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I'm in two minds about this. On one hand I really don't want Kinect to be bundled in with the Xbox One, but on the other hand I don't want it to just become like Kinect this-gen, when because not EVERYONE used it we just had crappy third-party games.

Like, Kinect COULD be good if developers know it's part of the console. But now? I dunno. #1.2
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Ha, that made me laugh more than it should! #1.1.1
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I think the fact that Toys R Us came out and said it was official had people sitting up and perhaps a little bit concerned. Not that a retailer saying 'nuh-uh, it is true!' really counts for much. #2
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OMG. I can't believe you're such a fanboy troll!

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Agree completely. As far as next-gen graphics go this is low, low, low down on the list.

The only things it beats is things like Octodad and that's at least got a bit of character to it! #1.1
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He does say that he hasn't done rigorous benchmarking, which means he has done some.

But also that Sony has the right attitude with the PS4 since it's about the gamers. Really that's all I care about, not so much technical details - as long as the console I buy is easy to develop for and has a load of games (which Sony seems to be focusing on) then I'm happy.

It's not like he's saying the PS4 is bad! #1.1
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Can't reply cause of the way N4G works, but Junio has a good point - maybe they're keeping a next-gen version secret until after it is released.

I probably would buy it for PS4 after owning a current gen version. #1.1.3
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A lot of them argue about 'install base', which is going to be lower on next-gen than on current gen.

If they announced GTA 5 for PS4, I'd get that version instead. #1.1
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You've got better willpower than me! HA HA HA!

I'll be keeping on to my PS3 at least for a few months. We'll see what happens with Gaikai as to whether I keep it forever or get rid. #2.1
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Me too! (well, not GameStop, but I'm sorted for a console!) #1.1
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The PS3 had that option too, though it was rarely used sadly. I'd expect the PS4 will be the same.

I won't be buying an Xbox One either for the same reason, but I'm not a hater necessarily. #1.1
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I'm all for it - providing it can be done properly.

I remember playing the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 and being able to download maps from the internet, transfer them over with a USB and play them on the PS3. I dunno if the Xbox 360 version did the same - but I never saw X360 version so I'd expect not.

Either way, that was brilliant and I'd love that kind of support. Whether MS will enable as easily as PC games can be modded (highly unlike... #2
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Yeah, the story says 'launch window' and that - these days - tends to mean 'within six months'. #1.1.3
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Same. I've played it on PC and it is good but I have fewer friends on PC - or, at least, I find it harder to arrange games with them - so I'm looking forward to joining crews with my PS4 friends. #1.1
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@Minute Man 721 + mcstorm

Yep! Definitely a matter of luck and this gen I've been really unlucky. It's not like I'm abusive to my PS3! :) Just sits there quietly (mostly) playing my games. #1.2.3
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From what I can tell - and I'm no expert - it's the parts that matter. The PS3 has have high-power parts, but the PS4 has low-power, which take up less space and produce less heat.

Something to do with an APU or something. But the PC-like parts basically means it doesn't have to use so much power. #2.2
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It's anecdotal I guess. I've personally had 5 different PS3's thanks to YLOD.

Let me explain:
First PS3 (original 60GB) broke because the bluray laser dropped and wouldn't read game discs.
After that I had MULTIPLE referb PS3s, all of which died because of YLOD.

I'm now on my 6th PS3 and I demanded a brand new PS3 from Sony instead of the crappy refurbs it was sending me and it's lasted longer than any of the previous P... #1.2
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I get that it's not a series that's for everyone, but gosh darn it I love playing Dynasty Warriors - just button-bashy fun. #2
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YOU'VE USED IT?! :O #2.1
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Me neither! I haven't touched it but I've tried to find out as many opinions on it as possible and from all those who did they've been really - like REALLY - positive.

I actually didn't have a problem with the PS3 controller either (though I understand people's complaints) so this thing is going to be impossibly good for me! :) #3.1
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