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Well, that's somewhat of an unusual move on Nintendo's part by the fact that Smash has being on their consoles, not handhelds, this is the first time that game hits a handheld, but I hope they know what they're doing, but regarless of device they'll release on, I think it'll do great. #13
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The only pathetic one in here is you, how do you have to mention Killzone SF out of the blue when it has nothing to do with the subject, is it because it's a Sony first party? dumbass, stealth trollism at its finest. #1.1.17
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I bet if Microsoft does Morpheous, best idea ever for Pachter, such an ignorant lol. #46
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So they took a long hard ass time to reveal nothing but a charged version of Cammy, she's barely a new character smh. #1
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And why should it be low for you when it's a new IP and sold good enough being an exclusive and primarily a single player game, compare that to Gears which makes about that same #s and is primarily a multiplayer game, don't see the reason to be upset over such good #s, this certainly shows and proves how good Naughty Dog can be. #27.1
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Yeah, how's your invisible PS4 doing? #10.2
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IDK why, and I could careless. #14
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Why do you think Tekken Tag HD is PS3 only? Kingdom Hearts HDrd PS3 only? Final Fantasy X/X2 only on PS3/Vita. There are certain games in a 3rd party franchise that stays exclusive to one console brand. Microsoft holds the exclusive rights to Splinter Cell: Conviction and the first two 3D Ninja Gaiden games, in order for Tecmo to release em to PS3, they had to re-brand em as NG Sigma 1&2, RE1 and MGS1(Twin Snakes)remakes on GC can't go to anything that isn't Nintendo, if a 3rd par... #12.1.1
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@GotHDGame- Latest engines? Ok, when I see a Frostbite 3, UE4 and Pantha Rei on Wii U, then we talk. #2.2.4
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Kinect being sucking since it released on 360, your point? #2.1.6
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Great, another freaking Call Of Duty, like if it's supposed to be news, smh. #28
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I may not be a fan of Metroid, but I would really like to see a Metroid game in HD, knowing how beautiful the Prime games looked at the time, I wonder how nice would it look on a HD machine. #4.1
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Date Masamune(Sengoku Basara).
Ryoma(Power Stone).

Damn, the three of them from Capcom, lol. #2.1
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Well, he mentioned Blanka, so it might be SF related. But since I'm bad at guesses, I rather wait for an official announcement.

One thing though, I would like that Deep Down game to have access to different warriors other than knights in shining armor, could be samurais, Ninjas, vikings, gladiators, barbarians, etc... Sort of like Deadliest Warrior but fighting monsters, more diverse, I guess. #28
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They pronounce it sort of like "exard" or x-ard, a bit like it. The Japanese might put weird ass names, but still catchy and appealing to a lot of people though, I can't blame them lol. #2.2
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All we know is that it'll already outsell Wii U before the year ends which is inevitable. Btw, this BlackBaron dude is a very well known Nintendo fanboy from youtube, he's one of the fanboys Blackbond usually calls out for his obvious BS, so don't always listen to him, he even have a video kissing his Wii U as if it's a vagina lol. #38.1.1
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Maybe you can say Cube had the finest selection of games since it's your own personal opinion, but the largest? Wayy too far from that as PS2 really more than doubled GC lineup, even XBox had a bigger selection. #7.5
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Well, all I have to say to Sony is to look at the PS2 library. And to the 3rd party Japanese devs to stop with all that schoolgirl-themed games which gets annoying. I can't say much about RPGs since isn't my genre but mostly everyone does seem to like RPGs, but please, at least some action games(not some weird crap like Lollipop chainsaw), Shootem-ups, fighters, racing games(too tired of NFS). Now I have very few PS3 games compared to PS2, so Japan better step up their game this gen b... #17
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Well, MS convincing people to trade their PS3s for a X-ONE, the Titanfall deal with EA and the Machinima incident says hi.

I mean, I personally don't think MS did that, but if there are people that believes in such a thing, let em be because MS already made it seem very obvious plenty of times, sometimes their wasting tactics are not beneficial, maybe the best thing they did was to completele buy the rights to Gears of War from Epic games. #7.3
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Having known this came from the same people that made the new Killer Instinct for XB-One, this was to be expected. #1.1.3
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