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I can never tell what's happening. I need these kind of featuers.

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The trailer was too fast-paced, actually quite like that these screengrabs have been taken - been good to look at it a bit more closely.

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If it's PC only, then it will probably work just fine. If it gets announced for PS3 then that's when we'll worry...

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It's interesting that it all ties in to other games. Rockstar to do a COD Elite style system? You heard it here first...

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Hard to fit all of that into a headline, I guess, but that's internet games journalism for you.

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Kinect then? I really hope not. I've had my fill of that crap, time for MS to shoow some games.

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I had seen Videogamer's but not Metro or GTs. I have seen a lot of 8s and 9s though.

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It's been getting a lot of great scores, and though this is one of the lowest scores I still think it's going to be great.

Will have to grab a copy.

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It needs to do something. I totally passed Modern Warfare 3 and, though I enjoyed Black Ops, I'd need more innovation to get on board with a sequel.

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There are few analysts I know by name, but Divnich always seems to know what he's talking about.

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Stories and writing in games is almost always awful. I can think of a few that aren't, but on the whole gaming has nowhere near the quality of films - and that's clearly what they're trying ape.

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Very good point. Why should we care *what* someone is saying if the gameplay is good?

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I don't care what it is, I JUST WANT IT!!

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I'm glad to hear it actually, because as much as I loved GOW3 it still is very similar to the previous lot.

Not that it matters really. I've had my fill of FPS games and will take as many games like this as I possibly can!

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That's true. Good point.

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I'm suspcious of this to be honest. That doesn't look like Skyrim at all.

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Skyrim and Kinect is possibly the worst thing ever.

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Ugh... I HATE Desmond.

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Steam is great as a digital service - but I think it takes more than that to make a great console. I'd still be suspicious of something like this, and I love Valve.

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