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Your arguments aren't really correlated to each other, it is either a different sector of the market, an unrelated concept or a contradiction.

Like for example, the argument about paying for a service for protection, Linux, Facebook, N4G, YouTube, email accounts etc are all free with security.

Last think I want to comment on, do you really think a company would publicly display they were hacked if they whole service was not compromised? A hack can be pl...

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I think Microsoft's weakness is more about securing people's accounts more than the information on the accounts, they have no passwords to protect them. How can they differentiate me from someone random on my account?

PSN we pay for online content, XBOX Live we pay for online play/online content, so I don't want anyone doing this on my account besides me.

I'm just glad that the gaming companies are taking it more seriously nowadays, my guess w...

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I think the reason why his comment can be taken wrongly is because it clearly states, "The PS3 is...better* than anything...except maybe the 360" but then reinstates, "Because I do favour the 360, it doesn't mean I have anything all that negative to say about the PS3.”

For the fact that the statement says, "...better*..." can be interpreted as better architecture than better for the fact that he prefers XBOX 360 over the Play Station 3.

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This can't be real, half of the time the users are doing things that the Wii can't pick up, like the apple mini game.

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Is this considered an article, there are only images, it reminds me of a gallery than an article?

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For some reason I like the floors better on the N64 version in the 5th image comparison, the shine is getting to me, lol.

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At: Dorwrath

That is actually incorrect about the boosting statement, that's the whole point of prestige, hell that's the meaning of it as well. On top of that, if the player is able to do the things they can in the parameters of the game, then it is not illegal.

For example, part of being good sniper you have to camp/be patient, many people do not like that, but it is not cheating because the other players have the ability to do the exact same thing...

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I am kind of disturbed by the statement in the article, "...notes Sony 'can got to hell' and he will fight until the 'last min' of his life. Now that's a HARDCORE gamer." this person is not a hardcore* gamer, this person is a thief (excluding the spelling error).

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Bad game design is a developer's fault, not a player's fault; this was not a glitch in the game but a choice made by the creators to have two spawn points on the whole entire map.

It was not ethically right to ban them for poor design on the programmer's fault.

It is like if a retail store wrongly under priced their products and sold them at the wrong price and went back to arrest the people who clearly bought the products through them from a mist...

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I understand why people would be angry, but this is bad game design and players exploiting a bad game design should not be banned.

It is like staying in one corner in a boss battle where the A.I. can not comprehend the player's actions while the player kills the boss with ease.

The player should not be banned, but the game should be updated, if there was some kind of glitch that was being exploited than that would be a different story. Bad game design i...

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At: Dark_Charizard

Why do you single out, "Sony Fans" only, and not just state every other fan besides Nintendo? I find it kind of odd that you did that.

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Am I in the twilight zone, the article has nothing to do with Halo: Reach unless I read it too fast and missed something?

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lol, why would they spoil the story in the review, when he clearly said that he wouldn't give too much of the story away. That is gaming journalism for you.

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How did they review the game when the game is not out yet with multi-player included?

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This is most likely what people said it is for, servers and usually betas help with game-play habits and fixing bugs. So I can see this mainly for the server side of things, about handling the demand when released to the public through retail.

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I'm not sure how does this correlates to a bad game, but it seems they give away important plot points from the game for discussion, that doesn't make any sense to me.

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I just can't see this working with hardcore games, especially since many people are disappointed with 8 hours of game play, can you or anyyone run in one spot for 8 hours and on top of that other movements? For the fact that you can't do complex movements, just shows me that it's the equivalent of the Nintendo Wii's controller attempt at motion controls but with 3D cameras.

I think the next 3D camera will be the perfection of this first attempt, like how Move ...

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I'm not sure if people didn't really notice this but, the person wasn't really moving, just stationary movements. This to me is showing the limitations that Kinect has. Until I can see Kinect being used on Halo: Reach with jet packs and such, it's a very casual appeal in my eyes.

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At el zorro:

You do know that the PlayStation 3 version they added the input from the earlier versions of the game, four missions, extra free content (DLC), back stories on certain aspects of the game all on one disc.

Not only is the game coming out later, they also get the extra content for free just for waiting.

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At: Black-Helghast

How is knowing a new character giving away the storyline?

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