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Ha ha! Crude but made me laugh!

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Me too! I like Killzone and all, but it's the more off-the-cuff ideas that I really love.

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I agree. Not really bothered by The Witness but it looks interesting .

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Agree fully! I enjoy shooters but I'm kinda done with most of them. As you say, they only stay fun for a while. It's original ideas like Journey that I want to see more of.

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It all comes down to value. £10 for 3-4 hours is fine for me, but £40 for the same? Nothanks.jpg

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Massively so! I never played Witcher 2 since it was on Xbox 360 but what I saw of it was technically outstanding. A lot of people say it's a great game too.

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Hmm. Story doesn't seem to say specifically, but CDPR always seem to be pro-PC so I'd doubt it.

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Ha, that's exactly what I thought too!

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Never going to happen, but I will sign it anyway.

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It's becoming more and more apparent that Pachter has no idea what he's talking about. What an idiot.

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Traveller's Tales dev says Traveller's Tales game is the best game on a console without any games?


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They're a big studio, that could happen! :)

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Not much but sounds/looks great anyway. I'm loving that games like Deus Ex and Thief are happening - thank you Square Enix!

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I don't see how it's a necessary evil.

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Isn't that true of all of the internet? Trolling just is.

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Exactly! We've all done it, it's just part of the fun. It's the people that are mean about it that it begins to annoy me.

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As long as they focus on core games I'm happy. That's basically how I'm deciding which next-gen console to buy first: who has the most core games on launch.

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Ha ha ha! Bring "a game", actually love it!

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It's a bit weird the difference though. I mean, I don't care really - all I know is that it doesn't look very good.

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I love Media Molecule so glad to see them getting attention for this kind of t hing.

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