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Doesn't make sense, why would they not just hand it off to someone to finish off. It's just 1 percent!

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I did really love Battlefront series, but LOTR Conquest made me sad.

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Yeah, it's definitely not that noticeable at all.

Weren't people at E3 saying this would be like the ultimate version or somethin?

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I was wondering when this was going to happen. I'd say the Wii U version looks slightly better, but slightly better isn't good enough Nintendo...

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Most will disagree with you. They'll think you're just a PC elitist fanboy, but I actually agree.

Just look at the rumours for the hardware planned to be in PS4/X720 - not confirmed, obviously, and while the specs are good they don't seem particularly ground-breaking on top of what is currently available for PCs.

It's a shame, but tech is moving at such a speed these days it's hard to think they could do anything else.

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There's actually a video they've done too, link in that story. You should watch it!

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I agree. I've seen a lot of comments from Pachter were he literally changes his opinion between sentences. Man's a fool.

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Is this a surprise to anyone?

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From what I hear of people around the internet it's not all a bed of roses for the Wii U. This won't help.

I've seen a lot of devs between the two opinions, so it's hard to say.

All I know is - if it's that difficult to know for certain - it's probably not worth the risk just yet.

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I just play the game. Don't care what my emblem looks like, though these do look cool!

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Already done.

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Does no one remember that these EXACT same problems happened with the original Black Ops PS3? How easy people forget when it comes to Call Of Duty...



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Says the man with the Master Chief icon... /rollseyes

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There is a screenshot in the article actually, showing the time taken.

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I actually really liked Mafia 2 so would love to see another one. There's a lot of potential in this series.

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So their recommendation is to 'not install'. Wow.

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It does seem well suited to co-op, but they probably don't want the second player (Ellen Page) to be bored. She's kind of limited throwing bricks and stuff.

Still, I love co-op and if it's separate to the main game - which looks ace as it is - then I'm happy for that.

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Sign me up. Valve know their shiz.

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When will they learn.

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Brotherhood and Revelations are the reason I'm not at all interested in AC3. They were just lazy rehashes of the same formula, which means I just can't be bothered with the series now.

It'd have much more prestige if we waited longer for it.

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