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A lot more adults play on the PS3, Live has an over-whelming amount of children and back talkers, not to mention if you want the best graphics money can offer on a console you get a PS3.

Xbox 360 $199, beginners next-gen console.

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199$ I'd say that is worth the cost of a medium-price packaged console, I mean, it's not cutting edge, so 199 is what you pay for and what you get.

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I'd say OX X is still better than vista or XP, but your paying for the crappy hardware.

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It will be a collaborative effort.

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Speculation, Capcom wouldn't give a spoiler of the game that's not even out yet, especially something important.

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Lol superior with 10 discs infinite loading and RROD to boot.

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Lol, you guys already know this isn't coming to Xbox 360, how many times does this rumor surface and all of you get disappointed, just buy a ps3 already.

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Lol sure, this rumour has been going around for how long with no truth to it. Just saying, keep hoping.

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Haha, MGS isn't going to Xbox 360, some people can hope and dream but it's as likely as Gears coming to Ps3.

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2008 definitely went to PS3, you can't even nominate a GOTY for Xbox 360.

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You wish it was lol, this game is probably gonna take GOTY 2009.

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Yeah PS3 still outsold Xbox in 2007 but clearly Xbox had the game, however 2008.. wow. Xbox had ONE game, Ps3 totally ass raped 2008 lol.

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Good job on being a complete Xbox fanboy ahha.

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2008 was a pretty weak line up, the only thing that really held things together long enough was Gears of War 2. Now, Xbox 360 has literally nothing for 2009. NOTHING.

PS3 dominated 2007 in sales, and now ps3 dominated in sales and games, looks like the PS3 is going to win the console war.

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Lol you wish Xbox 360 had something nearly as social as this.

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Why are you so jealous iMad

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In what department?! Lol, PS3 is outselling Xbox 360 annually so I'm interested to see how and where.

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Right cuz vista is testament to that right.

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Wow A whole weekend. get over yourselves, Xbox 2,000,000 Ps3 3,000,000

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