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screenshot and trailer's graphic always looks better than the actual graphic of the game. Can't tell anything for now.

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Hope it won't have many bugs like AC3 and the frame rate and loading speed is more stable on PS4

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If sony uses microSD card in ps vita, then nobody would complain. Sony tries to push digital content, but the memory card prevent it from happening.
and also, ps vita comes out at the time that smartphone is in almost everyone's hand, so the need of holding the other handheld console is unnecessary. It is a really different situation than psp.

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I think PS Vita will get better when PS4 releases if Sony incorporates the 2 systems better. Right now, it's still great, but not a lot of games from 3rd party coming out.

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MP portion is a big + for me. I have been looking for this kind of MP to come in ages. Glad I picked up this game on day 1 :D

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wonder how weather would effect (if there is) the gameplay.

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Well, but who give an eff about Desmond's present story anyway? AC's true heroes are always Altair, and Ezio.

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can't wait for tomorrow to come, so excited and pumped. Hope Sony won't dissapoint us all. PS4 LIFE!!!!

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new trend in video games nowadays?

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$400-450 is a reasonable price, < $500 I will buy it day one. I hope PS4 is PS3 backward compatible and all the trophies are carried over. Otherwise, i will be pissed!

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why september, why???????

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they should implement wireless charging when placing controller on console. that would be super cool!

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Only 2 complaints for this fan-effing-tastic beta: the texts are pretty small, it's hard to see from afar and it's hard to say if you or your friend kill an enemy if both are bashing the same guy.

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i wish it release on may 11, a great birthday gift for myself, F.A.

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one of the best decision i've made this year is to buy a PS Vita!

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we should compare AAA title, if compare arcade games then iphone is the best of all...

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Uncharted Golden Abyss is already 3.5 GB... 4GB will give u roughly 3.8GB max, and there is also app, etc. At least 8GB is needed!!!

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I was hoping for this game to be on sale on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but no... so sad!

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Heavy Rain is emotional, but I didn't cry.

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PS Vita is a great device, with growing library of games. The apps are pretty cool with added email app. The graphic is little less than console, but still looks super great. I love my Vita and with the new PS Plus for vita, you can expect a lot more!!!!

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