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No they don't. If anything they should hold the info as long as they could. Of course this wouldn't be gamer/consumer friendly but they are a business. I think they'll announce in E3 and launch october or september/october and launch february.

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Rough score but good points. I didn't particularly like how they handled the ending either. Funeral especially felt tacked on. Overall I felt like I enjoyed it though because I simply ignored a Lott of things. I wasn't surprised at all at Jefferson reveal though. I actually called the Jefferson thing a couple eps back. He had that artificial niceness . The time loop segment is so well done that it made up for the stealth segment for me.

In the end I was satisfied...

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single player lifestyle for me

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character design is so bad... i still can't get over it

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This will be the closest pirates get to a cracked version of this game.(an image of a Jack with an eye patch) for a long time.

Based Denuvo.

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it's not as bad as in the straight up bugs that happen with TT but they need to revamp it soon.

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From Software is the new TellTale with their weird ass engine

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i don't think he thought this one through guys

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Lol that didn't fix Jack s*** the only thing they can do is give her a flat butt.

Or you know... stop pandering to social justice warriors

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LTTP is the best zelda. Probably one of my first memorable gaming experiences as well.

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Yeah. This is reaching incredible heights I mean just look at this man. << =O

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Yall just asking for more censorship with articles like this.

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Just curious will Resident Evil 6 on PS4 also have co-op with 60 frames per second?

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just curious. how is syfy associated with G4?

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hahahahahahhahahahhahaa fake af

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PS4 can support 360 videos through media app though. What is the formatted video type for oculus/pc porn?

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We will see.

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Sony's system has already been confirmed to be getting a media update that supports VR videos(porn eventually)... so killer app?

Confirmation pics :

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Just beat the game. This is why I'm a gamer. Simply art...

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