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Nice, would like to give it a try, but unfortunately my PS4 messed up on me, gotta wait til I send it to a technician, smh.

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Now that Suckerberg is supporting the fake ass mainstream media with fake news, no need for me to listen to whatever he has to say.

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Is gamingbolt this boring they only keep interviewing a no name dev about BC, gamingbolt thinks backwards lol.

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Arrogance? That's so 2006, lol.

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Dumb article from a no name site.

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So Konami using Fox Engine to make a pachislot game, such a waste of good.

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I may agree on the Captain America part, but that he's the most popular superhero on the planet???? Not even close to that claim, lol.

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Not really, there still a bunch of people that didn't get to play those games during the previous generation, nothing wrong with that.

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The so called developers always show excitement and then complain all of a sudden.

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Gamingbolt always think backwards.

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The name of the site says it all, Indiannoob.

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Nothing strange, it's just a journalist's way of getting traffic to their site, it's easy to find something to get most people to click to,and know how easy to manipulate most viewers, I didn't get to see it yet but I know it's just for clicks.

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The way I see this is like I've seen it everywhere else, if a journalist sees a lot of high scores and praise surrounding the game, he/she will obviously give it a bad score just for the hell of getting more views, I'm still surprised people can't see how obvious journalists can get at times, it doesn't suprise me one bit what a a journalists no matter in what field is capable of doing to get views.

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Every time I see some reports about PS4 BC from an unknown game dev, I begin to guess it's coming from Gamingbolt, like they have nothing interesting to report, lol.

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@Mkai28- Actually 29 years, 1987, same year as Final Fantasy & Metal Gear.

@reallyNow- Just because you can't play SF doesn't mean it's terrible, don't you think?

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As long as it is known that a game is not coming with all the features and that they will come eventually, I'm ok with that, so please let's no play the victim role-play game. Driveclub done it, Destiny done it, why keep complaining about something that has being known for a long time before release?. And you seem to be a SF fan, you should know these things before hand. It's easy for people to complain these days without seeing the big picture, don't uou think? Some people li...

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I feel you man, I'm kind of growing tired of hearing this so called articles of these journalists pretending like they don't said game was not gonna come with x amount of content when it was all known for a long time, and now they're pretending like this is a controversy, it's always a supposed "Controversy" everytme a new game comes out, I'm prepared to see what they're gonna come up with when Uncharted 4 is released.

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These so called "journalists" are as dumb as they get, lol. Plus whoever is playing is terrible.

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You think you're wise when this is only the back story, just a small portion of the story mode.

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