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How is it that, in 2012, a game of this calibre still looks like a PS2 game?

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I see you on the front page feel like we're touching wieners or something.

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I never win anything.

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But they do.


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lol Then you didn't read it right.

"Well, today we bring you the first details about it. The Witcher 2 PC Version 2.0 will..."

Good luck getting all that content on one disk.

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I don't mean to rub it in any more than I have to, but I was MVP today.

And I agree that they are all different styles of play, CSS being my favorite of the bunch mainly because that's the big one that really got me into online FPS.

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Yeh my mistake regarding the graphics card, I wasn't paying attention. Still, I'd suggest nVidia over AMD. You can get a 570 for ~$300 if you look in the right places.

@ malol

You'll be able to play it fine dude, your system is up to snuff. That i5 is a bit old but I'm sure it won't be a problem.

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Awful.. SB i3's run circles around the Phenom II X6. There is not a reason to get an AMD platform for gaming.

* Those i7 2600 are locked, and a cheaper 2500K with a modest overclock will outperform a 2600 any day.

* The picture of the case for "The Overkill Build" isn't what is listed....

*A 560 Ti would be better than a 6950, about the same performance but nVidia has more features like Physx, CUDA, 3D Vision, the consume...

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Darksiders was NOT a good port, barely any grpahics options and tweaking the game was minimal.

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It's really disgusting that Blizzard is putting all these restrictions on Diablo III, I think it's really not fair actually and the things they decided to exclude are what made the DII so fun. I'm willing to bet Activision had a part in those decisions though.

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Who needs DLC when there are thousands of community made maps??

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There is no fix for being xxxx number of KM away from someone you are playing with and having high ping.. even with a dedicated network infrastructure.

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Preloaded with GoG, didn't have any problems. The game is a bit buggy but overall so far it's been amazing. Easily one of my favorite RPGs of all time now, surpassing only the original.

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"Artworks" isn't even a word.

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A PS3 is not better than me.

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1. You probably could. The console version of C2 isn't all that spectacular. Low resolution, shit textures, minimal (if any) AA. It won't take much to run Crysis 2 at console level image quality.

2. Usually when you get a game, it will list sys requirements. It's not like you have to go hunting for it.

3. Herp a derp you can connect PC to your TV and play on your couch. Or you can connect a gamepad to your PC and enjoy the benefits of a gamepad.

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It's a full tower, not a mid.

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No idea how a site can get a bad capture from ANY PC game. Install FRAPs and that is about as good as you're going to get.. and it's free.

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Really... just $10 cheaper. Hardly what I'd call a sale, but then again I'm used to Steam's uber over 9000% off sales :3

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