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That "Senator" should be banned #83
Yeah any characters from Final Fantasy VIII and IX are good. And Spyro and Crash have got to be at the very top! #2.1
Ah yes. I remember Ape Escape. Classic! #1.1
Glad to see at least one of these comments offers something meaningful to the discussion! #2.1
TL;DR the facts; just relied on random wikis instead. #11.1.1
I completely disagree. How can you not find a spot for Rayman Origins or Gravity Rush on your "list"? #4.1
ZombiU will be the first Wii U game I buy. Game looks so incredible! #19
That's what she said! #6.1.1
ha I do that all the time, too! #2.2.2
^ And I regret reading useless comments like this #3.1
yeah you're right lol #1.3
u mad, bro? #4.6
Great game! #8.1
Deus Ex: HR FTW!!! Haters gonna hate/disagree #5.1
Yep cod is my favorite fps what is your point bro? #7.1
Wow, people are so nice on here. They insult my opinions, then my writing, and then my intellect. And the nice little editors censor my comments. I feel so warm and fuzzy :) :D #7
Make yourself useful and actually submit some presentable content to this site. Otherwise please do us all a favor and GET LOST! And don't insult my hard work in school, ya little prick. Kthxbai #6.2
If you don't have anything nice to say, don't comment at all. I know exactly what the Glass-Steagall Act of 1934 (it regulated the economy after the Great Depression). What the fluff does that have to do with the Wii U? #6.1
stfu #1.1.2
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Thanks ya noob #1.1
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