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@wiium64 Ah, I didn't realise they were selling so well in Japan. I'm not a Nintendo hater at all, I just thought the Wii U was selling poorly.

Also, I've never said Wii U wasn't next-gen?

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Microsoft are probably a bit worried that Sony is going to be first out of the gate with an announcement. Sounds to me like they're holding out as long as possible, for whatever reason.

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Makes sense that Sony should try and announce first, but I wonder how long Microsoft is will to hold out. The longer it waits, the more excited for PS4 people will get.

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Sony had a rocky start but the PS3 is great now and I think all the details on the PS4 sounds great.

Microsoft have a ton of money too, so I agree there too.

Nintendo are the ones I'm worried about. I doubt they have the money to survive this slump they're seeing with the Wii U.

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I've embedded the video, but it won't let me say it was 'fixed', so there's no report?

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Hilarious. I want to play GTA 5 as much as the next guy - and really don't want to have to wait until September - but hey, this is how things are. Getting angry like that seems weird to me.

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Yeah, but apparently EA is referring to it as Gen4. I dunno why. Maybe they're only counting 3D consoles, and therefore starting with the PS1?

Silly EA.

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Doesn't look all that great. I mean, I know it's a beta download, but I remember Crysis 2's beta being outstanding visually.

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Out of interest, have you seen where the blitter rumour is disproven? Would be interested to read that.

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What jujubee88 says, it's from a guy talking really recently.

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Netcode is the absolute most important part of any fighter.

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I like these kind of things, gets me excited for next-gen and the possibilities.

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Same here. I played the beta and REALLY loved it, but the era of subscription based MMOs is over. I'm not paying £8.99 a month for ANY game, regardless of how good it is.

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I played it on Xbox 360, I can't imagine the upgrade will be that great that it'll be worth playing through again.

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Why have you waited so long to play inFamous!?! :P

T'is really good.

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An inFamous Vita game would be amazing, I think.

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I don't agree that he thinks that. Read the interview in that link, he's genuinely worried about the project. I just think he's innovative (see above!)

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I agree with Dailynch. All these people who say he's 'overhyped' his games, I don't see how that's any different to Call Of Duty or whatever else.

He gets passionate about his games, and I'd rather see someone like that create a new game than yet another COD or Battlefield.

He's never made promises he can't keep - as far as I can remember - and people need to remember that Molyneux is one of the few genuinely innovative devs in...

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lol :)

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Same here 2 :)

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