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The SF EX series have only being exclusive to PlayStation, so it's really not surprising, and perhaps Sony is helping the guys at Arika to fund the game, so in a way it's best to have it exclusive to one platform than not having the budget to make it multiplat, and then later in the future it may release on other platforms if there's enough demand on them.

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The reason for the Spiderman exclusivity has a lot to do with the movie rights Sony has over the Spiderman franchise, that's why Marvel managed to make Spiderman Homecoming, you don't make something exclusive to something out of nowhere without a reason as to why they managed it, business isn't as simple as you may think it.

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Don't care since Street Fighter V became a piece of garbage fighting game geared towards the scrub players that likes to play pretty retarded, congratulations Capcom for screwing your loyal fanbase & core players.

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Nice, would like to give it a try, but unfortunately my PS4 messed up on me, gotta wait til I send it to a technician, smh.

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Now that Suckerberg is supporting the fake ass mainstream media with fake news, no need for me to listen to whatever he has to say.

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Is gamingbolt this boring they only keep interviewing a no name dev about BC, gamingbolt thinks backwards lol.

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Arrogance? That's so 2006, lol.

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Dumb article from a no name site.

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So Konami using Fox Engine to make a pachislot game, such a waste of good.

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I may agree on the Captain America part, but that he's the most popular superhero on the planet???? Not even close to that claim, lol.

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Not really, there still a bunch of people that didn't get to play those games during the previous generation, nothing wrong with that.

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The so called developers always show excitement and then complain all of a sudden.

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Gamingbolt always think backwards.

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The name of the site says it all, Indiannoob.

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Nothing strange, it's just a journalist's way of getting traffic to their site, it's easy to find something to get most people to click to,and know how easy to manipulate most viewers, I didn't get to see it yet but I know it's just for clicks.

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The way I see this is like I've seen it everywhere else, if a journalist sees a lot of high scores and praise surrounding the game, he/she will obviously give it a bad score just for the hell of getting more views, I'm still surprised people can't see how obvious journalists can get at times, it doesn't suprise me one bit what a a journalists no matter in what field is capable of doing to get views.

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Every time I see some reports about PS4 BC from an unknown game dev, I begin to guess it's coming from Gamingbolt, like they have nothing interesting to report, lol.

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@Mkai28- Actually 29 years, 1987, same year as Final Fantasy & Metal Gear.

@reallyNow- Just because you can't play SF doesn't mean it's terrible, don't you think?

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As long as it is known that a game is not coming with all the features and that they will come eventually, I'm ok with that, so please let's no play the victim role-play game. Driveclub done it, Destiny done it, why keep complaining about something that has being known for a long time before release?. And you seem to be a SF fan, you should know these things before hand. It's easy for people to complain these days without seeing the big picture, don't uou think? Some people li...

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