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Mass Effect 3 wasn't nothing compared to the original or even the second one, so it was deserved negativity if you ask me.

That said, it was probably EAs fault, not Greg or Ray's, since they wanted to fleece as much as they could out of the series.

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I really liked the look of Tearaway, but would really appreciate something as innovative as LBP. One of my favourite games this gen, and really very original (in terms of the Create stuff, anyway).

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Millions of levels (many of which are brilliant) across loads of different game types as opposed to a few decent platform levels?

I know which I'd pick...

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Wow, that's a lot of detail. Must've taken ages to get all that together!

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It's interesting to see the difference. Good article.

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Tennis? Seriously? I suppose they did make Rockstar Presents Table Tennis but still...

Also, is it just me who thinks the graphics ain't all that.

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Have to say I disagree.

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Wager Matches were good. I enjoyed those, though none of my friends played them.

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I can't say I'm surprised. Whatever the game is, it's certainly becoming more and more popular to finance your games this way. Hopefully it doesn't get too cynical, because it will just kill the industry.

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Kane & Lynch 2 was much better in co-op, on a harder difficulty - but it was still a pretty awful game. And the ending sucked donkey balls, too.

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Is it time to say goodbye?

To hard games, I mean. Of course.

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Sorry, I meant that it's clear they're not bullshots or something. They're clearly taken from in-game.

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Interesting points, but it's kind of hard to really see what this screenshot tells us. Mostly speculative, I guess.

For me, at least it's clear these screenshots aren't fakes - look closely and you'll see a few jaggies and the like that weren't present on the clearly-running-on-a-PC trailer.

Still looks good though.

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Good point. Totally forgot about that game but I'm pretty excited for it myself. Looks really excellent!

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Agree! I'm as excited for Ni No Kuni as I am Beyond and The Last Of Us (and The Unfinished Swan).

I thought it was a good list, anyway.

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Blizzard isn't Blizzard? I'm lost.

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I don't have it on Xbox 360, but to be honest it doesn't sound like it's really worth the wait anyway. 8/10 for DLC = meh.

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ZombiPoo more like. This was the only Wii U game I was interested in, and this preview suggests it's not all that now. Will wait for reviews.

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Halo Wars 2? Lol

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Exciting, shame I've never heard about the devs.

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