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The game has shortcomings, but as a visual experience it's best of class. Everyone has different expectations so for a game like this, "your mileage may vary" carries added importance.

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GameStop = Shulk
Best Buy = Meta Knight
Toys R Us = Lucario

Rosalina/Luma is the only Wave 3 amiibo not showing up for pre-order (that I can see anyway), so she's probably Target, Amazon or Walmart.

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Ditto as soon as I saw it. It's not obnoxiously expensive, I love steel books, and the demand is obviously way up there.

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Yep, $13 a pop. I expected a couple of them to do reasonably well but not ALL of them. Clearly there's a lot of pent up demand.

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Click bait. Move along.

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Looks like TheHDRoom score is equal or higher than any of the other Yoshi's New Island reviews I see below under "related reviews."

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Terrible article whoring for hits. BioShock and Skylanders were lightning deals today so of course those filled up the bestsellers page.

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This. So true.

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Wii U Pokemon and Kirby are inevitable imho. Just might take awhile.

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Might be different if someone starts putting PS4 beta videos on YouTube and monetizing them with ads like the Xbox One guy did. I highly doubt the Xbox One guy would have gotten banned if he just used the thing instead of publicizing what Microsoft doesn't want out in the public realm yet. PR is funny like that... they have strict schedules planned out long in advance and clearly there is information within the Xbox One environment they haven't revealed yet.

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Two disagreements? Tough crowd. If preference is desired then my PS4 was pre-ordered first.

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Both, assuming my wallet doesn't revolt in disagreement.

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I'd be shocked if that didn't happen to be honest.

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Because she looks like a Terminator?

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The Amazon bundles aren't forcing the camera. That in itself is a huge relief and backs up Sony's stance on bringing the price point down by not requiring a peripheral not everyone wants or needs.

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"Cleverly" being the key word.

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@punisher99 I don't remember the PS1 launch off the top of my head, but PS2 and PS3 were damn near impossible to get at launch, even with the PS3's then $600 price tag. PS4 will sell at launch regardless. How Sony supports it into 2014 and beyond will be the real test.

Microsoft could still turn around and launch a $399 model if they absolutely had to.

The war won't be won this holiday season, and I'm not picking sides just yet.

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6 disagrees. There is a much larger world that hasn't voted with their wallets yet. Xbox as a brand is still very strong. Xbone is far from dead on arrival.

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