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As long as it has great games to go along with it, could careless about features. Want PS1 games? get yourself a PS3 and play them digitally, moronic writer, smh.

Also, no mention of Youtube and what he said has nothing to do with Youtube, dumb idiot. #10
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So much for Microsoft and EA marketing XBox as "The official game console of the NFL" lol. #29
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You used your N64 more because that's you, didn't make a difference on 105 million PS1 users vs 32 million N64s. #14.2
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Nobody should be surprised when EA, Ubisoft and Activision announce their support, the yearly three stooges. #12
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Well, I think they were involved with only the cutscenes, I can't honestly remember, so my apologies for the misinformation, but I know they did work on Omega Boost, awesome game, hope they bring it back. #5.1.2
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@Gamer1982- Witcher 3 was never intended to be a PS4 exclusive when it'll also be on PC anyways, btw, that was only in Poland so no big deal when it would become available everywhere else. Microsoft can stop supporting XBox in Japan because a lot of Japanese games became PS3-only for the region despite having the 360 overthere, there were plenty of games that never saw release on XBox consoles in Japan, but they did release to it overseas, so it's pointless plus a waste of time and mo... #4.1.5
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Definitely, it's being almost 3 generations since the first game released, and I think it's time for Sony and Polyphony Digital to bring it back along with Omega Boost and maybe Tourist Trophy. As much as I am a fan of Gran Turismo, I would like them to stay a little out of it in order to bring those IPs back or make new ones, I know they can make awesome games outised of the racing genre, because nowadays publishers and gamers seem to want developers to stick to the same games all ov... #5.1
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That's funny considering XBots were the ones petitioning for the DRM policies, DC is a new IP, yet X-fanboys are trolling about it, first comparing it with Forza 5, now with FH2, and it seems to me, nobody said a game at 30fps is a winner, you just did. This is an analysis of only one game, Forza wasn't invited into the conversation, if you defend trolling from XBox fanboys, then it sounds to me you have a grudge against PS fanboys, every company has it's set of fanboys, there'... #20.2
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Who knows, but Rockstar made way too much money with GTAV I don't think they or anyone should care whether Destiny outsells it or not, the term 'outsell/outsold' is getting too overused these days at the point people are comparing things that doesn't correlate, smh. #36
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@AndrewLB- And the question for you is, how many of those day 1 editions were in stock? This is obviously talking about one retailer which in that case is a small independent business, you're just trying to damage control and make it sound bigger than it really, still not good. #4.1.3
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@tgunzz- Sony helped Nintendo with the SNES, not the N64, learn your research. #1.1.28
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@yankolo- yeah, if Microsoft knew how many cheerleaders they have here on N4G... #18
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Actually, PS2 have sold 23+ million consoles in Japan alone, so yes, Japan was still pretty much a console-centric market well until Sony decided to compete in the handheld market, that combined with most major releases being on both handhelds, Nintendo having a strong hold with handhelds, and the rise of the mobile phone market, that is where things have changed, but like everywhere else, Japan was still for me most part a console market, too much happened last gen where console gaming have... #10.4
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@Hkgamer-It's possible, those games aren't usually graphically impresive, like do you think people would care a game like that would need to have impressive looking graphics, btw, most of it's sales comes from Japan, Square can keep that game Japan-only, just like Sega does with Yakuza because what Zelda is to the west, is what DQ is to the Japanese, also, DQ did very good being on PS2, so you can't really say it's unlikely for the turn-based series to return to PlayStatio... #9
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At a time where a lot of people think every game is a multiplat, it's ok to say PS4 Exclusive, same with XBox One Exclusive and Wii U Exclusive, nothing wrong with it, that needs to be pointed out to prevent consumers from getting confused, not people like us, but others, get used to it, deal with it. #6.2
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Yeah..... Sure, just like Nintendo fanboys over Hyrule Warriors, huh? #27.2.1
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Nothing of importance since that game is none other than Plants VS Zombies, IDK why is it on the front page, like who cares, lol...... Well, maybe kids I guess. #68.1
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A more obvious comparison would have being Watchdogs, but it seems in order to hit a nerve and get clicks, he had to use inFamous, they're looking into writing nonsense these days for the sake of clicks, that's the kind of writers the Forbes writer was talking about, these opinion-based articles are becoming more evident and ridiculous, journaism is a joke these days, even they come with fake reports out of nowhere. #20.1
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And what I think the industry should do is making those yearly games like COD and AC as summer releases because I know for a fact, if it wasn't because these games always comes out during the holidays, there wouldn't be that many delays, but Activision, EA and Ubisoft are already known for bringing the same bullcrap every holiday season. #1.1.3
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@Spacedelete- Summer isn't usually a good time to release new games because that's where everyone's outside going to the beach or any other activity.

A lot of these delays are done for either because they don't want to release alongside another game or just simply as a marketing tactic, because I lost count on the many so called "delayed" games is not even funny anymore, of course there might be those that needs more time to develop, but I'm very... #1.1.2
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