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Then watch Nintendo make a peripheral to play Nintendo DS and 3DS games on the Wii U.

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No actually, pushing the Wii U sales from 6k ish all the way to 20k units sold in just a matter of days is a huge step.

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The "greatness" that will be offered will only end in disappointment. The PS4 doesn't have a lot to offer really, other than KH3, but that isn't even an exclusive, seeing as it's coming to Xbox One, and it isn't even a launch title. The PS4 is clearly getting more hype than it actually deserves, think about it; people were praising Sony for not including DRM or used game policies, but any console developer shouldn't include those in the first place, and people pr...

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crushing is a huge exaggeration. the vita is selling more than the wii u, but not by much.

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ever heard of earthworm jim?

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Wouldn't you try to support a company you like?

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Every fanboy here wants to believe that the Wii U is garbage and is less powerful than the current generation with every fiber of their being. It's pathetic as hell.

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Wii U GamePad XL

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But can it blend?

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It would be hard to fuck it up this E3. If they do, man. Idk what to say then.

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The Xbox 360 can barely keep up with PS2, so how the hell is it going to be better than PS3 and Wii? ;)

7 Years later it is the most supported home console platform.

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Skipping the Wii U because EA is still crying like a little bitch over their ridiculous proposal being rejected. Grow the fuck up, EA.

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I think people are too concentrated on power and rumors and people are getting scared and excited. Fact of the matter is, the Wii U is an incredibly unique system. It hasn't been doing all that well because it has a bad case of 3DS syndrome (no (good) launch titles). But we all know the system will get it's Mario 3D platformer, Zelda, MarioKart, etc. And those games will get the system selling. And let's face it, the new Smash Bros. will get the system selling like crack, that'...

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