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MVC4? You mean CVS3. #4.1
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And it will turn 10 next year,damn, feels like yesterday. #1.7
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I thought you was around the late 20s, early 30s, not bad bro. #1.1.2
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Yeah, just like Inafune who wasn't the only person working on Mega Man, and Capcom hasn't done a single one after he left, and pretty much Kojima was involved in the first Lords Of Shadows, but then LOS2 came around, whithout Kojima s involvement, while not a bad game, not every bit as good as the first one, one person can make a difference to many, a team can work on something based on what the leader wants them to do, it remains to be seen what's going to be of MGS without Kojim... #1.5.1
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SF EX series have always remained PS exclusive, and KOF 2006 a PS2 only fighter, and FYI, the Tekken series have never hit another console until Tekken 6, and what's wrong with buying exclusivity, I'm sure Microsoft and Nintendo have done the same thing, don't you think?. #1.5.3
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@Muadiib I don't care what you say because I'm playing it right now, your comment is useless and irrelevant. Why should I listen to a troll like you, huh? Lol smh. #10.1.2
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@Muadiib Yeah you would trust a no name site, from a no name journalist who doesn't do research, nice try fool.

@Witwolfy You're the troll I should listen the least, you're just some troll pretending to be a fan, get lost, lol.

@Realfry Yeah, cool story bruh, like I'm supposed to believe anything you say, and no, not talking about the internet, I'm talking about real consumer feedback, not these fake trolls that complains about anything wi... #7.5.4
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It's not a mess, you just don't know how to play it, just two chapters implies that you don't know how to play the game, or simply put, you don't even own it, troll. #13.2
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If you like the series, I recommend you to try MGSV for yourself instead of listening to these morons and no name sites, if you want someone's feedback about the game, ask someone outside of the internet, for every game release, there is always a group of people acting like a big community that dislikes it for the hell of it and wants to pretend that they're playing it and always a no name site with a troll with a journalist hat on his head. I'm 30% in the game, and really enjoyin... #10.1
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It reminds of how things in N4G went down when Destiny released, all these no name sites supposed journalists and those who "Supposedly" played the game said how horrible it was and then outside the internet you see people saying how awesome the game is. I don't see IGN, Gamespot, PlayStationlifestyle, and others sites talking about MGSV being incomplete. Only N4G, no name sites and obviously, the trolls, lol smh. #7.5
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@Areku First of all, Gray Fox was in MGS Portable Ops, which took place before Peace Walker, he was known as Null, and was enemies with Big Boss until Big Boss realize he was a young boy who had to fight enemy soldiers to prove his innocence, after he defeated Null, he took him out of Fox for help, that is where he gave Null the name of Gray Fox, IDK much about Sniper Wolf, so I can't really say anything, but somethings at times are best to stay covered, like how Miller got assassinated.... #13.1.2
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Yeah? Then what was chapter 1 about since you "played" the game. And how is chapter 2 a big meh when you don't know about it, huh?! #13.1
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Couldn't have said it any better, props to you. #1.6.1
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The way I see this, as a MGS fan, I don't have any complain about the story, this game serves up more about re building Mother Base than anything else. Btw, lots of people in the past did nothing but complain about the series having more "Cutscenes/story than gameplay" and look now, people are now complaining the other way around, like how hypocrite can the gaming community get, so w.e. happened to missing chapters could have being Konami s doing, I think Kojima did his best to... #1.2.2
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I'm almost 30% complete, I think those who don't know about the game base the complains solely on Side Ops, which in a way is similar to Peace Walker's Spec Ops, some missions are based on rescues, get soldiers, finding objects, extract/destroy tanks vehicles, kill etc.. But the main missions are very far from being repetitive. I think some people just wanna make an excuse to dislike the game because it's right now the game that has being the center of atrention this past cou... #22.2
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That system isn't in any way horribly explained, you're the one who needs to be laughed at, btw, how do you expect to go on multiple missions on helicopter, that is absurd, you're in a friggin warzone, the Middle East, did you expect it to be like GTA? This game is designed on stealth and infiltration, you're in enemy territory, a helicopter could easily be taken down. Btw, wtf are you talking about by tickets? What tickets seriously? It sounds to me you haven't played it... #1.2.3
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Well, Konami is now focusing mainly on mobile gaming, and it seems it's the new CEO's doing, it seems like he doesn't like Kojima. I don't think Kojima wants anything to do with mobile gaming, IDK what's Konami s future, but I will start to get uninterested with their future games, so it's best for me to keep playing this Metal Gear since IDK how will the series will become without Kojima, it happens. #19.1
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@lunatic Actually you're right, because I'm 20% and a friend 13%, and he has things that I don't have and vice versa, which in my opinion is very awesome, he's got one buddy and I have another, and what a lot of people doesn't realize is that Side Ops is as important as the main missions, that's why I play both main and side ops equally, so I won't worry about anyone beating the game before me, since that's how I played Peace Walker back then. #6.1.5
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I kind of knew he was in pretty bad shape after I saw the Direct during E3, he looked way too skinny & not in a positive mood, his health combined with the problems the company was going through probably stressed him out too much, he should of retired a long time ago, R.I.P smh. #1.6.1
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They always does that with every Tekken game, that's nothing new pal. #1.1
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