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Let's not forget that Panopticon thing that Sony is going to reveal on the 16th May. No idea what it is but I'm excited for some reason.

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Well that's kind of his point I think. Graphics will be easy, but other stuff - like social - will be the most important part of next-gen.

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Confusing, but I reckon it'll be the 8th worldwide - even in the UK

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It's hard to look at GTA 5 without all the hype, but I genuinely think this could improve some of the problems of GTA 4 to make the best one yet.

And I do enjoy GTA 4.

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I think so, but then I am a BIT of a fan of GTA. I even enjoyed GTA 4. I know, right?!

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I simply cannot wait! :D

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If it's actual destruction then I am so in. If not, like BF3, then I won't be happy. This is next-gen people!

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I hope so too!

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Oops. No doubt the PC version will look fantastic when it finally comes out, but this will disappoint a lot of gamers...

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I for one disagree. I'll likely only buy one next-gen console - at least for the first couple of years - and exclusives will just mean I won't be able to play them all.

And yes, I am aware that that is rather the point.

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Having looked into it, they're the ones behind Gothic series - which is probably their 'best' and most well known game to date. Everything else, not so much.

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Vigil Games deserve to make this game. Very sad :(

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This rumour won't seem to go away. I'm not saying 'wait to Microsoft confirm this' stuff, but there's usually no smoke without fire.

And that worries me... I won't buy and Xbox 720 if true.

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Sony has really turned itself around, somehow. Asked most people a couple of years ago and things would have looked bleak for Sony (sadly), but these days it seems everyone can't get enough of 'em.


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I know, right?

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Ugh, those Maneaters were the worst.

And the whole of 5-2 - boss was easy but that swamp... man...

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To be honest I found Demon's Souls harder than Dark Souls. Maybe that's just me though.

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I saw that too but not sure if it was from Sony or not. Something about the price being announced then?

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