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I'm glad you understand the problem.

It should be anything above 7, but only triggers at exactly 7, and if you do any more than 7 then the game requires you to 100% it to get access to the second ending, while barring you from the first.

Well, you can 'beat' the game, but you won't get access to the ending sequence. It's still huge.

I did 13/14 on my first playthrough, everything except the Riddler challenges, and want... #2.1
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deadpoolio316, your comment proves the necessity of this piece, because you like many others aren't aware of the issue. It's not your fault, it's the game's for not communicating any of it.

There are TWO endings. There's video proof of this in the article. Please read it. Ending 1, the normal ending, can be activated at 7/14 most wanted cases complete, while the SPECIAL, EXTENDED ending, Ending 2, can be activated at 100%, and it adds additional footage to... #1.1.2
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I don't know about that, but nothing has been done yet and many people even on the official Arkham Knight forums have no idea about it, so more awareness can't hurt, especially for people who don't want to 100% the game. #1.1
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I don't think you *have* to play Arkham Asylum, but you'll absolutely make Arkham Knight a better experience for yourself, considering that Scarecrow is the main villain in the game and his story is in Asylum but not in City.

I think you should, for those scarecrow moments, the story and to at least see where it all began. #2.1
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If you read the review, the disappointments mostly came from story-related content, particularly closing chapters of some villains set up in previous games.

As far as actual gameplay is concerned, the review calls it perfected and better than all Arkham games. #1.1
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I agree completely, especially the part about Hitman: Blood Money being one of the most games of the last generation. It certainly is in my top 10 list.

You do have a valid point especially considering that the new Hitman is the most ambitious game they're attempting. I'm crossing my fingers because the actual gameplay looks and sounds like exactly what us lovers of Blood Money want.

If you haven't seen it yet, you should check out this reddit t... #4.1
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I am the same, but in rare cases it has worked out. An example would be Telltale. I played the first season of Walking Dead right through from episode 1 to 5 in one night, and it was absolutely awesome. I played the second season as each episode came out...and I largely loved the experience and anticipation.

I do admit that I enjoyed the experience of the first season more because I was engrossed enough to play it all without stopping, but I can't say I hated the second... #2.1
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I'm not a journalist, I'm just a writer who writes about what I love, which is games. Also Hitman is one of my favourite games. Ever. #1.2
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It sounds like it has an MMO vibe to it, which makes me worry how much we're going to get for the $60 investment. Hitman Blood Money is one of my favourite games of all time, and while the gameplay of this new game looks insane, I worry about the persistent content approach, because publishers don't have our trust for that even though this sounds like a really cool idea.

Here is a link that explains the nature of the game better: 77d ago by Tody_ZA | View comment
Nah it's cool bigpiece, thank you. It was an unnecessary/careless oversight in writing on my part and I did reword it a little after reading the comments here. Criticisms are always welcome.

Been glad with the responses here so far, and it's been sweet to see the diverse viewpoints on the conference.

Thanks for the feedback. #2.1.4
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Fallout 4 and Doom, as the stars of the presser, were praised a lot in the article, as I even called the Snapmap a "masterstroke" and Fallout 4 one of the best E3 reveals in years, with regards to how expertly crafted the segment for it was.

The disappointment was directed more towards the terrible Battlecry marketing, I didn't feel Dishonored 2 was "sold" to me even though I'm naturally excited by it, and the hub-hub surrounding whether Doom'... #4.1
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Apologies for that, often we can be edgy or quippy or blunt in our writing and it wasn't intended to upset :) Thank you for reading. #2.1
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No Xbox One bashing happened whatsoever in the article. In fact it was praised and called satisfyingly on par with PS4, and it was stated quite clearly that it was not because of the console itself. It was also stated that after spending all the time with the Xbox One, the bashing is irritating because there isn't actually anything majorly wrong with the console, it's a good gaming console. It's more a discussion on gaming on all three platforms, and personal preference. #6.1
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Well said. I was caught between worrying whether there was just nothing much to show (or something to hide) or whether Ready at Dawn was actually purposefully playing cards close to the chest so as not to ruin the game or give away everything prior to release. I mean, we're used to developers just blowing their load before release. This is refreshing.

After watching the latest trailer, I'm very pleased that for the first time in I don't even know how long, I exper... #13.1
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Games are not movies. A higher frame rate actually affects the gameplay experience and responsiveness. Play Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes or The Last Of Us Remastered. 60fps makes a big difference in fluidity.

The more people want games to be just like movies, the more games will be held back technologically. #5.1.1
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Hahaha comment of the year, thanks for the laugh :D #8.1
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This was mentioned in the article. If you don't care, that's absolutely your right, as long as you're not adding harm or anything destructive to the situation :) #1.1
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If you read the article, Metal Gear Solid is my favourite game series and the game I point to for some of the best boss battles in gaming :) #11.1
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Titanfall, and? :D

Although in fairness Titanfall was an Xbox exclusive, so realistically how much more hype could it have got than Destiny. #6.1
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The difference is in another MMO you can actually level up without relying on luck. It's what you put in.

"In just two weeks."

How many times will you replay the same, limited number of missions over in those two weeks, unless you stick to PvP only?

How many other games can you successfully complete in two weeks?

There's nothing wrong with enjoying Destiny and being okay with how it's set up, but clearly... #1.3
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