't do in real life, it's don't tell content creators/artists what they can and can't do in works of fiction. Vital distinction.

Works of fiction should not have creative limitations. People being offended... #8.3
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If you read the article, critique is being encouraged. Making demands of developers is being discouraged.

For instance, I'm saying by all means critique Quiet and say that the game didn't have to work those camera angles to give you close-ups, or that she could have had more attire.

Don't tell the developers they CAN'T dress her like that, and further don't ignore her entire character because of her appearance.

That's... #10.1
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I totally get what you're saying and would criticise those fans too, but I'm happy to say I wasn't one of those MGS fans.

I LOVED MGS4, it's close to perfect for me and I had absolutely no problem watching hours and hours of cutscenes. That was part of the Metal Gear experience for me, and part of what makes Kojima's stories so deep and complex and allows him to explore his themes to an insane degree.

The gameplay of MGS4 can still put gam... #6.1
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The 'silliness' and 'supernatural' stuff are a massive reason why the games are awesome and unpredictable.

If it wasn't for the 'silliness' and 'supernatural' stuff, we wouldn't have had some of the best boss fights ever created in gaming, such as Psycho Mantis (MGS1) and The End (MGS3) to name a few.

It's where the game series becomes more than just about a super soldier.

On top of that though, tho... #3.1.1
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Thanks for the opinion, respected and appreciated.

I'm not against giving games 10, I'm a full supporter of using the entire scale, from 1 right through to 10. I've given quite a number of games a 10 in my time, which includes God of War III, Limbo, Street Fighter IV, one of the Uncharted games etc.

MGS3 is the easiest 10 I'd ever give in my life, and it's my personal favourite game of all time. Most of the MGS games for me would have scor... #2.1
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Absolutely terrible article.

You're firstly assuming Fallout 4 will be GOTY quality, and secondly you're entirely forgetting The Witcher 3.

Thirdly, you're talking about MGSV versus Fallout 4 when only one of those games is out.

Wow. I'm floored.

The only somewhat valid point you made is that MGSV doesn't go easy on newcomers and requires you to know the series, whereas Fallout 4 will be accessible.
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I'm glad you understand the problem.

It should be anything above 7, but only triggers at exactly 7, and if you do any more than 7 then the game requires you to 100% it to get access to the second ending, while barring you from the first.

Well, you can 'beat' the game, but you won't get access to the ending sequence. It's still huge.

I did 13/14 on my first playthrough, everything except the Riddler challenges, and want... #2.1
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deadpoolio316, your comment proves the necessity of this piece, because you like many others aren't aware of the issue. It's not your fault, it's the game's for not communicating any of it.

There are TWO endings. There's video proof of this in the article. Please read it. Ending 1, the normal ending, can be activated at 7/14 most wanted cases complete, while the SPECIAL, EXTENDED ending, Ending 2, can be activated at 100%, and it adds additional footage to... #1.1.2
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I don't know about that, but nothing has been done yet and many people even on the official Arkham Knight forums have no idea about it, so more awareness can't hurt, especially for people who don't want to 100% the game. #1.1
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I don't think you *have* to play Arkham Asylum, but you'll absolutely make Arkham Knight a better experience for yourself, considering that Scarecrow is the main villain in the game and his story is in Asylum but not in City.

I think you should, for those scarecrow moments, the story and to at least see where it all began. #2.1
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If you read the review, the disappointments mostly came from story-related content, particularly closing chapters of some villains set up in previous games.

As far as actual gameplay is concerned, the review calls it perfected and better than all Arkham games. #1.1
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I agree completely, especially the part about Hitman: Blood Money being one of the most games of the last generation. It certainly is in my top 10 list.

You do have a valid point especially considering that the new Hitman is the most ambitious game they're attempting. I'm crossing my fingers because the actual gameplay looks and sounds like exactly what us lovers of Blood Money want.

If you haven't seen it yet, you should check out this reddit t... #4.1
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I am the same, but in rare cases it has worked out. An example would be Telltale. I played the first season of Walking Dead right through from episode 1 to 5 in one night, and it was absolutely awesome. I played the second season as each episode came out...and I largely loved the experience and anticipation.

I do admit that I enjoyed the experience of the first season more because I was engrossed enough to play it all without stopping, but I can't say I hated the second... #2.1
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I'm not a journalist, I'm just a writer who writes about what I love, which is games. Also Hitman is one of my favourite games. Ever. #1.2
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It sounds like it has an MMO vibe to it, which makes me worry how much we're going to get for the $60 investment. Hitman Blood Money is one of my favourite games of all time, and while the gameplay of this new game looks insane, I worry about the persistent content approach, because publishers don't have our trust for that even though this sounds like a really cool idea.

Here is a link that explains the nature of the game better: 162d ago by Tody_ZA | View comment
Nah it's cool bigpiece, thank you. It was an unnecessary/careless oversight in writing on my part and I did reword it a little after reading the comments here. Criticisms are always welcome.

Been glad with the responses here so far, and it's been sweet to see the diverse viewpoints on the conference.

Thanks for the feedback. #2.1.4
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Fallout 4 and Doom, as the stars of the presser, were praised a lot in the article, as I even called the Snapmap a "masterstroke" and Fallout 4 one of the best E3 reveals in years, with regards to how expertly crafted the segment for it was.

The disappointment was directed more towards the terrible Battlecry marketing, I didn't feel Dishonored 2 was "sold" to me even though I'm naturally excited by it, and the hub-hub surrounding whether Doom'... #4.1
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Apologies for that, often we can be edgy or quippy or blunt in our writing and it wasn't intended to upset :) Thank you for reading. #2.1
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