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The same as the rest of us I should think... 'meh'.

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It's interesting to see the shift really, with Microsoft on top of its game for it suddenly to lose it all to Sony. I don't think they're down and out, but they certainly have a lot of work to catch up now (not in terms of sales, but public opinion maybe).

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I think until we know the full details of [email protected], this is just a pipe dream for Microsoft. Hopefully not though, because Xbox Indie Marketplace had some gems in it (and a lot of crap too, mind! :P)

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I don't really find I use demos anymore. Often they're just the opening sections or tutorials or something. YouTube gameplay or let's plays are the best way for me of finding out what a game is like these days.

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Oh look, it's Pachter stating things everyone already knows. Again.

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DIY PS4, ha! Be cheaper than most people selling it on eBay.

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£30 for Killzone Shadow Fall it seems... could be useful.

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Please be PS4, please be PS4...

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It's funny really, everyone said how the PS4 had a lacklustre lineup last week - but now it seems that while the Xbone has more variety it isn't all that great.

I'll still get one later on down the line, maybe for Titanfall, but glad I went for PS4.

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I love Shenmue, but I expect if this does happen it'd just be a HD remake of the first one. Which'd be cool, but not as cool as Shenmue 3.

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Can you imagine?! Shenmue as exclusive to PS4. Console war WON! :)

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Even from my own anecdotal experience I've got far more people on my social media excited for the PS4 than the Xbox One, so I'd be surprised if this was untrue.

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Hard to expect Xbox One will outsell the PS4 when there's so much negativity surrounding MS and its console. I do wonder if gamers = more sales or if Christmas might impact this ratio, but as you say the PS4 is cheaper too so...

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Wow. That's pretty damning if true. I mean, I know devs say this exact phrase all the time (and it's not likely they've maxed out the X1 so soon) but it speaks volumes if the devs are using as much as they can get at this stage and can't manage 1080p.

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Agree completely! Bubble for you, sir!

I think it could lead to just a bunch of soulless missions. If Ubisoft sees that a lot of people like a particular mission, then they're going to want to repeat that in the next game - surely?

And for me, the reason I like Ass Creed is not because of the missions but because of the sandbox environment. Exploring the world and doing my own thing, you can rate that!

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I'm surprised at this ratio, I thought maybe 3:2 or 4:3 but I guess with the amount of positivity the PS4 has had and the amount of negativity the Xbox One has had - whether rightly or wrongly - has probably had an effect on general interest.

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I agree. Us gamers talk about which games we want to play - and of course that's an important point of it - but parents buying these things for their kids, especially for Christmas, will be looking at pricing more than anything else.

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Bayonetta 2 does look pretty good.

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I'm of the mind that I'll play it before I make my mind up. Reviews are great and all, but ultimately if I want to play a game that's all that should matter (to me, anyway).

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As long as it's the good features - like the digital games sharing and trading/selling thing - then I'm all for it! If it's the always online thing then just out of principle I'm not interested. I may always be connected, but I shouldn't HAVE to be.

Still, I'll be waiting to see what happens with the X1 before my decision is made on whether I get one or not.

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