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How is it that this is deemed a success? NEXT-GEN BABY!

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A large part of it is the media reporting the Wii U as a failure constantly. It's got only a few games coming out on it, but judging by reviews those games are excellent - it's not like the PS4 or Xbox One are really getting THAT many more games, even including third-party.

Still, I say that, it's not like I actually have one! LOL!

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Suppose the argument is that's all the Rift was going to be at that stage.

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Japan has a very particular taste and outside of early launch JRPGs the Xbox did nothing to try and cultivate that attitude.

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Yeah - must genuinely be that good! Congrats Respawn! Now don't f it up! :D

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One of my favourite games ever this.

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Looks cool - I hope we see more Early Access type stuff on consoles.

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Good to know actually.

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Probably get neg'ed to hell here, but I agree with you. Destiny does look to at least be doing something different, not just more COD.

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Does Sean Bean die in Pada Sangre?

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I'm probably the only person in the world but I just don't care about Dark Souls 2. Maybe it's comments like this that have put me off.

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As long as it's more than just awkwardly controlling a map I'm happy. I think there's a lot the touchpad/light bar could be used for.

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Shame the PS4 version can't be modded like on PC. Not that I particularly wanted co-op.

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I kinda don't like the term Metroidvania, but for what it 'means' I think it's a smart move for Strider.

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I'm more interested in indie games these days than I am AAA. Until big budget games start coming up with new ideas, that'll likely stay that way.

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Your comment is insightful and well made, but I only wanted to mention how much I like your username/avatar combo - well played sir.

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Photo Mode is one of my favourite features in Gran Turismo 5 (and 6), so a next-gen equivalent in DriveClub pleases me greatly.

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I'd like to know a bit more about [email protected] - I know one indie dev called it out before Christmas, but I don't really know what the advantage is and how it's any different for a non-indie developing for the Xbox One.

It could be a decent setup that has convinced Jon Blow. We shall see.

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That's true, I follow him on Twitter and he can be quite bitter about Microsoft - but [email protected] might have convinced him?

Not that it affects me, I only have a PS4 at the moment.

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