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Every time I see some reports about PS4 BC from an unknown game dev, I begin to guess it's coming from Gamingbolt, like they have nothing interesting to report, lol.

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@Mkai28- Actually 29 years, 1987, same year as Final Fantasy & Metal Gear.

@reallyNow- Just because you can't play SF doesn't mean it's terrible, don't you think?

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As long as it is known that a game is not coming with all the features and that they will come eventually, I'm ok with that, so please let's no play the victim role-play game. Driveclub done it, Destiny done it, why keep complaining about something that has being known for a long time before release?. And you seem to be a SF fan, you should know these things before hand. It's easy for people to complain these days without seeing the big picture, don't uou think? Some people li...

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I feel you man, I'm kind of growing tired of hearing this so called articles of these journalists pretending like they don't said game was not gonna come with x amount of content when it was all known for a long time, and now they're pretending like this is a controversy, it's always a supposed "Controversy" everytme a new game comes out, I'm prepared to see what they're gonna come up with when Uncharted 4 is released.

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These so called "journalists" are as dumb as they get, lol. Plus whoever is playing is terrible.

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You think you're wise when this is only the back story, just a small portion of the story mode.

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Well, I do need Alex, not Blanka with it's scrub friendly electric charge.

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Finally, time to go "You can't escape."

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If you didn't get a fight pad for the PS3 in the past, then I can say go for PS4, unless you can get em cheaper for PS3, in the end, it's all up to you, you decide what's best for you.

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Let's be honest, the characters of Kratos from GOW, and Vamp from MGS2/4, who are pretty much white, were both played by black actors, it's all a matter of talent, no race, this is why the black community is getting a bit too much of a bad reputation, because of some ignorant people trying to scream "Racism" on everything that they don't see fit.

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He's simply hating, that's all, lol.

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As of late, I've been seeing reports from a dev of a game I've never heard of before, and the subject always seems to be about PS2 emulation on PS4, not really buying into that Gamingbolt bullcrap of reporting, smh.

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Yeah, but Kojima was asked a few years ago what MGS game he would have liked to remake, and he simply said MGS1, since Twin Snakes was developed by Silicon Knights, like saying he'd make a proper remake of it, his own way. I liked TS, but still preffered the original game for some reason. I would have liked MG1 & 2 being remade instead, at least to this gen, so people could see how Solid Snake came to be, but without Kojima, hard to imagine, hope ain't a repeat of Snake's Reve...

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He wasn't that great? He was my favorite character in the SFIII games, you had to be very skilled to be able to play with him, just like he rest of the characters, he was more a mixture between a brawler and a wrestler.

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I mained Alex & Urien in the SFIII games, Don Ramón, lol.

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@Devil I think you should be a good boy because I don't understand a damn thing you're saying, lol.

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@Purpherbison For your information, when SF3 was introduced, it was not supposed to have Ryu & Ken, for marketing purposes they included them despite having a new main character at the time, someone who's really good at fighting games wouldn't stay handicapped just because his said favorite character isn't there, I always have to call out these so called players that depends only on a single character while there is a high chance of maining a totally different character, I mai...

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Then learn with a different character, can't depend on just one, smh.

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@Michaelito79 Not really, look back at Capcom, Namco, Square, even Konami, they mostly supported the PS2 back when it was the lead console, the instal base was 4x bigger than XBOX & Gamecube base combined, pretty much it wad Tecmo that supported XBox for the fact Itagaki was a fanboy of the brand, now that he's no longer with the company, Tecmo doesn't care anymore, same scenario with PS1 as well, they mostly didn't feel the need to make games multiplatform because the base wa...

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It's optional, it's not like they're forcing you to get it.

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