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"Coin Arcade "


As the concert/'announcement' only happened last night, several hours before you commented, yes, yes it's still news. #31.1
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Possibly, but all reports from everyone there is that he specifically said 'remake.' #1.1
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As a journalist and a retail representative, I can wholeheartedly confirm that game publishers do indeed do that. They'll leak a few tidbits of information themselves - either directly or via journalists - in order to initiate hype. It's kinda necessary if other companies are having pre-E3 leaks and building hype; unfortuantely, it's an important part of E3 PR. #1.1.8
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Nintendo are super lenient in regards to embargoes, they're great in that respect.

They tend to be just generally lenient when it comes to this sort of thing. As a GAME employee, they're one of the only companies that regularly allow us to purchase their games early when they come in stock. #2.1.1
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This should be bundled in with Advanced Warfare to boost its appeal. #56
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I work in a GAME store and my store's Nintendo PR field agent - who, upon Nintendo UK's request, set up Facebook groups for their region's game store staff to talk about Nintendo games and to let them know what's new first - let us know that his entire division has been laid off due to cuts.

Apparently, they're outsourcing temporary PR agents for the release of Mario Kart 8, but after that they will no longer have field agents.

I debated e... #2.1
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Precisely my point: it's like they're set up to fail. It's not that their PR division isn't succeeding, it's that Nintendo isn't giving them what they need to do so. #1.1.1
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To be honest, I actually think this is part of the problem and not a solution. Nintendo don't seem to understand the changes that have come with the modern market as well as they should.

They completely underrate the importance of PR, branding and online. They can modernise themselves and still keep the unique qualities that make them what they are. #1.2
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How is some mild game mechanic faults being fixed not polishing the game, exactly?

This is the exact sort of thing that I expected the game had been delayed for and that's fine. #1.1.7
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Uh, not quite.

Here in Europe at least, it's fully legal to rip music/films from content that you've already paid for. #1.6.1
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The architecture of the 360 and the Xbox One (and indeed the PS3/PS4) is too great in difference for emulation to be efficiently possible without having literally kitted the console with the innards of the predecessor console.

Anyone that still thinks emulation can be made possible for their discs via a software update isn't paying attention. #1.14
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In the very least, I can assure you that Sony haven't recalled the stock of controllers we have in the GAME store that I work in.

My thoughts are they'll probably allow stores to sell off current stock before sending stock of modified controllers. #27
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I'd argue that if nobody realised any different until now, perhaps this whole resolution fixation everyone seems to be having is a complete waste of time. #83
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Whether true or not, as someone that personally works at a GAME store I can assure you that they wouldn't be receiving marketing materials for a currently unannounced game. #14
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Not allowed to say unfortunately, but you'll know on Tuesday. #18.1.1
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Oh, the woes of working in a game store and knowing these things yet being a video game journalist and not being allowed to speak about it yet. :( #18
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He does mention in the video that it's the most useless creation because it'll never be able to physically achieve its goal, to be fair to him!

It's sort of cool that theoretically it WOULD work though. #1.1
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What the heck are you talking about? #10.1
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I work at a GAME store and although we are indeed out of stock of Xbox One's, that's only because Microsoft have failed to give us any more stock since launch.

All of our first stock went to day one pre-order customers, so we still haven't even been given stock for the second phase of pre-orders yet. On the other hand, despite the PS4 releasing here a week after and having a somewhat longer pre-order list, we've almost fulfilled all of our PS4 pre-orders and... #43
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I'm aware it's a minimal difference and I'm not assuming it makes much of a difference, just pointing it out for sake of interest folks. ;) #5
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