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I kind of knew he was in pretty bad shape after I saw the Direct during E3, he looked way too skinny & not in a positive mood, his health combined with the problems the company was going through probably stressed him out too much, he should of retired a long time ago, R.I.P smh. #1.6.1
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They always does that with every Tekken game, that's nothing new pal. #1.1
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Or better yet, a cardiac arrest, lol. #1.1.33
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He's mostly known around the world as M. Bison, just that Vega, which is actually his actual name, only stays in Japan. #2.1
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With 4-5 different versions of the 3DS, no wonder it would outsell it, Ms. Hope lol. #10.4
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Uhmmm, isn't there like 4-5 different 3DS models against just one PS4, including the very cheap 2DS? Nice try lol smh. #2.6
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Totally agree. #1.1
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Einhander, RayStorm, Road Rash 3D, Omega Boost, Pitfall 3D, Bushido Blade, Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition, Street Fighter EX1/EX2, Guilty Gear, Heart Of Darkness, Megaman X5/X6, Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter(Not as good as Arc/Sat versions, but better than XMvsSF on PS1, pretty much that list I'd like on PSN as well as the old Tenchu games. #24
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Over tracked, or you meant undertracked? #1.1.20
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@dcbronco- "Gamers are gamers". True but that does not mean every publisher and developer should market a game to everyone, market and demand are keys in this business. There's plenty of games that has a huge following on a console brand over the other, if there is no demand on a said platform, then why would they bother to make the game to that certain platform. They wouldn't scare if some of you complain about their game not being on said platform because at the end of the... #1.1.6
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Not too worried about Yakuza 1 since I already beat it, but sure need to play Yakuza 2 so I can get to 3, trying to have a better understanding of the story, but I might skip and start to continue with 3. #1.2
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Yeah, sure, a site name Noobfeed for incompetent flowers aka scrubs, sure thing, lol. #1.3.5
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I haven't used my PS4 since two days prior to Christmas, so it wasn't really a bad thing on my part, and people seem to forgets there are single player games to play, like they can't always depend on multiplayer, but to each their own, lol. #30.1
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Parapraxis- It doesn't get any dumber than having a dumb username and using a picture of Jesus with a sandwish, WISE GUY.

@Kyusuke- Agreed, that is what we pretty much have, but that that doesn't away the fact we do very stupid things, so stupid their brains must be too small to handle reality.

@Tvensky- Animals were born with intent, to live in the wild. Also, I don't see any love with someone shooting his girlfriend and going all the way from Ba... #2.2.4
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Same here, I would of liked SF looking that way, but knowing Capcom, doubt they will, but the likes of SNK would benefit a lot from making a game look and play this good with games like KOF, Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury and Art Of Fighting. At times I still can't believe this Guilty Gear is 3D lol. #1.1.1
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Animals have more morals and are more compassionate than us humans, unfortunately, if there are really people supporting this, then they're worst kind of animals, sadists love to impress, smh. #2.2
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Well, that's ok considering lots of western devs and publishers wants to give you a fake release date and all of a sudden, "delays" it, just like Battlefield: Hardline and Arkham Knight schedule for March and June 2015 respectively, and I wouldn't be suprised if they announce em being "delayed" to Holiday 2015 that is perhaps its real release window, Activision, EA and Ubisoft does it very often, and I can't count too much in it when there were games being deve... #1.1.2
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By then, PS4 will most likely have a price cut and surely Microsoft will follow suit, but considering PS2 and XBox were originally priced the same, and the gap was 130m+ units, it doesn't really matter, the software they will provide is what will drive those consoles to sell at the end of the day, no matter how you put it, Wii U wouldn't have being at 7-8m if it wasn't for their own software anyways, even if they are the cheapest console in town right now. #6.1.1
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I have no clue, but if it did, then good for them. Last time I heard they were around 7m+, so and if they sold around 2m+ units, it is possible they already sold around 10m or just a few units away. Wii U on the other hand..... #15
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Not necessary, the youtube videos are proof enough how awesome the game is, best game for me this year hands out, too bad is not getting the attention it deserves, other than that, I strongly recommend it to any PS3/4 player, and the other guys as well if they get it sometime later. #4.1
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