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Guess you guys aren't regular visitors to NowGamer then...

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Interesting that he references Tom Clancy games as being an inspiration.

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Agree! I love photo mode! Spend more time playing it than the actual game! :P

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Ha, that's not parity, that's Marxism.

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Modern Warfare I'd agree with. World At War I'd agree with.

Anything after that I would argue isn't about skill but net connection.

That said, I do like what I've seen of AW's multiplayer - a bit more Quake/Unreal about it than anything else.

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I can't find the link but I saw some comparisons between these graphics and the original Final Fantasy 15 reveal - it's improved so much! I couldn't believe it because I didn't think it had improved much since the reveal (which I remember being outstanding) but it looks so much better.

Amazing, really.

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Yeah, I noticed that too - on the car for example when they're turning the camera with the Adamantoise thing.

Still think it looks gorgeous though, and if they're planning on making it look better it could be one of the best looking games on console. Not surprising, I guess; this is Final Fantasy.

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At least this guy admits that we shouldn't stifle creativity by forcing everyone to have female protagonists. I don't care either way, but it should be down to the developer - not because some people on the internet whine about it.

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Thought it was funny myself - glad to see not everyone on N4G is so serious all the time! :D

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See if Microsoft can get more guys like this to develop for Kinect I think it wouldn't have such the negative stigma it does.

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I agree, I'd like to see bigger 'AAA' titles on there - PS3 has had so many great titles.

But at the same time I understand there are much fewer PS4 games to pick from, and not every publisher will be so keen.

I think Strider is a decent option to have though, and I didn't play it on PS3 so I'll happily take this one.

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It was part of the overlay of the in-development screen of the AI section.

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But you'll try your hardest to make that the case, eh Davey boy? :)

Kidding, I was one of the few people who actually enjoyed Beyond.

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lol! I'm not sure we can handle the announcement! :)

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Yeah, morality systems are a bit broken - what they need is something more like Mass Effect, where you're not 'good' or 'evil' but where the decisions you make impact the game in some way. Repercussions are far more powerful than looking a bit mean instead of looking a bit happy; it gives us a reason to make a decision that matters.

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Interesting really. Most think it's just the yearly cycle that makes it cynical, never really thought about the topics it uses in each game to be cynical either.

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It's probably one of my most anticipated PS4 games - I hope it pulls it off.

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Couldn't agree more - though I would rather they focused on next-gen now. There's what, 11/12 million next-gen consoles out there now? That's 11/12 million people desperate for something new to play.

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I'm not sure where I stand on HD remakes. In some ways it's good for those who didn't play them on PS3/360, but in others it's just not very original.

I just want something new. Though saying that I am enjoying Trials and looking forward to Child Of Light.

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I just hope that we start to see more next-gen only games from here on out. Here's hoping for E3.

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